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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

Is the World Ending? Is this Current Age Ending

If you, too, are wondering if the world is ending—if you are disturbed about many of the things that are happening in the world right now and are wondering if we are at the end of time, this article would clear things up for you and give you solid facts, proving that the most time mankind may have left is twenty years because, based on the current rate of destructive behavior in the world, this world is just not sustainable beyond twenty years.

Is the world coming to an end? This most provocative question is being asked more than ten million times per day by people around the world: People are, flat out, concerned and have grown increasingly antsy about the

world’s troubling conditions, and about the world’s troubling conditions and about the fact that they are getting worse every day.

And, indeed, they should be; the onrush of disturbing events in the world should irk and disturb anyone in his right mind. Today, a violent rash of troubles has appeared, from plain blue, like children playing the schoolyard.

The Bible Brought into Sharp Focus

The impetuous flood of natural disasters, the sudden rise of social and political uprisings, the scope of corrupt politicians, the rise of unfaithful sex partners and the Ashley Madison cheating machine tell the whole story.

The number of mothers having sex with their sons, the number of women choosing dogs as their partners, the escalation of violent crimes, and the raging of wars should disturb anyone in his right mind.

This is a world flooded with so many unsolvable crises, it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer flood of prophetic events that are suddenly overwhelming the world. They are frightening harbingers of things to come that do not bode well for the world and mankind’s place in it. It is obvious that the world, as we know it, is rapidly passing away, right before our eyes.

Bible Prophecy in All the News Stories

But more than two thousand years ago, Jesus issued this stark warning about what would come down the pipe of time at the end of the age. This is what the gospel, according St. Luke 21: 25-28, has to say about the matter:

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

27 And then shall they see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

What a Frightening Account!

Does this sound like the world around you today? What a jarring assessment of things that is; it reads like the evening news with its flood of chaos; and indeed, these frightening events are difficult to handle, in view of these final moments of this current age.

It is as if some mysterious, supernatural force and authority is holding the earth from being crushed to pieces; it is as if the whole world is hanging in the balances. The world has already been judged and condemned for rejecting Jesus; the execution date has already been set, and it is just a matter of time now.

The Apocalypse is fast approaching the world, and what a dire destructive stream of events that would be. The tension in the world now is that strange call of man to prepare for that destructive wave of catastrophes that would wreck the world of man. Sit tight and prepare yourselves for the bumpy ride that is coming in the world.

The West’s Trashing of God

America and the rest of the West have trashed God and Christianity; as a result, they are flooded with troubles and problems of all kinds—their rivers and lakes drying up. Their implacable droughts are causing desertification; large regions are consumed by drought.

Tens of millions of people go to sleep hungry in the United States every day, more than 1.2 million people struggle to put food on the table for their families. Eight hundred million people, around the world, go to sleep hungry every night.

The World’s Rapidly Approaching Nuclear Holocaust

With world politicians and leaders talking about nuking one another, one thing that is abundantly clear is that the nuclear threat is quite real; and it is a threat that can remove three to five billion people from the face of the earth almost in a flash.

According to Alex Wallenstein’s Nukemap estimates of a nuclear war with North Korea, South Korea, and the United States; it would kill millions of people within hours and hundreds of thousands in the ensuing weeks.

The Seoul Metropolitan Region

Seoul is a heavily populated area, with nearly 9.5 million people living there. detonating a nuclear weapon in the core of that city would be so frightening and catastrophic, the city could lose as many as nearly one million people.

Nuclear weapons are mass killing machines, and their use is looking increasingly likely as the world wanders away from the zone of safety. And the problems just seem to pile up as time goes by

The Lurking Climate Change Catastrophe

According to one reliable source, the annual death toll from climate change hovers somewhere around five million people; the cost of climate change, measured according to GDP, is eighty-seven trillion dollars.

Antarctica’s Massive Loss of Ice

Climate change, a doomful harbinger, is shockingly frightening: It melts vast ice caps and mountain glaciers, stripping mountains of their ice covering that eeds most of the world’s rivers.

