Parenting Children in a Fallen Society

Parenting Children in a Fallen Society

It may be argued that human society is the most effective means of managing the earth’s rich stock of resources: Man, the head of the animal kingdom and the leading authority figure in the world, is, perhaps, the most capable instrument of handling the earth’s vast wealth of resources. While quite heated and acrimonious arguments can issue from such a seemingly hollow assumption, man has been the central driving force of government in the world. In that regard, preservation of human society and efficacious parenting must take precedence over everything else in the world. Throughout the sprawling abyss of time and space, the family unity has been the fundamental instrument of societal preservation; and the wonderful agency of sex has rendered that task a relatively seamless one. 

In fact, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle once commented that knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. I take it a step further: Preservation of the human family is the beginning of wisdom. Naturally, in the light of man’s titanic struggle for survival on the earth; one would think that he would make societal preservation his top priority; but in the light of the dramatic attack on the family today, it is obvious that survival of the human species is a relatively low priority on man’s totem pole. In view of the massive attacks against family life, the tremendous challenges parenting and raising children now befool the whole concept of human survival. The shockingly confused sociological landscape in which children are being raised today puts a huge amount of unnecessary pressure on parents, confusing the whole notion of parenting and raising children.

One might ask, “How did society get this confused? How did mankind get so careless about his own survival—what is going on in human society?” Well, those are quite relevant, interesting, and provocative questions: they are very pointful and poignant, but the answer is even more thought-provoking and stimulating. The seemingly careless pattern of change that one sees in society today, rendering parenting a rather spiny and onerous burden, is not new. What is happening in world society currently is the wholesale breakdown of the human system because of man’s arrogant and presumptuous violation of the natural order of things. The book, Crashing Streams of Change, is a very poignant and insightful exposition of human nature and society. It provides provocative insight into human society and world conditions. It explains the cause of human problems and furnishes invaluable insight into understanding and solving your own personal problems and issues. In order to understand the broad breakdown transpiring in human society today, one must examine the pages of history in view of understanding past patterns of societal cycles. 

Obviously, man has taken his survival quite seriously; but occasionally, when he violates nature’s moral and natural laws and contravenes its sacred taboos; he inadvertently creates a social environment that is not conducive to parenting and raising children. Thus, man has not always displayed blithe and cavalier disregard for his own survival. Human civilization is a very tenuous and painstaking process that unfolds over thousands of years; the fact that man is still around does hint that; at least, though the years; he has made all the necessary  provisions for his own survival. And the fact that he is still here does indicate that he has had measurable success in preventing himself form going extinct.

A closer look at history, though, reveals that; although mankind has endeavored to preserve his species through the reproductive process and various other means; he has evinced unnerving weaknesses that have, time and time again, brought his species’ survival to the brink. In this regard, human society is largely a collection of growth spurts followed by blustery periods of decline. Thus, human history has been punctuated by a bemusing cycle of growth and decline. For reasons not fully understood, mankind has, through the ages, faltered again and again and again: He seems to be only able to go so far, and then he mysteriously turns around and retraces his steps. These cyclical patterns have adversely affected the growth of human population on the earth; thus, strong demographic numbers are reflected during periods of abundant food supply and geopolitical dominance, and markedly lower population numbers are observed during strong climatic shifts and acute geopolitical interferences, resulting in the death of a whole civilization.  This has been man’s unfortunate plight in the world since time immemorial. What we see here is an inscrutable cyclicality or cycling of human civilizations throughout human history on earth. In order to fully and accurately address the issue of Parenting Children in a Fallen Society, it is befitting to examine this cyclical process of human society in the world because a society’s fallen phase strongly determines how much emphasis would be placed on family life and preserving the human kind.

