Obesity’s Cause: Surprise, Surprise!


There was a time when obesity was associated with wealth and power, but that was a tamer period of human history: Human society was much more innocent than it is today. A hundred and fifty or so years ago, calories packed pounds on people, but the food was generally healthier and more wholesome; moreover, society was not as rugged and vile and grasping as it is today. The health issues connected with being overweight then were not as stark and complicated as they are today. During this earlier age when obesity had social status overtones, the sociological environment was entirely different: Food was merely food and was exquisitely and wholesomely prepared.

Today, there is a titanic push to lure people to consume more and more bad and poisonous food so that the food industry can rake it in; accordingly, food today is deliberately poisoned with excessive salt, sugar, and grease. Additionally, the portions sizes have waxed  much larger and more dangerous: they are more dangerous because, with larger and larger portions come thicker and thicker waistlines–and with those come shorter and shorter lifespans. The food consumption landscape today is a very malicious and wanton one: It is set up to kill human beings dead–and it is not messing around. Just look at what obesity is doing to people’s health, self-esteem, and love lives: It is destroying them and sending people away from the earth in a maddening hurry.

The surging, irrepressible drive for a larger and larger bottom line is the principal driving force behind food preparation today. The food industry providers today could not care less if their overfed clients drop dead of a coronary shortly after one of their heavily salted, greasy, and sugary meals–they could care less about that: All that really matters to them is their bottom line. You see, this kind of venomous, vicious attitude did not exist one hundred and fifty years ago: People were tamer, warmer, and more considerate about others: Today, all that has changed; the human element has been virtually wiped off the slate, and all that are left are callous, crass human beings who could not care less what happens to you after gorging on the false foods that they serve up today.

The whole landscape in the world is false and tremendously dangerous.  It is not just the calories that are killing people today; it is an aggressively destructive food industry that is geared to killing their customers with poisonous foods that they intentionally serve up. One restaurant supervisor was heard saying that he did not really care about the destructive corollaries of the food that he was serving: He said that he was in business to make money and that his business was not a medical clinic: It was a restaurant where greedy, out of control people come and stuff themselves.


At the core of this discussion is the absence of the moral factor. Much talk has been heard about the obesity problem stalking the West–and the rest of the world, as a whole: There has been much bluff talk about treating the obesity epidemic; but unless concrete measures are taken to deal with the root of obesity, this deadly sociobiological epidemic would grow in magnitude to “Black Death Proportions” around the world. Ultimately, when this problem is viewed more closely, what one sees is the surreal crash and collapse of human society itself: This is what is really unfolding here. Surely, obesity is a major societal headache; but it is really merely a symptom of sick , psychopathic age that is driven by a titanic machine of amorality. Central to the existence of the obesity epidemic are the custodians of the food industry whose gross and wonton behavior is feeding the savage beast of obesity. they have no morals, and they do not care about anyone else but themselves and their bottom line: It is this dangerous psychopathic trend in society today that is the root cause of obesity and a host of other societal ills.

To stroll away from the obesity problem for a minute, let us look at what is happening in public schools where students are completely out of control, telling their teacher to “F” themselves and disrupting classes virtually all day long. Teachers, at their wits’ end, have to put up with this sort of crap all day long. Those who are fed up and angry and get into administrators’ faces about the problem are summarily written up or fired. Again, central to this kind of undisciplined mentality is the crass, droll, awkward, and silly attempt to run schools without discipline. These cormorant school administrators touch on everything else other than treating the central problem of discipline in the classroom. One might ask, “Why are school administrators trying to run schools without discipline. The head-scratching problem is obvious, even a toddler would recognize: As to why fully grown school administrators don’t is a mystery. You stand there scratching your head like crazy, trying to figure out why classroom discipline is not on the main agenda; and the whole thing looks so awkward and silly, it is pathetic Why are school administrators allowing students to disrespect their teachers and tell them to “F” themselves–why? The answer is simple: they just do not care about the students education–the whole thing is a merely a mirage: A make-belief–an absurd pretense; and they also do not care a “da gone” thing about the stressed out teachers in the classroom.

Ultimately, what we see so poignantly played out here is a striking similarity between the selfish, crass, vile food custodians who are only concerned with their bottom line and the cormorant school administrators who are merely jockeying for power and a higher-paying job in the public education bureaucracy: they neither care about the education and future of the students In the classroom nor about the overworked teachers who are constantly being disrespected and demeaned by their amoral, disorderly students. This is the kind of societal landscape that exists in the world today, particularly in the West.

People today are insanely selfish, “skunky,” rapacious, and cormorant–they would do anything to get ahead: All the rest of the stuff that they do are merely games that they have leaned to play in order to game the system. At the superficial level, it would appear as if I am exonerating greedy, gluttonous people who choose to gorge on     unhealthy, unwholesome foods: Even if I take this position to defend careless, irresponsible people who eat as if they are iron men who will never die, there is still merit in what I am saying. Although many people are out of control and touch with themselves and with reality; the custodians of food, as human beings; should have enough compassion and love and caring for their fellowmen  to prepare healthier and more wholesome foods and portion sizes to be served in their various types of eateries. Having said that, I am not at all exculpating gluttonous, belly-stuffing suckers who wantonly overeat and dig their own graves with their teeth!

