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Simple Things that we Take for Granted in life

Things that really Matter

Life; with all of its nuances and funny faces, its many quirks, twists, and turns; is a quaint mixed bag of bundles–bundles filled with things, good and bad; desirable and undesirable They come in all kinds of ways; and we, as human beings; must adjust to the many seasons that wash ashore of our lives. And quite frankly, many of the changes to which we must adjust are rank uncomfortable; but, like everything else; life throws some pretty nice things our way as well. Unfortunately, many of these charming gifts we often take for granted; for example, who thinks much about the wonderful gift of flexibility, which allows us to get around. This marvelous gift of mobility and free use of our limbs is just taken for granted–and we forget to thank that Great Universal Mind for being so thoughtful and kind to all of us, even though many; trapped in the noose of pride; openly deny his presence. But he has been a wonderful creator of the universe, even though the world’s atheistic scientists; who did not invent science; flatly deny his existence in the world.

Science–and more particularly, modern science–was not invented by the people who call themselves scientists today: Modern science was developed by genuinely faithful believers in the one God who created the universe and runs the show. And for those who are offended by this seemingly silly comment, go back into history and you will find the truth about this matter. Modern science was invented by Christians and was stolen by occult artists and hard-core atheists who mobilized the Devilish movement of trenchant sociopolitical activism in Europe called “Enlightenment Age” that that almost drowned France in its own blood.

But alas, this post is not about science’s shortcomings, beginnings, and natural; it is about the little things that we so often take for granted, such as being able to move about on our own. That is a cool gift from God for which all human beings must be forever thankful. The same God who made man made the trees that sprout from the ground, but they cannot walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this wide, sprawling earth. And don’t even mention the toilet and the immense usefulness that it brings to the human race. What a mess mankind would have created on the earth had latrines not been thought of and erected. Just think about the last time that you were stuck in traffic and wanted to number two–what a massive mess and emergency that you had on your hand. And when it was over, you vowed that that would never happen to you again. Just think about the joy that you experienced after that emergency has run its course. It is these little things that we take for granted for which we should be a whole lot more thankful to the great God of the universe; the one whom amoral, omniscient modern scientists say does not exist.

  Simple Things that we Take for Granted in life

And of course, it does not end there: There are more wonderful, yet simple gifts that life hands all of us for which we should forever be thankful; for example, the simple ability to be able to swallow and eliminate the contents of our food: Just think if something was wrong, what pain one would feel to simply participate in these fundamental biological processes. And don’t talk about the ability to enjoy food, one of life’s most gustable and delightful entertainments. Food, food–good, delicious food is such a wonderful pastime; it is not possible to explain all the golden virtues of tasty, delicious food. And even in this area, we find a host of paradoxes. There are so many different kinds of foods on which we wish we can gorge ourselves day and night. Oh how I love cakes: I wish I can eat much more than would be healthy for me–and please, don’t talk about ice cream: It is so delicious. I love ice cream; but again, it is fattening loaded with calories. Despite all these paradoxes though, we all enjoy all the gustatory virtues of daintily prepared foods. And even in this area, many of us take food for granted: We take its availability for granted; and when we should be thankful and happy for those delicious bites that nourish some of us,, and turn all the rest in big old houses, we gripe and complain about how bad life has been to us.

Your old lady walked out on you: Hell, yes; if you don’t know how to treat her; what do you expect her to do: Stay with you? We gripe and complain about finding the right man or woman, and when we find him or her, we refuse to change our old,, funny ways. And when things don’t work out, you blame your old lady who has left you: It is her fault–not your old, funny ways. The world is a paradox, and its peoples are something else. You’ve been looking for a spouse since Old Mother Hubbard’s days, and she has finally arrived. Now that she has arrived, you must change your old, silly, disgusting ways: We must all change; we cannot grow unless we change. We must hate the fool that we have become in order to keep the priceless treasure–the princess who t has just stepped into our lives. Why do we have to feel that she is no good because she loves, and is with, us?

That kind of mentality alone tells the whole story about people and their quirky way of seeing the world. We must learn to appreciate and celebrate the pair of lips that we have in our bed chamber and be willing to make the necessary changes to keep it there. We must love and cherish and treasure the people who love, and lie with, us. They are not valueless because they share our intimate moments: the opposite is true–and we must cherish and value them highly. Your wife is your queen: She may be getting a little older–and so are you. Your husband is your king: Can’t you be nice to him. Oh how hard it is to lie with a nagging heifer whose behavior is like a broken faucet! And how hard it is to be loved by a dirty two-timing sucker who has no respect for his wife! Life is just too short for all these ins and outs with Tom, Dick, and Harry all over town. Come on, folks; stop splattering yourselves all over the place like that–have some respect for yourselves! Love is wonderful, and sex is even more so; but the secret to a happy life is one life, one wife, and a house full of children; but the catch is that you must always remain a child in lover’

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