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Inasmuch as I am new to the world and tough realities of publishing and marketing books; I have had to embrace the onerous, and often Herculean tasks associated with setting up the machinery needed to succeed in the writing business. But I love what I do and greatly enjoy all the moil and drudgery having to do with it. In view of the incandescent need to set up a pragmatic book promotion machine, I have resolved to delay the publication of my book Crashing Streams of Change. In the meantime, however, I have been extremely busy promoting my book just about everywhere I’ve gone and building buzz for its release date within the next few months. These are comments which I have received from the people with whom I have shared my book:

Virginia, my student: Mr. Mayers, we want to read your book; how much longer will we have to wait? Why the delay? Why not just get on with the project. I love the sections that you’ve shared with us.

Robyn, my student: Mr. Mayers, you are such a brilliant writer; I love to read your stuff. I can’t wait to put my hands on that book. Get on with the project!

Rafael, college student: When that book comes out, e- mail or phone me: I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I really like your views and your command of words. You are the bomb, Mr. Mayers!

Mr. Gonzalez, Substitute Teacher: Mr. Mayers you need to conduct workshops and conferences; the masses need to hear what you are telling me here. Here is my e-mail address; let me know when the book becomes available.

Rod: Edd. Employee in telephone dialogue: Mr. Mayers, your views are unique and novel; you’ve made a buyer out of me already, and we have just begun to talk on the phone. Let me know when the book becomes available: you are a maverick and quite a self-thinker.

Rhonda, A corporate Web Design Administrative Assistant: Mr. Mayers, our web designs start out at $5000.00 and well beyond your budget, but your book sounds very tantalizing and intriguing. Go to this marketing seminar my company is having next month and let me know when the book becomes available.

Kenneth, web design big wig: You are quite a thinker, Mr. Mayers; what you are saying is novel and fresh off the glass case of truth. Your book is very interesting; I wish you all the best in your endeavor of sharing the truth contained in your book with the world.

Mr. Tran, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut: Your ideas are very enlightening.

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