The Illiteracy Revolution: Declining Reading


The Book Crashing Streams of Change: A Powerful Exposition of the Times


Oh my goodness, what has happened to our beautiful, marvelous, and wonderful world—where on earth did it go? What has gone wrong with the frenzied, insane cosmos of human beings on the earth? All of a sudden, a crushing avalanche of problems and crises has befallen the earth. What happened, and where did we go wrong? These familiar questions are asked every day in just about every country in the world. People are bemused and mystified by the baneful and bedazzling array of troubles that are suddenly surging against the human race, and from the looks of things, it does not seem as mankind would make it make it past the year 2050; in fact, many of today’s brightest scientists are scratching their heads at the rapidity with which this terminal generation is destroying the planet and itself. In the light of present geological patterns and trends on the earth, many geophysicists can hardly see human civilization going past 2030.

They tell us that, given the rate at which the Arctic ice cap is melting, by 2030, sea level would rise by about twenty-four feet—and this does not include the catastrophic melting that is occurring on the Antarctic continent. Why am I mentioning all these surreal and horrifying statistics? Is it to merely scare and jar you into line with unknown reality? No, not at all! My intent here is to simply dramatize the fact that we are living in an entirely different world from just a few years ago—as strange as that may seem. Things are changing at a frightening pace. The human race has been hoodwinked and brainwashed by slick and vendible sociopolitical engineers and societal architects who have spearheaded—and are hiding the plain facts about—this ruinous pattern that we see in the world today. And, if you think that I am a gloom and doom prophet and silly dramatist filled with hot air, just Google keywords like “Disappearance of the Earth’s Icecaps,”  “Isostatic Uplift on the Antarctic Continent,” or any keyword combination having to do with the end of the world; you will quickly see how real this somber matter is.

The world’s meteoric race to human destruction is not even the issue at hand here—it is merely a reference to the fact that human society is rapidly changing in rather undesirable ways that seemingly are beyond man’s control.  And, of course, the million-dollar question is: Why? Well, this is a matter that is subject to a wide array of interpretations; and certainly, every possible opinion is welcome to the table of reasonable discussion. This website is not purporting to have any monopoly on truth and understanding of world affairs—no, it just doesn’t. None of us has that kind of insight to the surreal and abnormal turns the world has taken within recent years; however, what is clear is that there has been a concerted effort on the part of today’s world leaders to create a new world mind that is devoid of pragmatic, objective human reasoning; and in that regard, powerful brainwashing currents have been working worldwide to bamboozle the world community about the meaning and value of life. 

There has been a tremendous flashflood of change that has been engendered by technology; completely transforming the way people live, work, and think worldwide. In this frenetic and maddening onrush of change, technology has furnished a frightening wash of new distracting entertainment gadgets that have jarred the human race and minified many sober traditional pastimes like reading good books, enjoying the family hour, praying together as a family, going to church, looking to that sacred higher power beyond the human system for help, working hard to take care of one’s family, and shaking hands to sign and seal a deal. Those traditional values have all evaporated from this uncanny and nascent world society that began unfolding on the earth shortly after World War I. Of utmost importance here is the loss of the golden pearl of reading. In their titanic mind-control endeavor, a massive effort is under way to eliminate all books from the presence of man. The unforgiving assault on books has been a shocking ugly spectacle to watch. Again and again and again, the old traditional way of doing things is being assaulted and summarily replaced by a new and unusual way of living—and it is done all in the name of progress and human evolution.

In this frightening showroom of shocking, unexplainable change and grotesque rearrangement of human society in the name of progress; an exquisite mind management machine is unfolding in the world—and this is happening unbeknownst to the world’s whirling masses who are “oouing” and “awing” about how wonderful the world has become. In our brave new world society today, you are bluntly told what is right and what is wrong; what to believe and what not to believe: Who is indoctrinating and brainwashing you about these very personal things that ought to be decided within one’s own mind and heart—yes, you have that right: The corrupt, unholy government machine that is breaking down just about full moon. Government systems in utter disarray have now become some kind of new spiritual advisory board that determines what its citizens must believe: People are simply no longer allowed to believe what they think is right. Well, good heavens; if these corrupt nincompoops cannot even run the government without  stalling out just about every weekend, how can society trust them to tell it what to believe?