Parenting in the light of Human Societal Cycling

Most scholars do not relish the idea of using too many buzzwords; it bothers them quite a bit. You might ask, “What is a buzzword?” A buzzword is a somewhat flashy or trendy word that is used within a particular timeframe or context to mean what its user has in mind—whatever that is. In this regard, the term fallen society must be looked at very carefully and examined for the unique perspective of its use. What exactly do I mean by the phrase Parenting Children in a Fallen Society? Obviously, I am talking about parenting children in a society that is not quite itself or what it used to be—it has been jerked, and has fallen, from its former ideological foundation. It is no longer what it used to be, and its former glory has already begun to wither. As it turns out, societies have been observed to undergo this mechanical kind of cycling and eventually get to this point in the course of time.

To a large degree, Western civilization and; in particular, the United States and Canada; are currently at this fallen state in the historical mechanical cycling of human society. For that reason, family life is in a very precarious and jeopardous state in these countries currently. Typically, societies experiencing this fallen phase of human societal cycling generally display a high level of irresponsible behavior that renders family life and parenting children extremely difficult and thorny!   In order to fully appreciate and comprehend this mysterious phase and its significance in the broader scheme of things, it is expedient to explore the entire cyclical process.

Generally, one may safely place human societal cycling into five different phases or stages, where distinct characteristics are conspicuously evident:
(1) Phase one societies are typified by the creation of a highly characteristic sociocultural brand, if you would. Usually, the society emphasizes the formation of a unique character, psyche, ethos, and ideology that serve to identify it from all other societies in that cosmic geographic realm. This ideological branding process sometimes takes decades or even centuries to be crystallized or formed.  During this phase of sociocultural identification, the society generally has a distinct religious ideology, pays due respect to that religion, and strictly observes the sacred and irrefrangible principles and laws of nature. During this early developmental phase, the civilization accords due respect to the natural order of things.  During this phase, the society is actively building a reputation as a nascent regional power system and force with which to deal. Quite often, this civilization has to prove itself to its rivals that it is indeed a regional power with which to deal: Much of this military testing is done through periodic skirmishes that flare up over time.

(2) Phase two represents the consolidation of all that has transpired in phase one; however, during this phase two component, the society begins to flex its muscles more frequently and advance outward; conquering weaker nations and cultures and building up a seemingly impregnable force that inspires fear in neighboring regions, nations, and cultures. As this new geopolitical power system grows, its reputation continues to grow. In the process, it begins to wax increasingly powerful, adding new territories in the course of time as its central administrative locus gets stronger and stronger. As this new rising civilization continues to prove itself as a major military power by winning scores of battles and conquering regional peoples, it waxes more and more powerful. In the process, its power, wealth, prestige, and dominion increase very rapidly; making it the dominant regional power. Eventually, as it continues to grow by leaps and bounds; what was once a tiny island or local military unit grows and spreads worldwide. Rome and Great Britain are both splendid examples of tiny regional powers that amassed tremendous geopolitical power and attained world dominion.

(3) Phase three is pretty much a continuation of phase two, but quite often, at a somewhat diminishing pace.  As the society seems to get wealthier and wealthier with an ever-increasing military build-up, interest in military operation and natural order appears to diminish, much to that society’s chagrin. Pride and humanism enter the scene; disrespecting natural order, breaking nature’s laws, and turning its back on its original religious and epistemological ideology. The latter part of this third phase of societal cycling marks the beginning of the society’s fallen state. A society entering this fallen state has wantonly turned its back on clearly defined, well-established rules and truth that it knows were fundamental pillars of its earlier success. American society’s revulsion from Christianity is a splendid example of a society well in its fallen state and approaching history’s scornful trash can. America has brusquely turned its back on patently verified truth and is now pushing false agendas with all its might.  As the society becomes polluted and poisoned by the fetid slush of paganism and secular humanism, the laws are changed to smoothen and facilitate the transition from the old order of its original religious foundation to the nascent amoral, unnatural societal model. Not only do the power elite introduce the false pagan religion of secular humanism at this point; they also institutionalize this false, new religion;  making its influence a society-wide phenomenon through powerful institutions such as science, religion, government, entertainment, sports, and the broader educational machine. Now, you would notice that the power elite use the original religious brand to diffuse its new ideology throughout the society. And how does it do that? It merely corrupts the original brand: It hardly ever eliminates it. More often than not, it retains that original brand, using it to diffuse its new message.  This is exactly what is happening in American society today: The old guard of Christianity is still around—they have merely polluted and poisoned it in order to make it as unappealing and unpalatable to society as possible. That is exactly what has transpired in American society today.

