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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

Crashing Streams of Change

Rise of the World Government

Unravel life’s baffling mystery by cracking the secret code of this world. The world is a strange illusion replete with riddles, puzzles, conundrums, and Trojan Horses. Use this book to crack earthly life’s mysterious code.
Book Category: New Adult/Woman's Fiction
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I really enjoyed reading this book. It has opened my eyes and I can see life more clearly. This author have really inspired me. Thanks.
Eustacia Babb
from Good Reads
This book is very inspiring and intriguing with a fresh way to look at the world. It provides new insight about life and how it works. Filled with hope and encouragement, its inspiring message is life-changing. It is a book like no other one because it unlocks life's profound mysteries and helps you to see things that you never saw before.
Sona Agnihotri
from Good Reads

Hello, my name is Moulton Augustus Mayers

My sobriquet is Straws—you can call me Straws. I am the author of the book Crashing Streams of Change, The Rise of World Government. This scintillating, tantalizing thriller will tug on your heartstrings; ignite an inferno in your loins; teach you how to love your spouse; give you the secrets to a happy, lasting marriage; and unlock all of life’s arcane mysteries to you. This bold, fictional monograph; tinctured with poetry, is a book of pure wisdom and profound understanding. It will make you laugh, as if you were watching. 

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