Parents: Their Sexually Active Teenage Daughters


I am an author and have been involved in public education for more than twenty years now. I have just written a book, “Crashing Streams of Change”‘ that powerfully supports traditional morality and addresses this very topic of the cluttered, crabbed, uncomfortable issue of parents’ frank no nonsense discussion with their children about sex. I have been following the idea train on this subject for quite some time, and as a teacher, I see the shocking ugliness of false government, careless parenting, and irresponsible sexual behavior among teenagers every day. Today, classrooms are cluttered and stuffed with the aura of sex, it is no wonder that public schools are failing and betraying all of us every day. The whole issue of sexually active teenagers, especially girls–boys are quite often more savvy about sex than girls around this age, and they are usually more in your face and blunt about it than girls–is that it is inappropriate and unacceptable, to say the least.

Two factors need to be examined very carefully here: First, Western societies need to revert back to the core principles  of traditional morality with which the majority of us, our parents, and grand parents were raised. Those sacrosanct values have not mildewed or rusted: They are still there; they have not gone anywhere. Western societies’ framers have chucked those values and cast them away from society. Well, who are these Western societal engineers who are the architects of our societal system? They are our politicians and government leaders. We have sit by and allow people like we are (us) to dictate to us how we should live our lives and raise our children. They have literally stripped parents of their unforfeitable right to raise their own children according to the dictates of their conscience; at the same time, they have flooded society with every imaginable kind of moral squalor and filth.

What do you expect your children to do: they are exposed to the most shocking kind of pornography possible right in the school environment. Liberal teachers, quite at home with the flow of moral squalor in society do not even bat an eye or look the other way; They hold a straight face as if nothing is wrong with what is going on. Ultimately then, persuading your child to desist her sexual behavior will be like giving birth because that sort of thing has become so passee and normal and habitual among teenagers nowadays, it is like; “Mom, what do you mean; all my friends are having sex–do you want take me back to the stone age of Christian slavery of the mind?” The sentiment is well-taken, but the its logic is dead wrong. My point here is that teenagers have become habituated to hard-core sexual behavior; they really think that something is wrong with you, bringing up those old-fashioned values and trying to spoil their date for tonight with their sexual lover–are you kidding m!

Secondly, the fact that parents have been stripped of the right to raise their own children right here in America, and can be issued some stiff prison terms for violating these unconscionable government ordinances; most parents feel powerless and left at the mercy of their out of control children, and they simply back off; theyh are not ready for the kind jail terms that await parents who dare to stand up for their children’s moral well-being and safer tomorrow. Good parents firmly agree to going to fail for a while in order to save their children from the rapacious wolf of false government, phony laws, and upside-down societal planning and management. the point here is that, unless you put your feel down–I mean on the ground–and set unbreakable rules in your home, irrespective of stolid government laws; you are not just looking at having a sexually active teen: It would have been wonderful if that was all that was involved here , but there is more–much more! There is a strong likelihood of your daughter–or son–picking a sexually transmitted disease, becoming pregnant out of wedlock, and even contracting the deadly AIDs Virus. There is too much at stake here to just sit back and follow silly government ordinances that essentially set society adrift.

I did notice that the above article’s writer advocated letting things cool off and approaching the matter unemotionally: Well, there is nothing unemotional about finding out that your daughter is sexually active: it immediately releases a tsunami of crazy “what ifs” in your mind; and, quite often, by the time you figure things out, those “what ifs” are no longer valid: By then, it is too late. Usually, by then, things have been going for a year or two; and she has become so bold about it, you begin to suspect that things are not fair to midland. Whether or not your eyes were shut before this great epiphany is not clear: One thing that is clear and certain: When you found out that your teenage daughter was sexually active, she had been having sex at least seven to nine months before. By the time you notice that that innocence in her face had faded, she is an experienced eroticist. And why is that so? It is the case because parents tend bury their heads in the sand–they are in a state of denial, and that denial state can go on for a while!

What am I saying here to you–am I merely trying to be funny and sarcastic? Absolutely not! Rather, what I am saying is that parents need to craft legislation or demand that legislation be crafted that liberates them from the iron claws of unnecessary government tampering with family life, thus allowing parents to exercise their inalienable and irrefragable right to raise their own children according to the dictates of their “own” conscience–not according to some twisted, upside-down government body’s. The hard, raw truth is that children will never stop having sex as long phony government ordinances block their parents from raising them and flood society with the destabilizing societal influence of pornography. Children are not fools: If adults don’t know what they are doing, what makes you think children are going to follow them!

Additionally, the writer of the article to which this comment is addressed talks about sitting down and calmly talking to her fifteen-year old child about her family values and morals, in terms of what is appropriate, as far as her family is concerned. Well, it appears to me as if that conversation should have been had long before this disturbing discovery of her daughter’s engagement in sexual activity at fifteen. Friends, by then; you are simply wasting your time. If you could not bend the branch when it was young and tender, what makes you think that you would be able to bent it now, after more than a year of pornography and hard-core adult sexual behavior. By then, your daughter is a seasoned sex addict–she has been broken in, so to speak; and her body has gotten used to those juices flowing ever so often, whether once, twice, or three times per week. Barring a miraculous intervention into your daughter’s life, the best you can do is to coax her into talking to you about the relationship, the level of intimacy that has already transpired, and how you plan to protect her from the deadly poisonous influences that are out there.

Moreover, cheating has become so widespread in Western societies, you would not be realistic to think that your daughter is the only woman her sexual partner is knowing. Nowadays, it is normal for teenagers to have sex with at least three other sexual partners around the same general timeframe. I know that it gets deep here, but the truth shall set you free.  You have to fix this problem at the societal level, or homeschool your daughter and chain her in your bedroom. Now, you know that you cannot do such a thing, but it underscores the serious nature of societal decay today. I have been studying these matters for quite some time now, and the book that I have just written, “Crashing Streams of Change”, provides some very innovative, interesting, and intriguing ideas about how to solve these kinds of societal problems. These are all solvable, but drastic, uncomfortable changes in how we perceive the world around us would be  absolutely necessary. You see, there are things that you do not know that you ought to know. Against this backdrop, I strongly urge you to read this book very carefully (available at It would leave you with a lot to think about for a very long time

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