Government Mismanagement of Society


 Night is falling; the storm is upon us: The coming Night is here. Polarization, the pendulum of woe and ruin, throws everything in the balances—our freedom, brainwashing by our politicians, our diminishing middle class, our rapidly vanishing way of life, and our stark pauperization. The shockingly ugly fight between the Left and Right is a strange civil war that is yet to unfold. A crushing American Civil War looms not far behind the bend of things. Those who unceremoniously shove their unholy religious beliefs, flawed values, and lifestyles down other people’s throats will one day plunge this nation into a brutal, costly civil war. Rank false lifestyles and religious beliefs are wantonly pushed down everyone’s throat like the Caster oil of old. Who do you trust—American Politicians? They represent the wrong side of things: They are the strange philosophes and encyclopedists of the Enlightenment Age: New faces, new times—same games. Folks, they are here; and they are here to smash society in pieces. They are the spinning wheels of doom and darkness. They shake up the American masses and spin them around like ice in a glass of wine. Folks, be not deceived by their smooth spokesmen and dashing speeches: These guileful sociopolitical engineers have turned American society into an eerie ticking time bomb

 They’ve cast your homes and jobs into the churning, boiling, sea of ruin; they are the very wrecking crew from hell itself. Put not your trust in the charming, empty charade of contemporary American politics; you’ve already been bruised and badly wounded by crushing disappointment, massive loss of wealth, frightening pauperization, stark inaccessibility to higher learning, and faded meaning and morals that are directly attributed to American politicians  amoral conduct. Trust not the optical illusion of Democrats and Republicans: They are a fading cloud and a lying wonder: They failed you yesterday; they fail today—they will fail you tomorrow, too! American society is quickly being washed away in the squealing wind of fraud; lies; and serpentine, deceitful con men.

 They’ve built the wooden Horse of Troy; they’ve dragged it into the Sprawling City of America. Oh they’ve poisoned America’s soul and tossed her children into the turbulent sea of lawlessness, licentiousness, sorcery, poverty, and doom.

 Put not your trust in American politics and its venal societal engineers; put not your trust in their false, pagan religion of sorcery; guile; political machinations; and brutal, Machiavellian mind games. Make no mistake about it: they are not your friends.

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