Finding Love in a Dark, Amoral World


As the world waxes stranger and stranger, it has become increasingly difficult to call a spade a spade: things no longer go by their real names, and saying what is true has become increasingly unsettling, unpopular, and jeopardous. Truth is sidelined and marginalized as the world becomes muddier and muddier. Strange, stark, and disturbing societal change is everywhere: Moral irrelevance and decadence have turned people into heartless wild beasts; rendering finding love a gut-wrenching, dangerous, surreal, and Herculean task today. Saying what things truly are has become more and more unpopular as mankind wanders further and further from standard truth. Amorality has not only blurred and confused the line of right and wrong; it has utterly eliminated it.

The Fading Star of Truth

The fact that truth no longer holds its former position of irrefragability and essential reality has rendered the world a very dusky, edgy, unsettling, and confusing place. Under the plain sham and umbrage of tolerance and broad new evolutionary trends in society, embraced by contemporary erudites; scores of new euphemistic terms are being coined for obvious, in your face evil human behavior. Truth no longer wields hegemony in the dark, nascent world culture of today; and irrational personal opinions are systematically passed off as unchangeable truth and sacrosanct scientific law: Guile and falsehood now reign supreme in the world; but paradoxically, few seem to notice the bizarre change. With this brash proliferation of sheer nonsense in the world, things no longer have the same meaning; and meaning, the absolutely necessary anchor of human existence, has sadly wilted along truth.

Love Lost in the Smoke of Meaninglessness

One of the things that have been very adversely affected by this novel, picturesque trend in contemporary world society is “love”.  Interestingly enough, many—not all—of these new names that have been given to age-old human problems are still defined the same way; thus love, still defined in its traditional context, but now tied to entirely different roles, has turned human society into fog.  The upshot of all this rank moral upheaval is that world society has become an increasingly meaningless sociopolitical institution, leaving millions more and more confused than ever before. And forasmuch as morality is no longer relevant to the normal and proper functioning of human society in technocrats’ eyes, lawlessness and mayhem have sparked one crisis after another; thus, in this context of such senseless, rampant change overload; finding love, as it was defined in the past, has waxed ever spinier and spinier.

Nature’s displeasure with Man’s Changing of Things’ Natural Order

Unfortunately, these new designations that put a fresh spin on old problems have deeply disturbed and confused the natural order of things; and perhaps, nature itself has not been pleased with all this brash, rugged, promethean redefinition of things in the world—and it has certainly made its distemperment with all these discordant changes known and clear to man. The level of natural disasters and human distress in the world today has simply gone off the chart. The earth, responding to all this utter nonsense among academicians and new world society people, has been vomiting load after load of water and violent storms worldwide.  Quite frequently as well, the earth has been opening up its mouth and swallowing whole communities.

Whole buildings, the size of a block, have been mysteriously disappearing from the face of the earth. Geologists and other geophysical scientists have expressed much concern about these bizarre geophysical phenomena. And of course, the loud cry here is: What in the world is going on! And you may be tempted to ask, “What do these seemingly unrelated things have to do with finding love in today’s contemporary world society? The connection is unmistakable: Man’s arbitrary changing of words’ meaning has upset the delicate balance of nature and engendered a topsy-turvy sociopolitical environment in the world, thus fostering an atmosphere of confusion, fear, and uncertainly among the world’s masses. The ensuing stream of crises and violent uprisings has muddled the mores and norms having to do with finding love in such a disturbing, volatile world.

Love in a Disconnected World

It is pathetic and unnerving that people today do not take time to make the critical connections between things. As it turns out, all things in nature are exquisitely interconnected; but human beings today behave as if nothing is connected; so they go ahead and change things, giving them all kinds of fancy names without realizing that there are consequences for such unnatural actions—and some of these consequences are quite dire and catastrophic. Thus, one looks around and realizes that the world is changing in scores of undesirable ways. In view of the dramatically changing perception of love, marriage, and family life in the world; it is behooveful to look more closely at the word “love” and define it in plain, simple English.

According to the Webster Dictionary, the term “love” is a multifaceted word with many synonyms. It refers to an intense feeling of deep affection, fondness, tenderness, and warmth.  Love also means intimacy, usually of a physical nature; attachment, and endearment. In strict traditional terms; there used to be a clear, crisp understanding of these notions: Today, all that has changed—and has changed quite drastically. In the past, there were four clearly defined forms of love that were historically acceptable by world society: First, there was the kind of love between parents and their children and among brothers and sisters; secondly, there was the kind of love among friends; thirdly, there was the fiery, romantic love between men and women; and fourthly, there was that selfless love between man and God, however he was defined.

