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Contact me Hello, my name is Moulton Augustus Mayers; my sobriquet is Straws—you can call me Straws. I am the author of the book Crashing Streams of Change, The Rise of World Government. This scintillating, tantalizing thriller will tug on your heartstrings; ignite an inferno in your loins; teach you how to love your spouse; give you the secrets to a happy, lasting marriage; and unlock all of life’s arcane mysteries to you. This bold, fictional monograph; tinctured with poetry, is a book of pure wisdom and profound understanding.

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It will make you laugh, as if you were watching. The Nutty Professor movie, and cry as if you had lost everything. Its undisguised message of pure, plain truth is written to a universal audience that appreciates an exquisite blend of sizzling romance, spine-tingling adventure, unvarnished theological truth, and Babylonian display of wealth. The book squarely and straightforwardly confronts the rank fraud of evolution theory and its quaint role in the marginalization of western morals. It clearly points out the unanswerable association between naturalism and dark, occult religious systems that disport themselves as true allies of the human race. The book’s matter of fact, no-nonsense approach to unearthing the plain truth of how earthly life works and its hard-hitting, promethean treatment of established religion would leave you holding your breath and wishing it had not ended. Its sprawling, cosmopolitan settings reflect this author’s signature style of creating mystery and piquancy around the venues he has selected; it mirrors his flair for distant, exotic places and the mystery often associated with them. The book itself is a cosmorama of quaint, far-away places which conjure up an aura of their being just a stone’s throw away. But I must get back to talking more about Straws.

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