Homeschooling: Protecting your Children from the Moral Storm


In the world today, one cannot afford to play blind man’s buff with his children’s moral character and future; there is simply too much at stake. In a world where children are socialized with the understanding that same-relationships are normal and that gay marriage is the wave of the future, you have to protect your children from the fierce ravages of amorality and atheistic scientific thinking out there. These morally asleep folks are libertine and rapacious: They are after your children, and They are like dangerous sharks scouring the waters for prey–your children. Each young mind they soil, pollute, and poison with the dangerous slime of their licentious liberal worldview is a new gleaming trophy in their picturesque display case of their game plan The moral and spiritual dangers of messing around with your children in these salacious, unethical pig pens called public schools today are too numerous to be defined and counted here.

The entire atmosphere and ethos of public life today is extremely unclean and dangerous, from a moral point of view. We are living in an age where shame and disgrace are dirty words–they have been abolished. In this unbuttoned hedonic world, nothing is right or wrong anymore; and your children’s character and future are fair game. With the abolition of disgrace, if you become lax with your children’s future and allow them to be smeared by the slime, sleaze, and grime in public life today; they will bring home a whole lot more than you had in mind. Yes, they will bring home what used to be disgrace but no longer; and when you reject their same-sex lover, they will wonder if something is wrong with you!  They will be quite insensed about your rejection of their marvelous fiancée. Folks, the hour is late and dark: Be careful with your children’s lives and future. There is a roaring, tempestuous storm that is raging in society today for the souls of your children; and after all, just about everybody else is doing it—to they say.  Society has run out of space and tolerance for traditional Christian morality and those who advocate what most societal managers view as old, archaic, relict ideas that no longer carry any weight. What a day in which we live: Sane, sober families virtually have no place to shelter their children from society’s furious moral storm.

Children are the purest and most immaculate reflection of their parents: They act like them; they dance like them; they walk and talk like them—they even follow their footsteps in career matters. Your children are really you. Unfortunately, the societal corruption has been so far-reaching that very few homes today have been able to escape its fecal moral stains. The wreckage of traditional morality is so thorough and stark, one has to virtually live on the moon not to notice that society has become a moral wasteland. The ethical trash is everywhere—on TV, on radio talk shows, in the newspapers, in magazines, at the supermarket rack, and even in what used to be courtly, urbane, well-mannered churches. It is not difficult to find pastors today with one wife and in excess of half a dozen mistresses. The tone of morality has radically changed: Today, folks’ tolerance for the inappropriate grows by the minute. The most difficult aspect of riding out this kind of storm is your innocent children trapped in the pungent smoke of all this moral fog.

It is not uncommon to find sexually active teenagers—boys and girls with mouths as fetid as a toilet—who are flatly running the show at home. A wash of government ordinances ordering parents how to raise their own children are overseen by hard-nosed police officers and Children’s Services who will remove your child from your home in a flash if you cross the line and try to discipline them by spanking them. It is rather intriguing to note that the same police officers who shoot your unarmed children, not resisting arrest, are the very ones who would come to your home and incarcerate you if you endeavor to discipline your own children, whom they will shoot at the drop of a hat  if they get out of hand later. The strange, picturesque tent of society today is a very interesting architectural design. Why supposedly sane human beings sit by and allow these crazy laws to run rough shots over them is anybody’s guess. It is in the light of all these obscure, unreasonable constraints that parents must raise and homeschool their children. From the looks of things, pretty soon; new laws will appear that essentially say that homeschooling is ruinous to children’s healthy socialization.

The corrupt societal architects running things today desire the souls of your children and would invent any kind of law that they feel would achieve that end. Homeschoolers, you are the real heroes in society: You have undertaken a mammoth task to educate your children according to the dictates and wishes of your own conscience. I salute and applaud your valiant, valorous spirit of confrontation against the strident noises and moiling darkness whirling and swirling in society today. Whatever you do, keep a good attorney handy to counter any opposition against your noble, august resolve to influence your children, your future, and your destiny is a positive way.