The Sexual Revolution’s Lasting Societal Impact

Unfortunately, with the advent of the sexual revolution; the perversion of society through a variety of brash brainwashing modes; and the more recent nascent advent of gay marriage; virtually everything has been turned upside-down. Accordingly, things do not mean what they used to anymore; and this has rendered formerly ordinary, simple societal processes and transactions extremely complex and unnerving. The dramatic effects of these promethean societal changes have put society on edge and left millions uneasy and very uncomfortable; but whether one likes it or not, these uncanny sociocultural changes effected by the sexual revolution are here to stay. In the process, their damning effects are felt by everyone, whether he likes It or not. Of course the clear connections between these sharp, disturbing societal changes and rather strange behaviors in nature are not being made by the rugged framers of society today—and that is so for strategic reasons. No one wants to admit that he is wrong about things—and human beings can be very prideful and haughty supercilious, after all.

The Enlightenment Age’s Deleterious Effects

After the deleterious effects of the Enlightenment Period almost caused genocide among French people, no one apologized for the grand error of that devilish age’s crass policies in human society. Without batting an eye, the unscrupulous framers of Western society just kept right on pushing their atheistic views that engendered the French Revolution and a slew of other sanguinary societal upheavals around the world. These are the same pagan, atheistic societal framers running the world currently. What we find in the world today is a rugged dishonesty and falsehood to which no one would admit; accordingly, human problems have no solution and finding love has become ever more and more difficult, frustrating, and complicated. Yes, of course, today’s phony societal architects present their version of solving society’s problems; unfortunately though, it always tends to make the ones who are promulgating these prescriptive and seemingly new solutions to human problems richer. Ironically, most human problems today are intentionally created by people who know exactly what they are doing and what they want out of the very problems that they have created—they are unscrewing bolts so that things would not work smoothly, but they would never tell you, or admit to, that! Thus, all the advocates of the new love and emergent world society have been busy carving and creating a new kind of world culture without any moral restraints. They are the rugged advocates of amorality, perverted love, false religion, and abolition of Christianity.

The Nonsensicality of these Sentiments

Now, such sentences seem so bizarre; it almost seems as if the writer has lost his wits: Such crass use of nouns and adjectives appears so far-fetched, one has to carefully hold his breath to stay on this side of things. Certainly, these comments could not be true—are they! And the interjection could not have been more appropriate; unfortunately, there is no need for such interjections in a world that is fast unraveling. Even the most hard-nosed sociologists are beginning to scratch their heads and ask, “What in the world is going on?” It is as if some mysterious power has wrested control of the earth from man and is currently driving it smack into the ditch. Man’s unabashed disregard for natural laws and the natural order of things has thrown everything in the balances; and the soul of human civilization is hanging there, just waiting that ill-starred moment when everything will suddenly tilt and plunge into the dark abyss of human ruin. Understanding the seriousness of the human condition today, the oligarchic elite of superrich billionaires who run the show from behind the veil of silly puppets on a string called politicians have made it increasingly difficult to call things what they are. Western politicians have systematically begun stripping preachers of the right to call evil what it is: They have invented all kinds of names to soften the real impact of what amounts to the satanization of the whole world. Thus, they have quietly silenced Evangelical preachers and thrown the Bible out of view. As the color of the world darkens with man’s open embrace to that which is bluntly evil, human society will inevitably get darker and stranger by the day. From this point of view, all the old rules and traditions that were inherently tied to Christianity are unceremoniously being chucked into the sea of the past.

The Thorn of Finding Love in a decadent Amoral World

In the light of these new, disturbing and unnerving patterns rapidly unfolding in the world; understanding and finding love in this dark, eerie amoral world would inevitably wax more and more frustrating and complicated. As the tide of the old way of doing things slowly rolls away, things like monogamous man-woman relationships are going to become increasingly strange and out of place. And if that already seems to be the case; well, that is as good a pair eyes I have ever seen in my life. You are not queer or droll: You have already beheld the starkly surreal direction in which human society is heading. Well, one might ask; “How does one find love in a world like this where so many people have already redefined love as sexual relationship between any two living beings. A closer look at things reveals that animals are going to play an ever-increasingly important part in human sexuality in the not too distant future; and those who have been paying attention have already gotten the score that bestiality is the rapidly rising new fad among some of the more sophisticated people in the world.

Things’ Natural Order has not Changed.

Despite all these dramatic changes transpiring in human society, it is quite reassuring that what was normal has not changed—the normal, natural order of things will never change: Lies will never win that irrepressible war against the natural order of things. You see: Things were designed to work a certain way—and nothing in this world will ever be able to change that natural order that was put in motion from the beginning of the world’s creation. If you have been paying attention; you would have noticed that, with all the new erotic fads in the world, there has also been a flash flood of human worries in the world. Man’s perversion of the natural order of things has engendered a maddening rush of unresolvable problems and human suffering in the world. Few appear to have noticed these mean-spirited and savage disasters that are sweeping the earth today. As I have so deftly and elegantly stated on my Facebook page, the current stance of the Westerners has been a very interesting one. Most Westerners behave as if everything in the world is just fine and dandy: This quaint dismissive attitude among Western societal architects is quite an amusing one. For how long polished folks in the Western world can continue to fool themselves and act as if everything is all right is anybody’s guess.