(4) The civilization’s fourth phase is one where military might has been fully developed but has begun to show signs of wear and tear: The society, as a whole, begins to evince signs of moral and societal decay. During phase four, the contagion of the diseases of paganism, secular humanism, moral decline, and societal decay begins to take the society by storm; and virtually everything begins to wilt and falter. Suddenly, nothing seems to work the way it used to in the past. A society in this fallen phase is overpowered by falsehood and evil; thus, it bluntly rejects truth and embraces destructive behaviors.  This fallen state of the civilization marks the end of its growth pattern and the beginning of its downward spiral into its own doom and oblivion. As the pagan religion of humanism becomes more dominant; long tried and tested religious traditions are blithely thrown out and blind human arrogance takes center stage.  The society mirrors a dramatic rise in occultism; and unnatural human behavior changes its tone, color, morality, and perspective. In time, the society begins to grow real teeth of evil, flashing a decidedly obvious surreptitious class and now reflects a high level of brokenness and polarization. As things go from bad to worse, it now mirrors a sensational increase in violence, and frightening evening news become ordinary stories.

(5) Finally, as the society waxes darker and darker; phase five is characterized by strange calamities and disasters that begin to wash ashore, and trouble of all kinds begins appearing straight from the blue. Ultimately, the society’s logarithmic growth of obscure troubles, strange disasters, and utter catastrophes read its last rites during this sick, pathetic fallen state. Usually, societies at this picturesque state of decline in the cycling process are almost entirely run by the petrol of hollow vanities; strong carnal drives; and empty, misguided imaginations.  In time, the society’s curious existence falls out of harmony with time and is thus crushed by the iron jaws of doom. It becomes swallowed in the dust of history and is no more!

Parenting Children and Rapidly Changing Morals

In view of this poignant and sobering cycling of human society, one understands very clearly why parenting is so difficult today: Times have changed, and the past has been long forgotten, and so it goes in the spinning wheel of human civilizations and their historical cycles. Times change, and society goes into another phase in the long-running cycle of human occupation of the earth. This limpid model of the historical cycling of human society almost makes it impossible not to ask why such senseless destruction befalls fully developed geopolitical systems. The change is so stark and unsettling, it almost seems mechanical, and that cycling process has occurred throughout the history man mankind: All the major empires of the past are now sleeping in history’s trashcan in buried in rubble beneath the sand. Such a sobering understanding of human destiny does reflect the fact that man functions more or less like a machine; his rise and fall are so mechanical, you can almost predict their occurrences. They are like trains in a subway system; you know exactly when the next one is coming. Our knowledge of Western societies’ current stage in the historical cycle of human civilization on the earth amounts to some sour news for the West because it presently reflects all the attributes of a fallen society: The meaning of this fact is devastating for Western peoples.

Somehow or other, some societies like the Chinese, Japanese, and Thai have been around for a very long time: One might ask, “What about them—are they on the doomsday list, too?” And that is a charming question, for its answer is equally sour and devastating. What we see in the world today is utter shocking because the entire world is not reflecting the attributes of a fallen society. In particular, what we are looking now is a one world society, which reflects a unique moment in human history. The fact that the whole world now reflects the attributes of a fallen society, we can safely say that the world now mirrors the properties of a fallen world. This is quite significant because it tells us that the world that we now see is also rapidly passing away. Even well-developed societies like China and Japan have been increasingly overrun by fourth-phase societal attributes; reflecting escalating crime, rapidly aging population, under-the-table kickback, and run-away corruption. And to underscore the accuracy of this perspective, the last two Governors of Tokyo have been forced to resign on charges of embezzlement and false use of public funds: That is shocking for Japan. These are all fallen-society attributes. In addition, the heavily indebted condition of the world economy, with the United States owing as much three hundred trillion dollars when all the entitlement programs are thrown into the pot, it is not hard to see where the world economy is going.