It is true and quite understandable that homeschooling does not automatically shield already misguided children from the ravages of moral and societal decay—this has always been the case. There are uncounted numbers of children who were raised in high-class Christian homes and, much to the chagrin of their parents, have gone by the wayside. That ongoing war in the human heart is internecine and unceasing; the number of enticements and seductions in the world has grown logarithmically since baby boomers and even younger folks were children. The moral dynamic and landscape in which to raise children today have changed. The seductive darling baits dangled before the alluring, inquisitive eyes of children today have not only mushroomed over the past twenty or so years, they are also waxed more poignant and attractive. The in-your-face pornography is stashed just about everywhere today.

In the past, it used be that one had to purposely go searching for this kind of moral sleaze: That is no longer the case—the architects of society’s destruction have placed these dangerous unscrewed bolts just about everywhere you go today. In the wake of all this tsunami of moral indecency, children seem to be losing their innocence earlier and earlier today.  You look at young people—seven and up—and many look like grown folks.  You can tell that many of them live in a war zone. That bright, sparking innocent smile has completely faded; and that hard, rusty look of precocious adulthood is unmistakably splattered on their cheeks. Little children in the fourth grade routinely tell teachers to “F” themselves and discuss hard-core oral sex. You stand there stunned and wonder if you are having bad dream; but alas, you are not: This is the new score of twenty-first century reality—and it is frightening.

So much has become normal today, it makes one wonder what in the world is not normal! The normalization of the abnormal is the signature and iconic hallmark of a contemporary society that no longer regards anything as disgraceful. The surrealism surrounding the abolition of shame and disgrace is the most poignant and unnerving aspect of life today. I mean, things happen—and sometimes, they can happen to the best of us.  In the past, when shocking evil got the better part of someone; a heartfelt sense of being sorry was normal and manifestly expressed: What is particularly disturbing about life today is the cavalier absence of remorse over gross missteps and grotesque human behavior.  The sense that there isn’t anything wrong or so shocking about having sex with your daughter or cursing your mother is new—very new and a dangerous omen in a world where nothing is right or wrong anymore.

In this regard, allowing one’s children to attend public school is simply playing Russian Roulette with your family because; in these cavy moral darkrooms; boundaries are hazy, and in most cases, almost not even there. Naturally, this is the ideal environment in which children want to be raised. Children spontaneously reject structure and order: They loathe discipline and having anyone telling them what to do; after all, they are children—what do you expect. And this is the exact reason that children are made with parents who ought to tend and prune their branches before they begin to become unbendable.

And that is what happens to little children who are not chided and disciplined and pruned. A wholesome, safe path has to be etched for them by their parents; unfortunately, when parents are flatly told that they cannot discipline their children according to the way they see fit; the scepter of control and authority over their children in the home is lost. It is in this regard that I believe that societal managers need to allow parents—especially Christian parents—to raise their own children and get to heck out of family life. Society appoints government officials—and not the other way around. There are many broken hearts out there today—and they are there because of these nonsensical government interferences into family life. While I do not subscribe to the view that spanking children is a panacea and would solve all child-raising problems, I believe that the Bible knows more about raising children than puny atheistic government systems’ senseless power grab, divesting parents of their unforfeitable right to raise their own children.

Against this backdrop of a frank look at society’s moral state, the deplorable condition of family life, and the disgusting conditions within the prison system today; parents do need to homeschool their children and to educate themselves about the obscure, crabbed, and wavy conditions in society today. Parents need to know why things are darkening morally so rapidly and how the world really works, as opposed to conventional beliefs about how it works  If you appreciate the quality content and advice given here and the stern warning that this terse article delivers to parents, you will even more relish the contents in a book new book, “Crashing Streams of Change”, now available at  This straight-talking mouthpiece provides a very insightful perspective about life today and why the moral societal decline observed has been so steep. Its keen acuity and matter of fact perspective is a plain understanding of how the world really works. Get a few copies and share with your homeschooling and other friends: This book will leave you breathless and with a lot to think about for a very long time!



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