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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

Moulton A . Mayers Is the Natural Order to Things Falling Apart Right before Your Eyes

The world is crying; the rocks are renting; the storms are weeping; the fishes are going berserk and roaming ashore; and nature is trying to wash the whole world away. Rain is falling in destructive cataracts, rearranging whole regions and thousands dead. Oh how wonderful it is to hear good news—news that warms the heart and uplifts the spirit; but as society’s masses play deaf and act as if everything is just the way they have always been, a whole lot of people are going to lose their orientation just like the thousands of halibut fish that mysterious died after some serious fracking nearby. I want to understand the incredible resilience of the human spirit in a world that, for all practical purposes, is systematically being unraveled right before the eyes of seemingly super-resilient human beings who seem to look the other way. I guess from a Darwinian perspective, only the most buoyant and robust folks would be able to hang on; but in the light of the burgeoning growth of unexplainable surprises on the earth today, one wonders how much longer resilience can be considered a virtue.

Moulton A . Mayers 

After all has been said and done, Is the world simply falling apart right before the eyes of the omniscient United Nations and its galaxy of academic stars and societal engineers? Is the human race in serious, serious trouble; or is this just another silly conspiracy theory. I wander why is it so hard to define what is true today? It never used to be like that: In the past, it seems to me as if people were more objective and factually conscious–they looked at reality as it was and endeavored to treat the problems at hand. Today, the world seems to have become so muddy; just about everything has to be done under the table amidst flashing flames of intrigue and kickbacks. And forasmuch as so much is done under the table today, no one seems able to stand the truth anymore. Unfortunately, when everything is done beneath the table, it muddies up life unnecessarily and things like seventy thousand halibut fish mysteriously appearing on a beach dead become much more difficult to handle. But whatever the case may be, when nature is having such a dramatic bout of nausea, one wonders how much longer can we continue to work under the table, receive unjustified kickbacks, fool ourselves, and merely continue to kick the can further and further down the road.

Now, if it were just a matter of seventy thousand halibut fish losing their way and dying on the shore; it would not have been so bad, but when the earth itself is beginning to open up and shallow communities whole: Houses that were there are mysteriously swallowed whole by what geophysicists call sinkholes, we are dealing with a problem that cannot be ignored any more: We are dealing with a can that has been kicked to the wall–there simply is no more space to which to kick this can any further. I mean; I can understand the need for virile human beings with incredible resilience and buoyancy: We all need strong human beings, especially in times like these when the ever-increasing strangeness of the world just does not make sense anymore. As one takes a good hard look at the world today and sees the plain unraveling of things–one sees the unmistakable denouement of things, it makes you wonder, “who is trying to fools who?”

Isn’t it time that the world’s lupine, Machiavellian politicians and world societal engineers come clean, tell us the truth, and look at things just as they appear before their eyes? Why all these mindless mind games with the world’s masses? Isn’t it time that real questions be asked about things and genuine, conscientious answers be expected? Is this a situation where, when the sea open its mouth and vomits its contents on the shore, only the rich would be able to afford sea food in the future? And as a tremendous amount of calcium is dumped into the ocean as a result of global warming and more and more marine life is systematically ruined, are only the world’s billionaires going to be the only ones would be able to afford sea food? As global warming continues to cause the oceans’ water molecules to sell and sea level to rise, are only the world’s billionaires going to be able to afford real estate on the earth? What is going to happen to all the rest of us? What will we eat and where will we live?

As the world’s oceans continue on their merciless march landward due to wanton global warming caused by developed industrialized countries; there is going to be a great dearth of habitable real estate on the earth. And you know how it goes: Everything is reduced to supply and demand. In the regular scheme of things, who would be able to compete with the world’s billionaires who already own ninety-six percent of this world anyway ? In the light of all these stark and stubborn facts, one wonders how much longer does one have to wait before the world’s masses’ resilience begins to snap. Folks, it is high time that world society wake up and smell the coffee and begin to ask some hard, point blank, answer-driven questions. The dramatic showroom of change in the world today is no joke, and the consequences looming over the human race are dire and catastrophic. I understand the world has thousands–if not millions of brainiacs and think tank–I know that. These people are brilliant: They have several dozen Ph.D.’s; but unless urgent shifts occur immediately in global societal architects’ thinking, the world’s masses are in for a rude awakening, to say the least.

And by the time that unfolds–well–Mount Everest may very well be located beneath the waves.

We are cavalierly told that the world is merely undergoing a huge evolutionary leap: it has undergone many of these before; there is nothing of which to be afraid. In the least, this spin on what seems to be the crash site of the human race is warmly greeted by the world’s resilient masses. Women being brutally raped, disgraced, and killed are routine evening news; rampant and frequent shooting sprees in the workplace, at the university level, and in the public school setting; politicians’ venal under the table kickbacks with no shame whatsoever; pedophilic priests’ brazen abuse of little children stuffed in overcrowded closet of church cover-ups, and host of other flagitious, dastardly societal shockers all remind us that we may very well be dealing with something much more serious than a mere evolutionary leap. Folks, the world’s masses can continue to dig their heads in the sand and pretend as if all the world needs are virile, strong, and resilient people to withstand the shocks that nature is throwing at the world today; but as it turn out, from the looks of the total picture, the world may very well need more than mere pluck and courage in the face of a seemingly doomful wreck just around the bend of another wrong human turn.

Now is the time to wake up, smell the real coffee, and try to fix things while nature holds her wrath. In the book “Crashing Streams of Change” (available at, human society is addressed in undisguised frankness and honesty, and the nature of the lies that are cavalierly thrown around today like bags of onions are undraped and put into their proper perspective to help readers to see that the world in which they live is different from the one which they think they know so well. The world which they know so well is replete with cover-ups, deceitful scam artists, brainwashing machines, and mind manipulation technicians. “Crashing Streams of Changes; in a very matter of fact, no nonsense portrayal of truth; bluntly explodes the rank falsehood and massive deception which have turned the world into a whirling fog of confusion. Its sharp, brilliant explanation of human society leaves no leaf unturned and denudes the real world in which you live. “Crashing Streams of Change”, a glorious burst of light and truth, is an honest look at human society today and what lies in store for mankind just up the street from here. This mind-changing, eye-opening book explains the other side of the ledger that has been long hidden from your view and would leave with much to think about for a very long time. Get this book; read it with an open mind: It would show you another side of the world that you never saw before and never ever thought possible.

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