When the full coalescence of world troubles are thrown together and sour fourth-phase stage of most societies today are taken into account, only superhuman might will be able to extract the human race from its current inescapable confrontation with its own doom and oblivion. In view of the highly accurate historical model presented, you can predict the outcome of a society with a high level of accuracy. You can predict these occurrences in view of the clearly defined stages to watch for in the growth-decline cycle of any particular society.  Thus, against this backdrop, the United States’ outcome is also highly predictable. Judging from what we see today, it is obvious that the United States’ demise is not far away, albeit it may merely manifest itself in the culmination of world government with the United States being swallowed up in the giant North American Union, which is in the works right now as this comment is being inscribed on this parchment. From the looks of things today, it does seem promising for raising and parenting children: If doing that is tough today, it is highly obvious that conditions are not going to get any better for raising children in the near future in the United States, and in the West as a whole.

In this regard, one can understand fully why the American Family has come under such vicious and nasty attacks, with young men having sex with their own mothers: It just does not get any uglier than that, but many would raise a stink at me, angrily asking; “What is wrong with that?” And what is wrong with that—it simply signals that the American society has entered into that critical, politically created fallen societal phase where laws are cavalierly changed to suit the transition to a sick, debauched society. Things are  being rearranged to suit a society where morals have disappeared; where natural order is spurned and scorned; where moral values and principles have evaporated; where human life is as cheap as dirt; where Christianity has been swapped for occult practices which allow people to use the power of the devil to put curses on their innocent, defenseless neighbors; where a clear superior class has evolved and is currently running the show; where government tell parents how to raise their own children and where it tells pastors what they can, and cannot say from the Bible; and where parents buckle under the weight of government tyranny in raising their own children.

In view of what has been said, it is clear that human existence is typified by the powers that stir and stimulate growth and those that trigger decline that ultimately lead to human downfall. When those subversive, degenerative forces are in operation; raising children becomes very difficult; and we are currently in one of those nasty phases. Motherhood has been beslimed, tarnished, and divested of its sacrosanct station. Some commentators view mothers who have sex with their sons as cannibals, people who have not learned to develop appropriate interaction and relationship with the broader everyday world. Whatever the case may be, having sex with one’s own son is a jarring departure and a catastrophic fall from what motherhood used to be, to say the least. It underscores the unbelievable magnitude with which morality has decayed and society has fallen. The notion of parenting children in a fallen society and rapidly changing world may raise eyebrows in a human cosmos where virtually nothing is standing straight; practically everything today is in a fallen or broken state.

Contemporary world society resembles a place that has been battered by hissing and flaring storms and left in a picturesque state of disrepair.  All the things that used to give life some modicum of meaning have either died or are on life support; yet if you speak to the average person today about the world’s dystopian condition, he will look at you as if something is wrong with you. The upshot of the matter is that nothing is wrong with you; something with wrong with him for not being able to recognize that something is wrong with the world and its often crazy, preposterous logic. The arrant meaninglessness and downright alienation under which most of society labors today are so thick in the air, you can virtually cut it with your hand. As the world wanders further and further away from the ramparts of good, sound judgment and solid, balanced reasoning; it is as if the whole world is awash in a brawling shower of meaninglessness; and nowhere is this stark vanity more conspicuously noticeable than in the family system of parenting and raising children in a world of such utter darkness and frightening despair. Unfortunately, despite all this harrowing meaninglessness, senseless change overload, and plain destruction of society’s sanity; many people slump into utter denial and blank smugness.

