Spinning It The Right Way

The world is an amazing place, filled with wonder and beauty and change. It is a place with people line up at different ends of all kinds of spectrums; they all believe that they are right and all the others wrong. What if some people are indeed right and others wrong? The world in which we live seems more and more to be saying that nothing is right or wrong. What if that kind of moral relativism is wrong? What if some behaviors are right and some indeed wrong? Oh what a strange, exotic place that man’s abode has become— that impetuous rush to cast away traditional morals, values, and beliefs is changing the world at the speed of thought. The world is tired and overcharged with change; but, in our frenzied rush for novelty and excitement, we pelt away just about everything that has worked in the past; and, in the process, we’ve pelted away our very selves. Who is thinking for you–the Bilderberg Group think tanks, the current shadow world government, or the handful of people who actually run this world?

Who is thinking for you; do you really know who is indeed doing your thinking? Perhaps, if you really shut away yourself for a couple days and think about the world’s mad rush into this strange cave of change—change that makes you wonder about how long mankind has left on the Earth—you might discover that somebody or something out there has been doing all your thinking for you. But why is thinking for oneself so hard for so many earthlings? Why being a self-thinker is such a rarity in contemporary, global society? Why do we prefer band-wagonism to thinking, acting, and making pragmatic decisions for ourselves? You would be shocked to learn that much of what you thought was your own thinking was not really yours after all.

How many times have you bothered to question things and ask questions that really matter, such as: why are things the way they are? Why is the world so confused? Without realizing it, you’ve been going along with a world with which you do not agree. You’ve been following orders without ever asking who has given these people all this authority over me. Unfortunately, you are not alone; the world is filled with people who blindly follow other people’s brainwashing ideas; but, think about it: Where have those other people led the world and why hasn’t the world detected that it is being brainwashed?  You look  around, and you see a blizzard of conflicts and quarrels that those who lead society can neither solve nor untangle. What is the origin of conflicts and quarrels–where do they come from? You may say, “well, people don’t always get along;” and superficially, how appropriate and correct that glib response seems: But is it really?

Is it true that people do not always get along or that there is something deeper beneath that flippant, spurious type of answer? And, as it turns out, indeed there is. You see: The world is not what it appears to be: The world is an optical illusion. What you think you are seeing is not what’s there, but rather, what you are gaffed into believing is there. Forasmuch as most people do not think for themselves and connect the dots in their lives, they fail to see what is really happening around them and in the world. The goal of this uplifting corner is to help people to open their own eyes and see for themselves by learning to connect those dots which they have hitherto ignored and treated as trivial.

The mystery thrillers “Crashing Streams of change, Rise of World Government; and The World and its People” would open the eyes of all those who truly desire to see and understand exactly how this world works; for you see, the world is blind: All the masses of people in the world are blind to truth. You may say, “Well, what do you mean by that, Straws? I do not mean that the world cannot see physical objects–that is not the kind of blindness to which I am referring. The world’s blindness is selective–it is a sort of opacity to pure, plain truth called blind vision; where you see what you want to see and ignore whatever else that is there. The world’s blind vision would let you see things like colors, people, houses, trees etc.; but it would not let you see truth. The world is a lie; but its people do not, and cannot, know that because they are too unobservant, shallow, and flippant. Their selfish nature deceives and blinds them to the plain, undisguised that is staring them in the face; yet they fail to see what is wrong with the world–them and all the others who choose to live by the Law of Selfishness and Lies. The whole world is a lie because its people choose to the way of selfishness–exacting more than is due to you.

Most people would be shocked to know that all men (and women, too) were born great and rich, but the world would never let them know that. My friend, that statement is true; but the false, phony world in which you live would never let you know such a thing. All people were born with what I call Natural Intelligence. This is a tool kit that contains all the wealth to which you are entitled. You were born that way–health, wealth, and prosperity are your legal human right. Those are your inalienable, unforfeitable rights as a human being; but you see: You are not privy to that fact because you do not understand the mystery of how the world really works.  All that you have been told up to this point have been lies–including much of what have learned at the university level. My friends, most of it are lies; and this is why college education today has waxed more and more unaffordable. And do you know what the experts are suggesting to young aspirants to university today–they are now suggesting to young people that, perhaps, a college education is no longer worth the cost and effort to achieve it.

That was their message fifty or so years ago–they have changed to society: Why? Their message has changed because they have embraced more and more falsehood in society and, as a result; life has waxed more and more complicated than before. My friend, they would tell you everything but the truth. They would teach you evolution, atheism gay marriage, child pornography, legalize drugs, allow students to disrespect their teachers, allow little girls to have abortions without their parents’ consent–they would do all of that, but they would never let you what I am telling right now. You see: the world is not what you think it is, and it is not set up for you to get ahead. The world is a lie–and don’t you ever forget that.

Your wealth is hidden in your mind in the form of talents, gifts, and skills that; if discovered and developed to their fullest; would make you filthy rich. Most people would never believe any such foolishness like that until they look around; see those who are rich, and notice that their wealth came about from talent of one kind or another. Even Old Money came from some kind of talent or other and has managed to linger around for a very long time. “Crashing Streams of Change and The World and Its People”  are game changers that unlock the mysteries of earthly life and how the world really works. These books are coming in the spring and fall of 2013. Watch your calendar and look for these life-changing books. They are game changers that are packed with fresh and insightful materials that would force people to see the world in which they live in an entirely different light. 

These are  nonfiction books written in a fictional form, using fictitious characters to illustrate and explain how earthly life works. I hope that you are not disappointed to learn that you were born great and rich: Burrow diligently into your mind, for the treasures have been stashed there all your life, unbeknownst to you. You are a treasure uniquely crafted to adorn and build up the world and its people. Most of the time, to find that treasure; you must walk away from the world that you thought you knew so well. Begin digging into the ruby mine of your mind with the shovels of purpose, thought, and resolve; you will find a treasure trove stashed there—“A You” that you never knew existed in this world! As it turns out, you are the real winner; the world is a losing game. But if you play with the world and its messy games of lies and greed and vanity; you too will be devoured in the grillwork of falsehood—you will lose everything, even the golden treasure of your own mind!

And, quite understandably; this post is a stunner–it has wowed and left stunned either positively or negatively. You may be very angry with me for simply telling you the plain, pure truth; or you may hail me as a hero in a world where being one is so often tied to infamy and lies.  Whatever you do, stay tuned to this lie-changing, game-changing, extremely informational and revolutionary website. Only people who really care, care enough to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

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