Global Flood of Lawlessness Cause by Human Beings’ shallow Stance

In view of the fact that human beings are shallow and tend to think that whatever is popular is true, the rampant perversion of nature in the world today has gained massive momentum and has washed away billions into the deadly poisonous streams of sexual perversions and devil worship. The dashing popularity of perverted sex has swept away millions, even in formerly traditional societies like China; where Confucius has, for centuries, had a powerful influence: These giant formerly conservative societies have begun to sag under the Herculean weight of the homosexual revolution that is sweeping the whole world today. Parents; lost in the pungent, venenous smoke of squalorous Western morals; are up in arms about their children’s insane behavior. The shocking rise of pornography, the new gay lifestyle, and lawlessness in the China is too much for many Chinese parents, who feel utterly lost in what they see as the end of Chinese society unless some miraculous event brings the jarring surge of vileness and anarchy to an end in China; accordingly, millions are beginning to eye overseas locations for their residence. 

While this article is not specifically about China’s problems; it does, nonetheless, underscore the rampant spread of dirty Western ideas to formerly strictly traditional societies that once viewed these perversions as absolute “no no’s”. Things have changed so rapidly, even Chinese authorities have spotted the problem and realize that, unless drastic measures are taken immediately to halt these unwholesome moral behaviors; Chinese society will plunge over a very precipitous cliff of destruction. But politics can be tricky: China subscribes to the Western concept of a New World Order and may not be able to fend off the violent onrush of sex perversion within its borders. Things are changing so rapidly in China, anything imaginable is well within reach within just a few years there.

Dramatic Shift in attitudes towards Sexual Perversion

The stark reality is that the fundamental perception of love—especially sexual love—has changed; accordingly, physical intimacy is viewed along markedly different lines, and what used to raise eyebrows just a few years ago don’t even get a frown today. Shocking change in human perception about perverse sexual intimacy has triggered a global revolution that has transmogrified the whole world into quite another place. The change has been so dramatic and complete that the world today seems as if it has just appeared on a flying saucer. In that regard, everything has to be carefully stated today in order not to confuse people. Marriage today has lost its original meaning; in fact, many people have resolved not to marry anymore. The term is used so loosely today, it is gradually becoming an outmoded, fossilized notion that no longer has substantive cultural value and meaning. As society adjusts to, and adopts, a more tolerant and liberal view of human sexuality; more and more people would be washed away in the muddy gurgling foam of sex perversion. In a world where morality has been virtually abolished, the moral criterion of right and wrong has been removed and society is covered with a thick fog of confused things.

Normal Behavior’s Redefinition and Unhappiness’ Rise in the World

This unfortunate distraction of otherwise sane, moral societal behavior has rendered the notion of normal behavior extremely confused and virtually a relict concept. Now that morals are removed from the picture, right and wrong are essentially thrown out the window—there is no more basis by which to judge appropriate human behavior; accordingly, normalcy is whatever a person defines it to be. The destruction of the moral benchmark is a critical turning point in the cosmos of human society, and how world society’s engineers plan to resolved the innate conflict of living in an amoral world is anybody’s guess. Due to the rife redefinition of love, normalcy, and human sexuality; the morals surrounding them; and the level of confusion that this redefinition of things has spawned; the total amount of unhappiness in the world has increased exponentially. Per a new survey that was conducted in Japan recently, only thirty-four percent of women  and twenty-eight percent of men identified themselves as being happy: The rest of the country labors under the onerous weight of unemployment, marginalization, divorce, disaster-worn mentality, and chronically suicide-driven circumstances. In Greece, the suicide hotline works around the clock; and folks who work the switchboard have no time to even breathe a sigh of relief. The calls come in by the tens of thousands every day. In London, England, dozens of men take their lives every day: They are tired, storm-tossed, and weary of life and its devastating toll on their lives. Unemployment, divorce, drug addition, spousal abuse, and crime are all causes cited for the growing suicide crisis in London.

In Madrid, Spain, twenty per cent of the society actively engages in prostitution; and according to a trusted source in that city, it is easier to get a divorce there than to purchase a new shoe. The mind-boggling incidence of adultery and prostitution has spawned a surging tsunami of shockingly ugly divorce court proceedings.  The net effect of the unbridled growth of unnaturalness in the world is a frightening rise of unhappiness worldwide. One million people commit suicide every year! So in the light of all these troubling trends in the world, how do sincere, well-meaning people of a traditional persuasion find decent, enduring love relationships today? And what is the basis of such long-term, fruitful, and meaningful relationships? These and others are the questions that billions of people will be asking themselves in a world that has spun completely out of control.


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