According to an NPR news person, Merrit Kennedy, Antarctica has lost more than three trillion tons of ice since 1997; and it now only fifteen percent of Its summer minimum. All that fresh water has been dumped into the world’s oceans, causing sea level to rise markedly and drowning formerly dry ground.

Droughts and the Spread of Deserts

Drought and desertification, linked to climate change, have licked up virtually all or most of the water from many of world’s rivers and lakes, turning whole regions into deserts and increasing famine around the world. These desertized areas are abandoned, throwing farmers out of work and sapping their economic resources.

Storms of all Kinds

Violent F5 tornados, two hundred and three hundred miles an hour, grind whole communities to rubble and powder; leaving thousands homeless and dozens dead. Powerful tsunamis and storm surges, pushed by strong undersea earthquakes and destructive hurricanes and tropical cyclones, crush whole regions to shreds.

Storms’ Destructive Force

Multimillion-dollar homes, lying in these storms path, are churned like rice in a shredder and rendered worthless within a few or days hours. Rising sea level, covering formerly habitable homes, turn sizable human settlements into the sea.

Homes that Vanish in Sink Holes

Homes, built on seemingly solid foundations, mysteriously vanish just like that; sink holes open up and swallow them whole.

Wild Animals Wandering from their Estate into Human Domain

Red foxes, in London, go through great lengths to inhabit human dwellings; even moving into high-rise buildings, which is extremely unusual. Wild bears and boars in Japan, Paris, and Northern Italy; lions in Paris; and leopards in India are among some of the incidents of wild animal abandoning their estate and making their way into human settlements. The air is charged with change, alerting wild animals that something is about to happen; and it is as if they’ve lost their bearing

Wars Break out from the Blue

Wars appear from nowhere and turn whole cities into heaps of trash and beautiful buildings into war zones. Millions of people who formerly lived peaceful happy lives suddenly themselves running like rats that have lost their way, their homes pot-marked with gun powder. Charming neighborhoods turn into plain trash.

Corrupt Government Officials

Corrupt government officials, doing business in the dark, refuse to prosecute heinous crimes in large liberal cities. Charming palatial homes, next to swirling oceans, are pushed by category five hurricanes. They are wrecked and ransacked by violent storms and criminals who appear from the blue. Utterly unafraid of the police, they invade premises not belonging to them: Only the grace of God can save you in a world like this.

Shantytowns in Urban Centers

In a corrupt, economically unjust world; billions are left behind and homeless in the economic rat race. One of the most telling aspects of moral and societal decay is the burgeoning growth of shantytowns, smack in the core of major cities.

One of the most colorful and frightening sights in most American cities today is the disturbing presence of shockingly ugly shantytowns, right next to gleaming skyscrapers: As you stand there and look on, you can’t help but tremble in your shoes; wandering if you are dreaming this or not.

Moral and Societal Breakdown

The flourishing of liberal democracies has favored a more morally relaxed environment where students are allowed to be much looser in school and much less respectful in class than before; this means that more blunt disrespect is allowed; as a result, school has taken on a different meaning.

As students become more and more familiar and looser and looser with their teachers, school has become increasingly less so as teachers and students mingle as friends. This has led to a marked decline in test scores and an ever-increasing uptick in the number of teacher-students sex scandals and female teachers and students getting pregnant. This is an epidemic now.

Shocking Increase in Female Teacher Sex Scandals

As society waxes looser and looser, more and more women teachers are engaging their male students sexually; and the number of these cases have skyrocketed recently.

More than 2 million students in the United States engage in sexual activity with teachers per year, and that number is steadily climbing. In addition, similar figures on sexual misconduct are reflected both at the community college and university level.

For example, it is not uncommon to hear of college professors swapping sex for grade; this undermines the integrity of a college education, and this is much more widespread than most people would imagine.

