The Ramifications of the Privatization of Community Colleges

The world is a quaint change machine; and sometimes, change needs to be embraced. Life is replete with seasons; they come and go like trains on the Tokyo Subway. Somehow or other, we, humans, are not able to access this type of information until, quite often, it is too late. If we view the world as a change machine and that everything is in a constant state of flux; then when these vexing, troublesome changes arise; we would not be caught off guard and become so discombobulated about them. What is interesting here is the nature of human society and the way it is perceived by human beings. What is particularly critical at this juncture is the presence of a fundamental blind spot in human society: Human beings’ perception of the world is radically false and wrong, but they do not know that: They are not privy to that kind of information. Ultimately, when the inherent falsehood in human society manifests itself in these jarring kinds of changes that are currently sweeping the community system in the United States, folks begin to scratch their heads and wonder what in the world is going on. What they don’t understand is that their perception of the world is fundamentally wrong. All these changes are saying to Americans is that the way you view reality is wrong and false: Your government that you have been led to believe is set up for the promotion of goodwill and well-being in America has deceived you: You have been its suckers all along, but you did not know or would ever believe that; and they have played that game to trick you into thinking and believing that they are your government for the people, with the people, by the people, and about the people.


One thing that needs to be made abundantly clear here is that the American government system is just about the best in the world, but because the world is not what you think it is, the Machiavellian sociopolitical engineers who run this country are corrupt mercenaries who neither care about you, your children, or your children’s children. They belong to obscure and disturbing organizations whose core values and interest trump those of Americans. Their disturbing and sinister plans for the world would shake every true American in his boots, as is happening right now in the community shake up. One day, they will take US Constitution, tear it up, and simply burn it while former Americans simply watch and cry. What is happening in America today is very disturbing, to say the least; unfortunately, the real meat of the change has not transpired as yet; and when it does, it will shock and wreck most Americans. Human society is false; but human beings are, quite often, not aware of that fact: It is hidden from them. They have been brainwashed by the dashing nonsense of evolution and its guileful amoral appeal to the egomaniacal nature of human beings. When you pull the curtain on the surreptitious, serpentine education media that has been vigorously promoting these dashing lies; you would be shocked at what you would find. What is happening today is extremely frightening: They are literally snatching our once wonderful way of life from us and grinning at us with the simper of guile and cynicism. In plain and simple language, the middle class in America is being systematically disemboweled and simply removed. This tremendous rearrangement of society has one fundamental intent in mind: To transmute American society into a two-class  system–the superrich and the extremely poor. Do you really think, in your wildest imagination, that the corrupt mercenaries in Washington care about you and the poor: Are you losing your mind!


The privatization of community colleges in America is just that: Tossing low income people to heck out of colleges into the streets where they belong. Whose view is that–your politicians in Washington. But folks, they will never admit that to you: They are way too sophisticated for that. The cards are being reshuffled in America and all over the world: A frightening new day is at hand. The night is upon us, the storm is flaring in the distance, and the ugly grin of a new age is at the door. What starts out as disturbing changes will, somehow or other, morph into a nightmarish society in which only the superrich can enjoy the luxuries of life. And it has already started. There is currently a movement afoot in America to create exclusive cities for the superrich; thus resulting in a two-tier societal system: Very rich cities that are heavily fortified and policed; and run-down, scruffy, dilapidated cities for the poor–cities sheared of a viable tax base to enable them to function effectively, essentially turning them into dangerous hotbed of criminal activity. Don’t be fooled by the amazing rhetoric of the so-called ultra-conservatives: They know exactly what they are doing–playing all the rest of us for their suckers. For more of this kind of analysis; the new book , “Crashing Streams of Change: the Rise of World Government,” is now available on Amazon: My friends, it would leave you with a lot on your mind for a very long time


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