Solving Life’s Problems and Resol Complex Issues

Are too many people writing books, just because they can? As it turns out, writing is an arduous undertaking; even if the writing is shoddy, the tremendously time-consuming activity of writing books can be very enervating and wearying. Yes, everyone does have a story, and perhaps, getting it in print yields a thrill; but why, all of a sudden, everyone is writing a book In a saded, spent society; too tied up in a rash of complicated issues to sit down and read? Are Americans ready for all this massive outpouring of writing that is coming from virtually every hot and tot in town?

The question is an interesting one because people, confused and bound up with a host of tormenting problems and convoluted issues, ought to discipline themselves and retreat to some quiet reading, especially of good quality inspirational books. Let us face it; life today has become more than most of us bargained for, and things have waxed quite complex in millions of American homes: Why aren’t we reading more, even if it be the trash that is churned out every day on the Internet? At least, it would propel us into starting to think for our own selves  and making better decisions in our lives. Suddenly, everybody is busy, busy, busy; wrecking their lives–have we gone nuts–have we truly lost it?

In response to my opening question as to whether too many books are written with too few readers, it is obvious that the collapse of reading in American society has had a catastrophic effect on Americans. Come on, folks; reading is just plain good for all of us: We simply need to find time to do more of it. Instead of going on that hot date that may wreck your life tomorrow, why not put it off, sit yourself, do some good old soul searching and thinking and read a good inspiring book? Folks, we’ve been brainwashed by the technological change overload in the world: We’ve tossed the bone away and gone running after its shadow. A society that does not read is a dangerous society, no matter how you look at it. It is that way because the conspicuous absence of reading blocks objective thought. Reading is just plain nourishing and wholesome: Without it, life loses its pizzazz because we cease participating in constructive thinking, and it destroys our lives. At the same time, people who write trash need to stop; but you see, that this the very problem: There is an immense market in our country for just that–trash, and it is destroying our society. The frightening “anything goes” mentality today has literally turned American society into a ticking time bomb–and that is too bad. It is just a matter of time, if things do not change, that this society will self-destruct–and we see this self-destructive process ever so often mirrored in a senseless rash of shooting sprees that fill people’s hearts with sorrow, woe, and chagrin. It is the handwriting on the wall.

What is the solution to all this nonsense of shying away from reading and living the most outrageous and licentious lifestyle there is? We must acknowledge that fast living is just that–fast living, and it divests life of its true meaning. To live fast, die young, and go about your business assume that life is meaningless; but is it, really? Licentiousness–being the fastest whore in the city–merely brings otherwise meaningful lives to a  battered, reckless end. As you can see, life is very multifaceted; and its parts are quite tightly connected. In sum, reading inspirational books makes better human beings out of all of us. Let us promote clean, wholesome, and inspiring reading. In event that this article has soothed you thoughts and you would like to know more about this slant of reasoning, there is splendid new book out called “Crashing Streams of Change”. Get yourself a copy and read it; it will soothe your heart, inspire your soul, and leave you with a lot to think about for a very long time

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