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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

The Collapse of American Society

The collapse of American society is as plain as day: Not a week goes by that you do hear of professors engaging in sexual misconduct with students; or of female teachers raping their innocent, angelic, underage male students.

Thus, in a world without morality and the love of Jesus, just about anything goes—anywhere, and any time; for example: It is not uncommon to hear of professors having sex with students during their office consultations. More often than not, a deal brokered where the student would deliver sex and the professor would give her an A in the class.

Universities turning out Substandard Products

Thus, millions of students are graduating from universities with substandard academic acumen and mental analytical ability. It’s a sign of the times—the American society is fading.

The Shocking Farce of Digital Writing

This explains the emphasis on short, fragmented paragraph writing; turning writing on its head—what a shame and disgrace to which Western societies have become. Universities are churning out students with Bachelor’s degrees, operating at the seventh-grade academic level. Many can hardly read, so they prefer fragmented sentences and call it digital writing: It’s a farce.

Why? The Christian principles of work, equality, justice, and reverence for God have all vanished. It is an anything goes, anytime, anywhere society—and it won’t be long before people begin having sex on sidewalks and along major thoroughfares. This is where things are going: Sex with dogs in public.

Women Leading the Extramarital Sexual Revolution

The whole roof of society has caved in and collapsed; its moral foundation has been utterly destroyed. And what is so disturbing is that many of these professors are women.

This tells us that the traditional societal understanding of women and sexuality was starkly wrong; more and more women are luring their male students into having sex with them for grades.

The Utter Collapse of Public Education

What we see here is not just the utter collapse of public education in America; it is also the complete breakdown of morality and collapse of American society itself, and as a whole—and it is a shame.

Liberals Running the Show

Liberals don’t believe in morality, and this is the central power block in American society today; the dominant force in America today is a well-fortified army of young and robust Americans who do not believe in traditional morality, as has been promoted by the Judeo-Christian Ethic and system. It is this radical departure from truth that is tearing up American society today.

We all want the world to be the way we see it; however, more often than not; the world is not the way we see it: The world is the way it is, and Christianity is good for the world because it diametrically opposes evil and helps mankind with his daily labors. A loving God in heaven upon whom to call is far better than no God at all.

The Sharp Clash of Ideology

This sharp clash of ideology, in terms of right and wrong, is what is tearing up the fabric of American society. Unfortunately, liberals don’t believe this; they see Christianity as enemy number one, in part, because the people who have traditionally promoted Christianity have also promoted racial superiority and racism, treating black people as inferior.

And that is coming back to haunt them now: They’ve mixed the Truth with a lie. In this regard, critical race theory has a point: You can’t be a racist and a good Christian at the same time. Unhappily, this is the game that many conservatives have played for hundreds of years in America—and it has backfired, big time.

Liberals, Dead Wrong on the Issues

Unhappily, liberals are dead wrong about God and have confused many racist conservatives with Christianity. True Christianity is impartial and views all mankind on the same level. In this regard, the Bible is neither a white man’s religion nor a poor man’s crutch; it is simply the word of God to his deceived human creation.

The upside-down American society that you see today is the iconic result of what you get from hypocrites who claim to be Christians and behave like the devil; they wind up becoming the fiercest enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Liberals’ Fiery Hate for God

In this regard, liberals’ fiery hatred for God can be fully understood because of the model of hypocrisy that they have witnessed in America for so long. And what they are saying is that they do not want that model of hypocrisy to be the standard of American life anymore—and who can blame them? But look at the cultural catastrophe it has created!

Liberals have created their own model; the trouble is that their model is antithetically opposed to the Bible and is responsible for virtually all of the radical problems that one sees in American society today because their policy is against God, and order, and rule of law.

Polarization, evil’s Surprising Tool

In this regard, the devil has used both the hypocritical traditional Christian model and the radical liberal model to topple American society, and what we see today is a glaring example of that because any society that refuses to acknowledge the existence and reverence of God will be destroyed, merely by virtue of indirectly acknowledging the devil and giving him the legal right to destroy that society.

And this is what we are seeing today with all the mass shootings, the smash-and-grab violations of the rule of law, and the flash-mob activity that so glaringly bespeak the fact that nobody is in control of American society today—anarchy rules.

I mean, that fact is as glaring as a shooting star in the night. They have rejected God and have embraced the devil, and the results are shockingly sad. What is so pathetic is that it is getting worse by the day. The whole society has been turned upside-down, scaring the daylights out of ordinary Americans; watching on and wondering what, in the world, is going on.

A Society that has Abandoned of Rule of Law

In a world where professors swap sex for grades and where students graduate from college with substandard intellectual capability, it would not be long before society sees the inefficacy of the university degree.

Sex’s Growing Marketability in the College Setting

As American society continues to tear apart by the ever-widening moral rift, it will become increasingly evident that the college degree is a joke. As it becomes more and more watered down by the shabby, unprofessional behavior of unscrupulous professors; fewer and fewer employers would trust the college degree. In the process, it will become increasingly meaningless as society tears apart and collapses.

These would-be professionals clearly know better but choose to violate the standard anyway; just because they can get away with it in a standardless, amoral society gone mad—a society that has wandered away from its first estate into the dark jungle of anarchy.

