Nature of Reading and Decline of American Society


Reading is a cognitive language of phonetic symbols that send complicated messages to the brain through the instruments of light and physical vision. The system of symbols used in reading to convey the information to the brain is called the alphabet. This complex phonetic program is a variable and versatile system of sounds composed of individual letters. Each letter is assigned one or more sounds which have to be memorized; accordingly, learning to read is inextricably tied to mastering the variable sounds of each letter in the alphabet. In this regard, one does not learn to read by osmosis; rather, he learns to read by mastering the phonetic code of each letter in the alphabet. Once he has mastered the phonetic code, he must next understand the syllables or sounds that various letter combinations produce and how to divide them in order to simplify the pronunciation of words. As it turns out, the alphabet may be divided into two basic types of letters: (1) Vowels—A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y—and (2) consonants, all other letters in the alphabet. Vowels are the basic building blocks of all word formation. They underlie and define the fundamental nature of reading itself and sound formation.

Sound Formation
Whenever a vowel is spliced between two consonants, it produces sound, syllable, or word. The sound produced by this vowel-consonant bisection is called a syllable, which may be a syllable, a word or a word fragment. For example, the consonant combination “BT” has no sound; but when an “A” is spliced between the “B” and “T”, you get BAT, which is a word. Notice what happens when this word combination is switched around: BAT becomes TAB. Let us look at another example of how vowels impart sound to mute consonants and define the very nature of reading itself. For Example, the consonant combination “BS” has no sound and cannot be pronounced; however, when you put a “U” between the “B” and “S”, again this produces another whole word, BUS. If you change the “S” to a “G” and the “U” to an “A”, and splice the “A” in between “B” and “G”, it produces the new word “BAG”. If you add “GY” to BAG, you get the word “BAGGY”. BAG and GY are called syllables, whose formation is the basis of how all words are formed; therefore, the essence of learning to read is the intrinsic ability to memorize the sounds of each individual letter of the alphabet and to identify them in syllables. This linguistic approach is the simplest and fastest way to learn how to read. Although the rote memorization involved is somewhat mechanical and monotonous, the fantastic results that it produces cannot be beaten by any other approach to learning to read: It emblematizes the very nature of reading. This approach to reading is somewhat like a mathematical function, where time spent practicing and memorizing sounds produces perfection in reading.

The Flawed Unproductive Reading Paradigm
Of course there is the other school of thought that holds that phonics is too mechanical, monotonous, and boring: It involves too much unnecessary rote memorization, which makes learning to read too complex and work-driven. This school of though endeavors to change the very nature of reading itself. These educational commentators aver that reading ought to be fun and should not involve all that cumbersome work of boring phonetic drills: Rather, they hold that reading is a developmental process and that students would learn to read when they are ready. This cheap type of excuse for not holding the line and seeing to it that students learn to read properly is a lame and hackneyed pretext for the human tendency to put off treating truth. It is like saying that I am going to stop drinking or cheating on my wife when I am ready. Frustrated educators who use this approach to reading hand young people the unhandsome gift of illiteracy and ignorance, and steal their happy tomorrows. It is considerably unfortunate that human beings often prefer the comforts of their own warped ideological understanding of things than the raw truth about the things themselves. Reading is so basic and non-negotiable a human need and commodity or resource, no one should be allowed to play ball with young people’s opportunity of learning how to read. It is absolutely asinine and wrong to lure youngsters into the senseless procrastination of messing around with their opportunity to learn to read. Due to this flawed understanding of  reading, thousands of young people have been untreasured  and divested of this priceless, golden gift of reading; and unfortunately, many of these same young people have been transmuted into jailbirds who have turned society upside-down. In the bluntest of terms, educators need to stop messing around with young people’s education and future, and teach them to read so that they can skillfully handle the rudder of their own lives. The ability to read is the very eye of opportunity and success: To deny young people access to such a skill is to literally remove all the beauty from their ungainly tomorrows.
The cold, hard, raw truth here is that people do not learn to read when they are ready: That politically correct concept is a lie; they learn to read because they are taught the basic principles of learning how to read as are laid out in any grammar school phonetic reader. Saying that students would learn to read when they are ready is tantamount to saying that a person would learn to drive when he is ready: That is stark nonsense. No one learns to do any complex cognitively driven task when he is ready: He learns to do it because he is taught over time the correct way to do it. Certainly, in order to learn anything, one has to be ready; however, in order to learn the craft of reading, he has to be taught exactly how to do it. Work is a fundamental principle of earthly life: Very little comes easy. Work and effort are needed in order to understand and appreciate life on earth: Though learning the phonetic drills can be taxing and challenging; the lusty, luscious fruits of success that they produce are worth the mental drudgery and toil that are needed to master the challenging code of reading. Though the phonetic code’s mastery can be thorny and time-consuming, the learning process can be even simpler if the students are thoroughly inspired and motivated, and understand the sterling value of their ability to read. In the same vein, thoroughly trained educators who truly understand the inestimable value of students’ ability to read can greatly facilitate the process of mastering the sounds, practicing and learning the phonetic drills, identifying syllables, and eventually learn to read. A great teacher who truly understands the value of phonics can immensely reduce the toil involved in mastering the phonetic sounds. Attention to lesson plans having to do with recognizing syllables and learning to spell can also speed up the process of learning to read. Once the phonetic sounds are mastered, exquisitely planned word drills and spelling exercises can definitely expedite the process involved in learning to read.