People have been so deceived and mesmerized by a world that no longer makes sense, they are unable to see the plain handwritings on the wall. Blinded by the thick fog of deception, they have been brainwashed by a false socialization that tells them that this current twenty-first century civilization is the greatest and best that there ever was—and will ever be. This false perception of progress is typical of the sociological sabotage and mind games that are played on society’s masses by the power elite. Today, people are being socialized and trained to calling societal retrogression and flirtation with plain doom progress: They are constantly being fed false ideas about the future and all the glorious change that will unfold in the coming New World Order, an age of breathless peace and prosperity.

Nonetheless, regardless of how optimistic and progressive one might be; it is hard to argue with the plain observation that all the senseless change overload taking society by storm has made it is comparatively difficult to raise children in this new contemporary world order. The very fact that people would argue over something as obvious as this is itself quite pathetic and worrying, and underscores the innate brokenness and senseless polarization that stalk human society today. Even the notion of liberal and conservative hardly makes sense anymore because, even among staunch conservatives, their views and attitudes about life have become so highly radicalized and liberal; it is hardly possible to distinguish between them and hard-core liberals anymore.

The smart boys in Washington DC need to know that their liberal-conservative game has run its course; nowadays, the Washington tricksters are simply trying to put a conservative spin on radical, liberal behavior. It is a world where ultra-liberals are winning hands and feet; but you see; that is the very problem: There never were any liberals and conservatives to begin with. People, working with evil forces, simply align themselves in these phony camps to fool Americans. When conservatives behave like liberals, with more two million Republicans who are openly gay; you know that the whole notion of conservatives and liberals is merely a farce, but everyone with eyes cannot see.  It is the kind of world where words are used to mean whatever you say they mean or want them to mean; it is against this crabbed and confusing backdrop that children are being parented and raised in this society of constantly shifting, phony values and consummately good liars.

There is intense confusion around raising children today: A wide and dizzying variety of family situations now exist in society that defies the former straightforward context in which children were raised. Among the many extant types of child-raising regimes include the following:
(1) Monogamous, heterosexual married couples reflect the normal, conventional pattern of family life and child-raising regime that had characterized Western civilization for hundreds of years. This is the model family that ought to typify the perfect Christian family; but obviously, America is no longer is a Christian nation; thus, this pattern is becoming more of a relict concept than anything else.

(2) The single, illegitimate child-raising regime is now the standard family pattern found in Western societies; reflecting the fact that illegitimate, fatherless homes are the norm today. This flagrant lack of the father figure in the home is the fundamental weakness in Western societies today and is responsible for most of the problems in Western homes. The conspicuous lack of a strong male figure in the home is a powerful contributing factor to the salient disintegration observed in Western societies today.

(3) The divorced single parent is the second most common type of home environments found in the West today, and it underscores the raging moral storm and societal decline transpiring in Western societies today. It is rather remarkable that the two most common and dominant home environments in the West now are morally illegitimate: This strongly depicts the magnitude of moral and societal decay that the West has undergone.

(4) Shacking single parents is the third most common home environment in the West today. So many marriages break up, and with the advent of gay marriage; fewer and fewer monogamous couples are tying the knot. There has been a worldwide decline in traditional monogamous marriages in response to the massive groundswell of the legalization of gay marriage: Many traditionalists argue that, because of the changes in the marriage laws, marriage itself is not the same anymore and is not even worth the bother.  In most of these shacking homes, drugs, alcohol, and discord of all kinds are common. Children, trapped in this moral cave, are lost in the wilderness of spiritual darkness.

(5) Swinging homes are family environments where a variety of couples adopt a unique kind of polyamorous lifestyle. In these obscure relationships, couples mutually consent to having sex with a variety of partners of their own choosing. They claim that the swinging lifestyle has enriched and strengthened their marital relationships; however, one noted Malaysian psychologist has sounded the alarm on this kind of relationship, claiming that she has never counselled a swinging couple that has made it. This psychologist warned couples against the tremendous vanity of swinging and throwing away their lives and marriage. On top of all that, children are trapped in that intensely confusing and complicated situation. Sooner or later, the children do find out that parents are swinging and having sex with other people. It is not hard to envision the tremendous disappointment and loss of trust that those children would experience when they finally get the real score on their parents. Is it any wonder that some young men have sex with their mothers? How can children have respect for parents like those?