The Collapse of Human Society

What does all of this mean? It means that all the controls and standards by which civilized society used to be run and held accountable are suddenly washed away and no longer have any meaning. This means that society has waxed increasingly unsafe and untrustworthy.

In the past, a college education used to serve as the leading guide and measure of people’s intelligence and suitability for certain employment openings: Now, with professors according A’s to students who deliver sex to them, that standard has been swept away. It’s no longer applicable.

Is the World Ending?

Well, it certainly seems that way because human society cannot function effectively without reliable and dependable rules, standards, and morals; the whole idea of university education is to create some reliable criteria by which people’s worth and intelligence can be measured.

Thus, possession of a Master’s degree used to indicate that a certain level of mental and intellectual development had been inculcated and had; however, now, with professors swapping that measure for sex, the whole ball game has been thrown into disarray.

What it means is that you have a world without any reliable standard, where nothing means anything, anymore, at all; thus, the world is consumed with lawlessness, a streaming and conspicuous feature of moral decay.

Lawlessness, Everywhere: It’s the New Norm

With the tossing away of Christianity and sound, traditional morality; the world has been turned on its head, and nothing works like it used to in the past. Now, this may be kinky and pert for now; however, it won’t be viewed that way for long, for no society can function effectively without strictly enforced rules—and this is that to which the world has evolved.

What we see today, with the Biden Administration increasingly refusing to prosecute misdemeanors and even serious crimes, is the fact the society is being turned on its head by progressively accepting lawlessness as a standard. This means that human society is clearly on its way out.

Anarchy’s Day has Come

And the response has been swift; seasoned, hard-core criminals have pounced upon what they see as their golden opportunity to commit all kinds of crime and flat out get away with them. What does all this mean? It means that society is increasingly bowing to wrongdoing and plain evil practices as an integral part of their political platform and public policy.

The liberal democracies that rule the world today are starkly against the Christian message of love and morality; they are soft on crime and seasoned criminals; and if these phony governments and political platforms are not stopped, I give this world ten years, the most, before it unravels.

Government Refusing to Prosecute Criminals

The whole idea of not disciplining children in school, allowing them to play house with their female teachers instead, is a sad day for justice. The notion of not prosecuting the criminals that ill-disciplined students become later on is a glaring recipe for societal chaos, disaster, and the end of the world.

What we are looking at is man’s failure to go on in the context of order and rule of law; there has even been talk of disbanding the police in favor of using

community counselors and advisers to treat law and order issues. In the light of how terrible things are now, it is not hard to see where society is going.

We are Looking at the End of the World

For centuries, man has mused about the end of the world; mysteriously enough, when we look at the whole swarm of problems in the world today, what we are looking at right now is unmistakably the end of the world.

Never in history has the world been so messed up; certainly, Dark-Age society could have made this claim when Rome, the anchor of the known world then, fell. Twentieth-Century society, with its string of troubles, could have made this claim; but now is different: What we are looking at is not two separate centuries, but rather, a broad historical pattern of a progressively anarchical, disaster-driven world that is falling apart in every possible way.

Frightening, Real-world Threats

The whole world has been discovered and has come together as one world society; and it is riddled with clearly unsolvable problems and dangerous threats that can destroy the entire planet. Not only are the threats there and real, but credible human instruments are also on hand to both execute and realize these damnable threats.

In addition to all of these highly possible and believable horrific outcomes, the world bristles with mentally unstable people and psychopaths who would not flinch to detonate mass-destruction nuclear weapons upon a lost, crazy world. However you look at it; what you are looking at is the end of this current age of darkness and guile.

How much Longer Can this World Go on?

In the light of the plain facts on the ground and the clear current trajectory of things, it would be very surprising if this present age will be able to lumber along for more than ten to twenty years from now—and this is being as liberal as possible because what used to take a hundred years are now taking five minutes: Things are changing that fast.

Given the fact that things are changing much more rapidly than before and what used to take one hundred years are now only taking a few minutes to

a couple days, the dramatic degradation of world conditions tells the whole story and hints at what lies just around the corner—and it is not good.

