Homeschooling: Keeping your Children out the rain Rain

Youth is a tenuous time of crystallizing a self-hood, forming an identity, and deciding what and who you want to be. Quite often, these decisions and choices are strongly impacted by external forces. Ideally, these very crucial decisions and choices should be decided from the heart and with a little help from a fairy neutral sociopolitical environment. Unfortunately, the social environment today; especially in the licentious, heavily polluted public school system; is anything but neutral. There are wide spatial differences from public school to public school; but for the most part, the broad sentiment in public education is frankly and flatly unhealthy and unwholesome for making the kinds of decisions mentioned above. The fact that these social environments have been poisoned by the liberal religious theology that dominates American culture today predisposes young people to a life of vanity and a socialization of destruction. The destructive sociological influence is so powerful and overwhelming in these sleazy factories of societal betrayal and ruin; young, impressionable minds do not stand a chance of forming a wholesome self-hood and mindset that is conducive to societal progress; in fact, the loose, amoral manner in which most public schools are run would leave many well-intentioned parents scratching their heads and wondering what in the world is going on.

The loose screw of public education in the United States today is a rank shame–and don’t be fooled by the phony notion of “Charter School”; while there are a few that are somewhat better than public schools–I work in these environments: I know the games that are being played in these loose places–My advice to parents who are serious about sheltering their children from the tremendously destructive storm that is blowing in American society today is not to release your children into these very dangerous moral pits. I work in these environments: I know them, and what I have observed is plain frightening. I am not against charter schools; the notion appears to suggest a superb alternative to the toxic pit of public schools; but unfortunately, charter schools; for the most part; are just another side of the massive game playing and brinksmanship that dominate public education in the United States today. And it is indeed a gross shame that a society like this one has gone so far away from truth and standard that its public schools have become a caricature of what they were intended to be.  Every day, seven thousands students drop out of high school in America: Why such a high drop-out rate? Why should students remain in many of these moral sewers that do not build character and prepare young people for the real world. Public education in the United States is a massive program of fraud, gamesmanship, and quaint brinksmanship.


Naturally, young people loathe boundaries and rules: Well, that is normal, and they thoroughly enjoy the libertine, ochlocratic  environment in most American Public schools;  but what is most interesting here is that they hardly want to stay in that kind of environment. Presumably, those students who drop out finally get the message that public schools are not created to educate and prepare them for the real world; accordingly, they opt to drop out and begin facing the real world for which they were not prepared. In this regard. public education in America is a traitorous system of evil that is set up to destroy young people’s lives. I have been in the system for the past twenty years–I know how it works, and it is not designed to advance young people’s lives. This is an environment that is riddled with fraud and game players who jockey for positions and higher salaries. America will pay, and has already begun to pay, an exorbitant price for its unhallowed public educational practices.


Against this backdrop, I vehemently admonished parents to keep their children away from public schools, especially the non-charter ones. Parents who are serious about raising children of character and integrity should strongly consider sending their children to private schools or simply homeschool them. The main problem with public schools is that they are not really set to educate the minds of young people in a pragmatic and meaningful way. The games are out of this world; and when genuine, well-meaning teachers raise concerns about the system’s phony operation–well, they get rid of you. You are merely paid to go along with the rotten system: You are not to question their sacrosanct practice of destroying young people’s lives. Whatever socialization that public education has to offer young people is socialization that your children do not want. The loose moral system in most public schools today socialize young people all right: Many socialize them to disrespect their parents and teachers, to get pregnant out of wedlock, to get trouble with the law, to get themselves killed and lost in the dark forest of the liberal, anything goes American theology today. When the real and full story is told about public education today, most people would be shocked.


There is much that I know that I would rather not mention here, but my advice to parents is to send their children to a good private school–and even some of those are deeply flawed and troubled as well. Parents really have to vet these private schools very carefully because, again, the issue of treating discipline is often skirted in favor of being able to stay afloat; accordingly, it all boils down to this conclusion: Parents who are unable to afford good private schools need to homeschool their children: This is coming from someone with more than twenty years of experience in the public school system. If you have been inspired by this straight-talking, no nonsense article; I strongly urge you to fetch a copy of the book “Crashing Streams of Change” (available at This book is a frank, matter of fact disrobing of society today, exposing its rank guileful gamesmanship and fraudulent, deceptive programming. A good, open-minded read of this book would open your eyes about a lot of things and leave you with a lot to think about for a very long time!

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