(6) Some unmarried couples opt to live celibate lives and raise their children in that environment of moral purity. Although this kind of environment lays a strong moral foundation in the child-raising process; quite often, the absence of the father figure does negatively impact the child’s overall demeanor, self-worth, and self-confidence.  All the children do need the safety net of both parents in the same home with whom to share their lives. The absence of the father figure removes a critically needed dimension in the child-raising process.

(7) The homosexual family is the newest child-raising model on the block. Many children raised in these homes are brought up in the context of a genderless understanding of reality; they are told that they are neither boys nor girls and are allowed to decide which gender they are. Of course this wide range of child-raising regimes has created a smorgasbord of home environments and perceptions of reality. This jarring variation in perceptions of reality has fostered a very confusing understanding of the world and life in general. This kind of murky ideology gives rise to a society that is estranged from itself, creating a senseless national identity crisis where perception of reality is so murky that it ultimately brings about societal confusion. It creates a hodgepodge of peoples but not a cohesive society with a clearly defined national identity that is based on concrete principles and values. If the phony principles and values espoused by the society are not incorporated by that society’s citizens, the whole thing boils down to being a shallow hoax.
It is not hard to see why marriages are doing so poorly in such intensely confusing societies, where children are socialized with such jarringly different perceptions of the world. Such societies tend to be more prone to conflict and civil unrest of all kinds than more homogeneous societies. The people’s inherently dissimilar understanding of the world creates an environment that is innately hostile and unconducive to societal harmony. What is most striking and conspicuous about the majority of these societies’ system of relationships and child-raising regimes is the inherent unnaturalness that interpenetrates them all. In view of the magnitude of confusion created by all these unnatural relationships and lifestyles, it is hardly arguable with the fact that these societies are badly broken, severely wounded, and may not be fixable. And to put the situation into proper perspective, the very fact that society needs to be fixed is subject to dispute; it depends on who is looking at the subject. Western Societies have been fractured and broken into two parts; it is like a glass miraculously broken into two halves. Liberals intensely like things the way they are and see all these clearly unrelated parts as a society evincing a high level of originality and progress. People to the right see the whole thing as one big ball of mess that urgently needs to be cleaned. Judging from the swift stream of disasters and calamities striking the West today, the folks on the right may have the last word in this crabbed and confusing matter.

Parenting and raising children are a multipronged reality; it has many complex dimensions, and no one approach works for all children. The one size fits all approach just does not work; nonetheless, parents do need to have the flexibility of all the means and modes available to them in raising children today in such an extravagantly complicated world. The several scenes from the book Crashing Streams of Change furnishes great insight to raising children in a muddy societal landscape that is not conducive to raising healthy children with a positive self-image. In a meaningless world where political correctness stifles constructive, progressive, and productive dialogue; reaching sober, objective conclusions and making well-balanced decisions that impact the rest of society underscore the jagged and spiny nature of human society today. Although this understanding of the immense complexity of raising children today is widely held, it has particular application to American society where so many heterogeneous elements clash ever so frequently.

Given the politically correct mood of society today, it will be relatively difficult for all the stakeholders in this vile, rogue game of societal politics today to assume a centrist position just in order to garner a certain measure of peace and harmony among society’s masses. Political correctness is the legal right to violate natural order and break rules: It is the ugly stump in the road of reason and objective discussion needed to bring society’s stakeholders to a moderate position that would produce objective, reason-driven conclusions.  In a society that is so highly charged and polarized by factional conflict of every imaginable kind, the biting social environment that it produces tends to be quite fluid and volatile: Unless concrete measures are embraced to reach a middle ground position for the overall good of society—and especially for little children who are imitating the adults around them—the future of human society will be quite noisy, rowdy, and downright violent. Society is highly fractured and badly wounded today. All the various factions have produced powerful frictional currents that render society very inflammatory.

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