All people are free moral agents with a will to make rational judgment about food and portion sizes, and to choose to make the right kinds of decisions having to do with their health. Overstuffing oneself with food merely for the fun of it is a form of perversion and a stark form of boundary violation. Common sense alone should tell us when we have had enough. Food is not like sex: In matters of sex, an orgasm disconnects the fun—at least, temporarily. Apparently, when God stitched the sexual mechanism into man, he realized that man would probably kill himself with too much sex; accordingly, he set it up in such a way that only so much sex can be done within a specified period of time. Once the orgasm has been spilled, the pleasure machine malfunctions and forces even the best of studs to stop and wait before the machine can be cranked up again. The eating system was not designed that way—one can eat until he literally kills himself. Although the analogy may sound crass, the point here is that people much exercise good judgment in matters of food. Failure to do so is deadly, irrespective of how one chooses to look at this matter.

What is conspicuously noticeable here, even with the rugged glutton, is the fundamental lack of moral behavior. To arbitrary decide to overeat and kill oneself with food is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Human beings must exercise restrained in all things: Happiness is responding to life with moderation and balance in all things. To merely eat and eat and eat and eat is rank sick—and those who participate in that kind of behavior, sooner or later, will pay for it: Why will he or she pay for it? It is perversion of the normal or natural order of things. It is tampering with the natural order of things. So what we see here in all three cases mention above—the insanely selfish food custodians, the corrupt public school administrators, and the belly-stuffing restaurant patrons—are human beings who lack basic morals necessary for sane, wholesome enjoyment of life.

The underlying element conspicuously observed in all three cases is a flagrant lack of morals, as reflected in care and compassion for others’ well-being. And for all practical purposes, these are not just isolated cases of people who simply have no morals: They are symptomatic of a sick society and world culture where good moral behavior has faded almost entirely. In essence, this salient lack of morals is the number one cause of all human problems in the world today: Why is that so? Simple—life makes absolutely no sense in a world where basic principles of right  and wrong mean nothing. One might say; “Well, you have made a very trenchant and sagacious point here: What is the origin of such ruthless egotism and greed.” And, in very simple language, selfishness and greed of this magnitude have their origin in a gaping lack of morals in society. You see, society was not designed to function without clearly defined moral behaviors. Morality is the cornerstone of all healthy and wholesome societies; and wherever it is lacking, you will run into problems of all kinds that simply have no solution. As we look at the obesity problem and talk about it, it just keeps getting worse and worse every day. Why? Unless the root of the problem is treated, it is useless dealing with leaves on the tree. Where does this blithe, cavalier disregard for morals originate? Good question! Contemporary society’s complaisance about morals are rooted in modern science and its atheistic programming of the whole wide world.

You see, modern science is not science after all: it is a powerful global secularistic religion based on atheism–and its reach is astoundingly wide. Modern science is the only societal institution in he world with podiums in every single country of the world; in other words, modern science has thousands of churches set up all over the world. These churches are universities, colleges, schools, and a host of other types of academic institutions. Wherever learning is transpiring in the world, modern science and its atheistic spin are there; in other words, you cannot study science today without being taught atheism and amorality: They go together. Atheism is the modern scientific theology that God doe snot exist, and that is often followed their amoralistic spin that morals–standards governing right and wrong behavior–are irrelevant or not necessary in human society. In other words, society does not really need morals. Bear in mind that these educated human beings are teaching this religious doctrine in every country of the world; and that is why society today is so crass and selfish and evil and cormorant and grasping and vile; accordingly, society’s problems cannot be solved as long as this bare-faced, bold-faced lie is being old by scientists all over the world.

The idea that morals are irrelevant to the proper functioning of human society is an egregious lie–and it is one that has set the entire world on a collision course with its own destruction. Modern science’s blue print for human society is one that guarantees the unvarnished destruction of the entire human race–and this is what we are seeing unfolding all over the world.  Why is modern science responsible for the collapse of human morality and the destruction of the whole world? The idea that there is no God and no need for standards having to do with basic right and wrong gives modern science away. As it turns out, what seems to be an absolute necessity for the survival of the human race is the cause of its very own ruin. You see, scientists know that people do not make the connections: They do not dot their I’s and cross their T’s, and the abstract reasoning that is necessary to point one to the real culprit of the world’s current woes is often hard in coming because people take the world at face value–and there is where they make their blunder.

In sum, unless a moral revolution unfolds worldwide, most of the problems in the world will get worse; and in time, the whole cosmos of human society will simply implode. Is the whole world a lie? Read the book “Crashing Streams of Change; it will elucidate the problems that contemporary society faces, open your eyes to how the world really works, and help you to understand the nature and character of world problems . This book will also help you to understand your problems and the mysterious world around you. Even atomic scientists, looking at the current situation, have recognized that human society will destroy itself before the end of this century of sometime around the beginning of the next. The Atomic Scientific Clock is set at just a few minutes to midnight, and all the indicators in the world are pointing to the imminent ruin of the human race.

Why? Human society has been massively deceived and tricked, turning the whole world into one giant, sprawling booby trap and sweeping billions away! I know that you did not expect to read all this in connection to the horrid obesity epidemic in the West; but I tell you: It is better to make the crucial connections now than later. You better find out what is just behind the bend of another wrong turn by the vile, corrupt folks running the show on the earth today. Just in case you have not noticed that the world is basically falling apart and do not agree with this line of reasoning; I urge you to take the challenge and monitor the obesity and just about any of the major problems in society today; you will notice that, somehow or other, they mysteriously get worse because they are rooted in the yawning lack of basic right and wrong in human behavior today, and that aspect of human society is tremendously downplayed by science, by society, and by its global network of institutions.





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