Dangerous Sociocultural Changes
While the mechanical phonetic process of learning to read has been clearly understood, its application is not that difficult to be executed in the modern classroom. The upshot of the matter is that it is not really the rote, spiny memorization of phonetic sounds that are the real problem here; rather, it is the senseless, destructive societal changes that have unfolded recently, turning things upside-down.  Sociocultural changes having to do with morals and classroom discipline have become formidable alloys and dangerous stumbling blocks to the educational process. This has led to widespread deterioration of public education and jarring decline of American society. In bygone generations of educators, the rules of the game were fairly clearly spelled out—emphasis on classroom discipline and creation of a productive classroom environment were conspicuously visible in public school curriculums. Classroom discipline was an integral component of the public education program: Parents understood teachers’ need to maintain discipline in their classrooms—and they supported their children’s teachers. Various forms of corporeal discipline were used in order to treat chronically disruptive, out of control students in classrooms. Teachers did not play, neither did their parents.   Of course there is that nostalgic tendency to look back at the good old days and view them as perfect: This is another flaw in the human system of untruth in the world. It is needless to say that things were never perfect; that ever-present nagging struggle between good and evil was always there, and will always be there; however, a clear system of discipline—largely based on the Bible—to treat rogue, disruptive students was conspicuously present.

My point here is that, not too long ago, there was some type of concrete discipline system in place in public schools to treat inappropriate students’ behavior; and then, almost without warning, all those Bible-driven forms of traditional discipline measures were summarily trashed and quickly washed away in a baneful tsunami of change.  Suddenly, all these traditional discipline measure were scrapped and thrown out.  They were abandoned on the basis that they did not work—and what have they introduced in their place? The vain, empty, shallow theories of pop psychology and social science have drowned society in a muddy flood of moral and societal decay worldwide. These dastardly societal changes have greatly affected the moral tone of things in the West and fostered shocking decline in American society. Oh like a nasty raincloud in the sky, the old way of life was brashly washed away. All the old rules of classroom discipline changed and vanished almost overnight! Psychology’s smart boys, under the guise of protecting children from the ravages of corporeal punishment and child abuse, introduced a brawling wash of antichristian ideals and models; which never did, and will never, work. The phony Arcanum of psychology and naturalism were touted as priceless panaceas and utopian ideals; not only to school discipline, but also to all societal problems as a whole. Now, these same ideas were tried before in Europe during the Enlightenment period with catastrophic consequences, as was reflected in a frenzied spate of nasty, sanguinary revolutions that almost ended life on this planet. And oh, my God; what a massive lie and hulking weight of deception which they have tossed at society! The advocates of the secular religions of modern science and this type of secularism kicked out Bible reading under the pretext that it offended too many parents. They replaced the Christian worldview and prayer with psychology, tolerance, moral relativism, and political correctness.