Society Turned into that Brave New World

We live in a Brave New World in which moral propriety and plain human decency are frowned upon as society rushes down the precipitous cliff of moral and societal decay that is sure to engender its own doom.

No society, in which professors get away with grooming their students into sex for grades, is sustainable in the long run; it is obvious that such a society is senescent, stolid, and decrepit: Such a society is an old man; groping around the neighborhood, looking for his mailbox.

Thus, we see the sexaholic problem, plaguing society from both ends: Public school teachers, lost in the brume of bureaucratic red tape and sexual insanity, become disoriented and lose their way in classrooms filled with oversexed students who lure them into that devious, invidious sex trap.

Female Teachers’ Sexuality out of Control

Unhappily, it is a sexual call that ultimately causes them to be sent to prison for an extended period of time. Women, having been Mauled by the mule of societal change, find themselves unable to handle the hook-up societal mentality. Unable to deal with the rapid pace of change and as horny as a dolphin, millions of women teachers wind up crossing that forbidden line on their job.

Sexual Misconduct Destroys’ Teachers’ Careers

In a fit of moral insanity, they wind up having sex with their students; going to prison for a good while; and being forced to drink that sour jar of tears and pain. In the process, their lives are destroyed.

They are forced to register as sex offenders and to carry the stigma of having gone to prison. What a way to commit social and political suicide; unfortunately, this is America in living color today! Anything goes, anywhere, any time.

College Professors’ Leverage with Sexual Misconduct

At the college level, where professors have more leverage, female professors have learned to play the grade game and are able to entice male students who welcome the opportunity to slam the charming female professor.

She is horny and is caught in a bind: She doesn’t want to go with her colleague because the word would eventually get out; and when the sex cools off, she would be viewed as a whore.

Thus, she prefers some steaming sex with a male student whom she does not have to see every day; and when that eventually ends, she can just move on to the next one. The female teacher, at the public-school level, does not have that leverage.

Female School Teachers’ Choice of Underage Boys

The female public-school teacher, too, prefers not to have an affair with a colleague because the word would eventually get out and get around, and these kinds of extramarital affairs can end rather violently.

According to the most recent stats on the matter, every day, three women perish at the hands of their romantic lovers in domestic violence brawls Thus, both female public-school teachers and female college professors prefer having an affair with a male student who lights their eyes and sets fire in their crotch.

Once the sex fades, and the extramarital affair wanes, they have nothing to lose because they are the whores that society does not see. Are college professors who cheat on their husbands whores?—not in an amoral society where nothing is right or wrong, and because of the shameless status of society today; adultery is no longer viewed negatively; thus, more and more married women are taking liberties and tossing their lives into the wind of shocking surprises.

The Pornographic Cheating Revolution

In a society where pornography is so widespread, men must adjust their expectations of women and should not expect what they used to get from them in the past: This is because most women today have adopted the whorish model and have already resolved not to be faithful to their husbands.

It would have been nice to say that these female college professors are having sex with their male students because they are merely horny, but that is not true anymore; many of these women have good marriages—they are happily married but have chosen to be unfaithful to their husbands anyway: Why?

It is an anything goes, anytime world; which makes it extremely vaporous, fluid, and unpredictable; for many of these extramarital affairs end extremely violently. In this regard, women who have resolved, in their innermost being,

to cheat on their husbands are playing with fire.

The Domestic Violence Response to Cheating Women

Women who’ve come to this perilous conclusion are playing a dangerous game and are betting on the notion that they would not get caught. All too often, though, someone whom they didn’t see, was watching them all the time and eventually delivered that critical tip to their spouse.

Every day, at least, three women are killed in violent domestic disputes of this nature—and things are not getting any better. They are getting worse. So, counting on the notion that you wouldn’t get caught and that nobody is watching are lame excuses to violate your marriage vows in such a hideous and abominable way.

but these are the chances that people, in a sick and fading society, take every single day. Unfortunately, in many ways, taking chances are a quaint suicide mission through which many never live. Oh, what a way to throw away an otherwise wonderful life of marriage.

The Different Motivations behind Educators’ Sexual Misconduct

At the public-school level, the motivation behind sex with students appears to be entirely different; these female teachers are clearly horny and embrace the opportunity to exploit the sexually active, underage male students in their custody.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that would not go away because society has tossed morality away; additionally, society has embraced hard-core pornography on a universal scale, thus making it available to virtually anyone who is interested and wants to view such raw and unfettered content—content that is inherently unhealthy and destructive to the minds of children.

What most people who view pornography don’t understand is that is that that content has hooks that are designed to hook and trap its victims in that darkened world of unsacred content.

The Different Brands of Pornography Hard at Work

What is so interesting about the various kinds of pornography, on the circuit today, is that they are inherently addictive, unwholesome, and intriguing. Today’s pornography is like reading an interesting book, where you, not only, want to know what is going to happen next; but how it all ends.

You cannot believe that a such pretty girl would have sex with a dog; you cannot believe that that horny woman would sneak into her son’s bed at night and lure him into sex with her; neither can you believe that that charming girl, across the street, routinely drives to a stable and has sex with a horse; and you would never believe that the girl whom you are dating now routinely has sex with a dog. Oh, how the world has changed!

Welcome to the world of the twenty-first century: You better get ready to ask curious questions that would blow your mind and change your understanding about love and sex forever

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