Believe or not, that is what is happening now—and from the looks of things, this kind of brainwashing and mind control is going to intensity in the coming years; so get ready to be turned into a human robot—the government’s puppet on a string. The question that may be asked here is this: Is all that relevant to the matter at issue here—preserving and promoting the sanctity of books and giving people free access them? And the answer is a resounding “Yes.” By dint of manipulating history for selfish motives, the world’s corrupt technocrats have robbed billions of earthlings of their ability to see their need for books and their inherent golden value. They have also betrayed the formerly sacred virtue and value of books; and in the process, have placed an undue emphasis and value on glass case-oriented learning.

This grotesque realignment, reorganization, and reconstruction of human society are a master job of intrigue and collusion on the part of the world’s cunning technocratic machine.  The net result of all of this is the advent of the age of illiteracy. Research after research has consistently shown a dramatic decline in the number of people who simply sit down and read, and those who do merely scan the pages. Trapped in “the rush-rush” world societal age and caught up in the false entertainment of obsession, many simply have no time for books and tradition reading. During the past ten or so years, writers have been consistently told to scale back their writing and produce shorter and shorter books because people are no longer interest in long books. And, in that same vein; a rather strange paradox has unfolded in the world: fewer and fewer people appear to be interested in reading while, at the same time, more and more books are being published.

Unfortunately, this has put tremendous strain on the literary industry and has created a massive slush pile of books that are simply taken to the landfill. Now that the digital revolution has rightfully liberated writers, every hot and tot in town wants to write a book; and this has engendered  a mammoth marketing nightmare for good writers, as their books are being placed side by side with the whirling tsunami of trash that the digital revolution has been spewing out. The point here is that the technological revolution has distracted millions of former book lovers with its shoddy, salacious entertainment. Many former readers have developed fresh tastes that are less time-consuming as their former hobby of reading. The microwave factor has intensified: People want things now—books take too long to read; they prefer viewing some hard-core porn movie. The gratification is more instant and in your face.

It takes less time to get into the flow of that shocking pornographic movie than it normally does to get into an exhilarating romance novel. The net effect of all of this is the unfortunate loss of readers and a burgeoning growth of illiteracy in a world that bristles with information. And what has done all this damage to traditional reading: The virtually ubiquitous availability of all kinds of technological gadgets, furnishing unwholesome entertainment of every imaginable kind! A brawling shower of pornographic entertainment, sleaze, and smut has washed traditional society away; there is now pornography to suit any and every taste, regardless of how base and audacious it is.

Technology has been used a pretext or umbrage to cover up the more sinister control of human freedoms by government which has waxed increasingly less concerned about how base, pornographic, and shockingly horrid societal entertainment has become. Government has shown greater and greater interest in promoting morally questionable corporate products than in protecting society from itself and the palpably ruinous, morally destructive products for which it craves. In fact, the current government system that in the world is an incredible friend to the corporate colossus that is running the world from behind the scenes. Government, therefore, is merely the cronies of this unscrupulous corporate leviathan that is running the show from behind the veil of major corporations. In the process, the world’s masses have become the guinea pigs of this treacherous, traitorous world body of henchmen and crooks who are cruel man eaters. In view of the sweeping global societal realignment, all the major societal institutions are being touched, shaken, destroyed, and reorganized: Many have been completely rebuilt from bottom up. And yes, one of the major institutions that has been stripped of its traditional societal garb is the literary world—and the changes in that regard have been swift.

One might ask, “Why all this haste to eliminate books and traditional brick and mortar libraries.” Institutions that have been the backbone of society for hundreds of years are suddenly trashed and shoved aside for new, unfamiliar, and untested sociocultural systems?” The sudden impassioned emphasis on reading across glass cases and discarding of newspapers and books is a surreal and freakish display of corporate arrogance and madness. This shockingly disgusting weaning of man from paper books to password and username-driven kind of reading is frightening, to say the least. People are no longer free to just tuck themselves away in cozy corner and read a wonderful book of their choice without every Tom, Dick, and Harry in town knowing what they are reading. Those techies (folks crazy about glass case-oriented reading gadgets) are not even cognizant that there are sinister cameras and people monitoring everything that they do, including every book that they read. They are the guinea pigs of an unbuttoned age of guile and deceit where things are hardly ever what they seem to be. This new technology lets every hot and tot in town know your business: They also know what color bloomers you bought online last week.