Society’s Switch to False Religion and Pop Psychology
What have been the results of these starkly dishonest shifts? Well, anyone opening his own eyes and thinking with his own mind should not have any problems recognizing the dire consequences of these rank dishonest epistemological shifts and the baneful societal catastrophe that they have spawned. The logarithmic rise of gang violence; the abolition of truth, morality, shame, and disgrace; the Senectitude and rusting of the American political machine; the sharp rise of dysfunctional homes, schools, and churches; the ongoing rash of school shootings; the frightening epidemic of teenage pregnancy; the dramatic rise of suicide; the shocking ghost of bankruptcy in major metropolitan centers in America; and the widespread pauperization of American society as a whole are just the tip of the iceberg. The shuddering decline of American society has been almost benumbing. Modern science and pop psychology have made a fool out of American society and Western civilization as a whole. University-trained technocrats, drunk with the booze of pride and folly, have lost their way in the dark parlor of witchcraft and ancient pagan religions. These same people who worship the god of evil deny the one and true God of the heavens. The massive fraud of pop psychology, paganism, witchcraft, and devil worship has taken America by storm and is choking the very life out of her. Since the switch from Christianity to secular humanism and paganism, American society has steadily declined, and the prison population has quintupled. In the light of these stark meteoric and mammoth societal changes, classroom discipline at the public school level has been turned into a mere joke. With no discipline and control of their classrooms, teachers have lost the battle for the soul of their students and tomorrow’s jailbirds and victims of suicide and homelessness.  School graduation classes bristle with students who cannot read. These poor, pathetic human beings; unready for society, life, and the future; can hardly recognize their own names even if they were written on a five hundred million dollar sweepstake ticket. And what are these lost young people, deprived sof the ability to read, doing today? They are dropping out of public schools—seven thousand a day, to be exact, fall away from from high school! And as the rust of societal decline in America grows, they are also filling up federal penitentiaries and local prisons to donate their useless lives to America’s giant corporations and conglomerates that pay them twenty-five cents per hour for hard, back-breaking labor for the entirety of their time in prison. These young people who morph into societal misfits, professional criminals, and jailbirds are joining violent gangs that smash their communities to pieces: They are having babies out of wedlock, resulting in a teen pregnancy epidemic that is overwhelming America’s public welfare system. Finally, these ill-starred human beings are committing suicide: The rate of suicide for the cohort between sixteen and twenty-four years of age in America exhibits one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Every fourteen seconds, someone between sixteen and twenty-four years old is taking his own life in America: It reflects the surreal decline of American society since the introduction of the false religions of pop psychology, modern science, witchcraft, and ancient pagan practices; which have literally supplanted God himself. Ultimately, the lie that young people would learn to read when they are ready, the new pop psychology, and contemporary Western paganism have swept American society away in a swift flashflood of ruin. The grease of folly and hebetude has kept the engine of ruin and retrogression running at top speed in American society and the West, as a whole.

Anyone who has observed the destructive machinery of societal change in the West, and in particular, the dramatic decline of American society since the 1960’s, knows exactly what has happened—Western societies have abandoned the sane and sober teachings of the Holy Bible. Western technocrats have lambasted and mocked the Bible, ridiculing it in every imaginable way and pushing tolerance, political correctness, witchcraft, devil worship, homosexuality, gay marriage, and a host of antichristian agendas. In the process, society has progressively waxed worse and worse, deteriorating to virtually utter disarray and anarchy. Western technocratic scientists have pushed this dangerous antichristian societal experiment over the past seventy of so years: It has failed and blown up in their faces. One would think that they would wake up and smell the
coffee, but they have not done, and would not, do so in the face of breathtaking and frightening societal decline in America and the West, as a whole. Far from abandoning this cruel antichristian experiment, effort has been intensified to marginalize the Christians and Christianity, and to keep them isolated; denying them good professional jobs and firing them at the drop of a hat. In the light of the fact that the hub of human civilization lies smack in the West, the rest of the world has tagged along with the Western world’s mendacious ideological thought stream; placing them in the same boat of utter ruin. Judging from the way things are shaping up in the world right now, human civilization is rapidly passing away; and things like illiteracy, teen pregnancy, gang violence, and suicide are merely control measures that are used by the devilish ruling elite and its guileful machinery of secrecy and odious machinations in the West. My advice to young people is to draw on their natural intelligence and develop their own skills and talents to the highest





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