The Bible Prophecy Factor

In this regard, the world should end in less than twenty years; moreover, when Bible Prophecy is brought into the picture; world conditions become even bleaker and starker, causing the world to end within the ten to fifteen years. I just don’t see it going on beyond that because all the wires are crossed, and the temples of truth have crumbled. What is evident is that society cannot go on for long the way things are functioning now; world leaders are fooling themselves.

Even though the Bible predicts dramatic knowledge increase, and knowledge is doubling every twelve months, the rate of conflict in the world is also growing exponentially as well, a factor that could rapidly send the world in a tail spin. With more than fifteen thousand nuclear warheads on hand and twenty-seven conflicts in the world right now, it is not hard to see that the world is spinning out of control and what would happen in a major military confrontation.

The end of the World within the Next Fifteen to Twenty Years?

I strongly doubt that human society will be able to go on beyond the next fifteen or twenty years. Just looking at what it was yesterday and what it is today, all the facts about the future is clearly there for everyone to see.

And where does the United States stand in all of this? Given the level of lawlessness that is currently extent in the United States, it is highly unlikely that it will continue to function as an integrated, legitimate society for long; it is simply too fragmented and polarized to go on as a unified society, as is most of the rest of the world.

The Writings on the Wall for the United States and the World

Virtually everywhere you look, the writings are on the wall in the United States—and they are there both inside and outside the country.

But the United States is not the only place where this internal moral disarray is happening: Russia and China are also quite divided morally and politically, and can implode internally as societies, causing the world order to shift.

China’s Achilles Heel

When viewed and analyzed from the outside, China looks virtually impregnable; it has a strong economy and a world-class military that may be invincible; however, China is a society where morality has been rapidly breaking down.

Most marriages in China today do not last longer than three years; in fact, the government has had to impose a cooling-off period on divorce filings as so many couples were filing for divorce. No society can continue functioning as a cohesive, integrated body, operating like that.

Liberalism is Rife in China

Most Chinese women are liberal and prefer a Western lifestyle; they opt for sex before marriage and love Western movies. In fact, many Chinese women frown upon the prohibition of sex before marriage—which used to be the norm; that tradition has rapidly broken down, loosening things up and devaluing marriage itself.

With more sex being done outside of marriage and more women getting pregnant, the incidence of abortion has grown very quickly; and this is hindering the restoration of the demographic stock, especially in view of China’s rapidly aging population. Thus, the sharp rise of abortion in China has impeded its population growth and checked the society’s overall strength as a solidly integrated and consolidated society.

The Dramatic Rise of Prostitution

Since the advent of the Great Recession, moral concerns have declined quite rapidly worldwide; and this has been particularly noticeable in China and Russia, in that more and more women have embraced prostitution.

Because living high on the hog is quite a treasured Chinese value and goal, prostitution has grown very rapidly in China; and it is not uncommon for university students to rent themselves out to men for the evening or weekend. In fact, prostitutes are viewed as having a higher status than poor people, for it is more favorable to be a prostitute than to be poor in China.

Prostitution in Russia

The situation in Russia is no different, and many university students and professional women routinely work as prostitutes as well—some have even given up their positions to work full time as prostitutes.

One oncology specialist, working off the street and calling the shots with her Johns, claim that she was making over US $800.00 dollars per night. She claimed that her prostitute job was paying her more than her oncology position at a major hospital there in Moscow.

The Dramatic Rise of Moral Chaos in the World

In the light of this surging moral chaos, as is reflected in prostitution’s shocking rise and the attendant logarithmic rise of deadly sexually transmitted diseases, it is quite unlikely that the world would hold its ground.

No society can function effectively without morality, and that is the path the world has adopted: Morality has been cavalierly devalued, and every society that has done this in the past has vanished from view within a short period.

What we are looking at is the end of human civilization within our own lifetime, and fifteen to twenty years is as far as it would seem to go.

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