The unfettered craving and rush for change—any kind of change—in a world that is riddled with intrigue and uncertainty is a strange wash away of life’s real meaning and substance. Unfortunately, books and reading have taken a serious hit in this head-on collision of traditional society with the brave new world. And not a few people would say, “Well, so what; what is your problem with change: The world is evolving, and the human mind is constantly expanding—so what.” My response to that mentality is ice-cold shock for the simple reason that these dramatic changes that are taking place in human society today are top-down in nature: They are being made by arrogant billionaires who are rapidly taking society somewhere  about which it may not even be aware. People are merely presented with what seems to be new technology, but is rather a strange form of mind control and preparation for an even darker and more sinister world just up the street from here.

This website is not created to merely make money selling professional editorial services; it is intensely concerned about the cavalier loss of standard ethical behavior among so people in the world, including many publishers who unceremoniously devour unsuspecting writers and take away their lunch. One of this website’s principal goals is to promote wholesome moral behavior in business and introduce its visitors and clients to the wonderful hobby and world of reading books and other forms of printed materials that are not monitored by the NSA and other high-powered government institutions. Well, why are you so antigovernment? No, I believe that the United States of America has created the greatest constitution ever; and I love my country: That is the reason that I am so concerned about rogue disturbing trends that threaten the wonderful freedoms that our beloved country has bestowed upon us through the mighty hand of Providence. This powerful push is a titanic lobbying effort to encourage reading lovers, reading groups, book clubs, forums, discussions groups, church groups, and various homeschooling organizations to endeavor to broaden their horizons with a view to introducing the world to reading’s joyous thrill.

This website is, by no means, against the great marvels that technology has wrought in our world of wonder. It has certainly has improved and made life easier, more robust, and refreshing; however, it is very evident that human society needs to be rewound back to an earlier time when more people enjoyed the splendid pastime of a good book. That marvelous virtue of quiet time with books, oneself, and God has been lost; and it needs to be recaptured and recycled back into the societal system. We’ve exchanged these golden virtues for the insensate stampede of change overload: This dizzying, bedazzling rush for change has created a chaos-driven world that is increasingly being bruised and banged up by an impetuous storm of falsehood, conflict, and violence—and the frenzied forward rush for newness seems entirely unabating.

Wisdom and common sense are screaming at the world of man to slow down, iceberg ahead; unfortunately, just as before, the captain of the ship of world affairs are moving straight ahead with their fiendish agenda. Their New World Order seemingly does not include pragmatic thought and sober reasoning: The forward thrust is unmistakably clear and ferocious; the silly voices of reason are drowned out by the cacophony of haste and arrogance.

Long tried and tested institutions are summarily ripped, unframed,  and trashed. Brick and mortar schools, libraries, bookstores, universities, and a host of other institutions are cavalierly dismantled and removed—why? The purpose is some strange Arcanum, a mysterious secret that only god knows. Plain scientific wisdom is yelling at the human race to back up and return to simpler pastimes of an earlier age that reflected a greater sense of meaning and purpose for the human race. More than one million people take their own lives every year—they are being intoxicated with meaninglessness. One thing that is certain: Twenty-first century man needs to rewind the clock of time to the point where he got lost in the cosmic fog of arrogance, smugness, and folly. One thing that is certain—unless midcourse corrections are made immediately, the human race is in for a fall from which it would never recover.

One aspect of that midcourse correction is the reintroduction and restoration of books to their former glory, reenergizing them to their original form and status, and conducting massive societal campaigns to drive human beings back to libraries and bookstores that sell good books along with the Holy Bible. This is, by no means, to intimate that the Bible is the only good book; it merely underscores how far society has gone away from gold-standard morally savory behavior. The principal thing that is lacking the world today is the need for a correct, universally acceptable moral guideline system: It is the alphabetic cause of all the confusion the world today. And when the Bible is stacked up against all the other religions, it always rises to the top. Political correctness may soothe your conscience for the moment, but it will certainly wash you and your conscience away in time!




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