Jealousy and Strife: Poisonous Human traits

Have you ever pondered the cause of ill-will, jealousy, and strife in the world? Why do people hate and plot against their fellowmen? Where do these poisonous thoughts originate? As we look around this sprawling beautiful world, it is showered with splendor and grace and unimaginable beauty. The splendidness and wonders of the earth are everywhere, and it seems as if people ought to get along just fine. Why don’t they–what is the genesis of ill-will and envy and strife and jealousy in the world? People engage in these malevolent behaviors because they take the world at face value and refuse to burrow below the surface of things. They think that someone who is better looking or richer than they is their enemy. That is a lie, but they do not know or think so. As it turns out, there is absolutely no reason for people to be jealous and envious of one another; but you see, they do not know that. They do not know that jealousy is a vain empty brat because every human being that parts the womb of a woman was born with his own unique mix of gifts, talents, and skills so that he can contribute to the world in a positive way. Unfortunately, this knowledge is secret and confused: People are intentionally distracted and interdicted from getting to know these truths. These facts are hidden from profane society. This is obviously true as is reflected in people’s attitudes about themselves and the world around them.  most people in the world are very unhappy and dissatisfied with their lot in life: They feel cheated and lost in the smoke of a world that they do not understand.

If you asked the average person what his gifts and talents are, he would most likely tell you that he does not have any gifts and talents: The truth is that every person was born with his own unique set of gifts and talents to contribute to the positive construction of human society. People’s failure to dig below the surface of things has led them to come to false conclusions about the world, resulting in jealousy and envy and a host of moral troubles in the world. There are people whom I greatly admire and which I had their beauty, but I realize that that beauty which I crave is their gift: My gift is something else. Once I find my gift and work on perfecting it, then I would not have time to be jealous of someone else’s gift; but you see, I have to know that I was born with very valuable gifts, skills, and talents. and that the world is fairer than most people want to believe it is. Thus, false understanding of the world is the main problem in the world: People must first come to grips with the fact that their whole perception of the world is false. Such an epiphany calls for profound thought, honesty, and humility.

The unbuttoned arrogant age in which we live today stops people from achieving such pure and original truth; accordingly, we live in a world that is jammed with lies and half-truths for which most people would give their lives. For example, the news is replete with vain religious people dying for false causes because they worship the god of falsehood, but they do not think so.  Ultimately, the reason that people plot against each other is that world is a motif of lies, but the people in the world are not even aware that they have been lied to and have been lying to themselves all their lives.  This is the reason that world is not just jammed with lies, it is rapidly filling up with problems of all kinds without any solution whatsoever. The problems are caused by the lies that people believe. Lies are like strings or chains that tie people up and eventually destroy them; thus, the whole world is being systematically unframed and destroyed by a labyrinthine web of lies. The world’s billions of people are tied and confused with lies that they fail to recognize and are being systematically destroyed every single day.

Well, Mr. Writer, what are you saying to us–are you telling us that all human beings’ lives are driven by lies? Almost, but not quite. There are two types of people who live in this world: Those who know that the world is a system of falsehood and those who don’t. Those who know that the world system is false are the enlightened ones. As it turns out, there are two kinds of enlightened people in the world: Those who are responsible for the falsehood by following the architect of lies and darkness in the world and those who follow the true light of life. This information is top secret and hardly ever believable, and that is why so many people are messed up in this world because the world is not what you think it is: It is something else. And people are not who you think they are; they are something else. Ultimately, the world is an illusion with those who know the truth and those who don’t. The truth is hard to believe because it seems like a lies, and those who poison the world with falsehood intentionally make the truth seem like a lie so that their suckers, all the masses of the world, would not believe the truth and get free from the barbed wires that have tied them up and are slowly destroying them.

The world is a lie, but the people in it don’t believe that:  They believe something else. In this regard, human society’s problems have no solution because those whom you think are trying to solve human problems are the very cause of them. Also, most human beings are not even aware that there is a problem. In their empty pride and arrogance, they believe that they have it all made in the shade: They are not even aware that they are naked and wretched and lost in the smoke of other people’s Machiavellian tricks and illusion. From this point of view, the whole world is massively deceived by the incorporeal system of lies that operate in it. If you would like to explore this matter or subject some more, the book “Crashing Streams of Change (Available at delves into it in more detail.

A full understanding of this seemingly obscure body of facts will have far-reaching consequences on your life and can change it forever. I strongly urge you to get a copy of this book and read it with an open mind: I promise you, your life will never be the same again. Do not make the same old blunder as the rest of the world’s masses that are being systematically destroyed all over the earth. Things are changing and are changing fast. Things are rapidly winding down to a breathtaking finish: Don’t be caught on the wrong side of the truth. Read the book Crashing Streams of change: It will show how much you do not know about the world which you thought you knew so well and will leave you with a lot to think about for a very long time!!!

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