Change Overload and the Rapidly-Approaching Tomorrow

Change Overload and the Rapidly-Approaching Tomorrow

One of the most difficult aspects of reality today is the ability to find unanimity among people on just about any topic: People are flurried and befuddled by the massive change overload taking the world by storm; they are angry, confused, and in a rush to do whatever they are doing and go wherever they are going. The whole world has been transmogrified into one giant fluid neighborhood; bristling with perplexed, psychopathic people who have very little regard for moral decency, life’s sanctity, and human integrity. Although unanimity is quite difficult to find nowadays, the one matter about which absolute communal agreement can be had is the fact that the whole world is in a bedazzling tailspin that is turning its masses giddy. Unqualified agreement is everywhere on the observation that the world is in a prodigious mess that neither conservatives, moderates, nor liberals seem able to fix. Things are changing so rapidly that no one seems to have a clue about what in the world is going on. It is as if the world has plunged into an eclipse, sending its massive omniscient team of erudites and technocrats fluttering around looking for answers that they cannot find. The strange crepuscular cloud hanging over the earth’s future is a dark conundrum that mystifies virtually every man alive. One might ask, “What has caused this curious mystery that has befuddled and consternated the world’s brightest quantum algebraists and scientists?” Today, man is beset with a volley of problems that are neither going away nor are simple to solve. Some pundits contend that human society has reached a point of critical mass and may not be able to retrace its steps.

It is reasonable to ask, “What has engendered this crabbed, murky mass of problems in the world?” Although the answer is simple enough, it still leaves you wondering about many things that you just do not seem to understand. Human society has wandered far away from truth into the woods of impracticality: The strange eclipse hanging over the world’s future is caused by man’s cavalier and rapid abandonment of truth and love. Well, such simplistic explanations appear to virtually beg the question because they do not carry any academic authority. From a purely pragmatic point of view, in the absence of truth; life becomes clogged with falsehood and confusion—and this is exactly what has befallen contemporary society. People have become obsessed with change and quite cavalier and smug about false truth: The whole world is straining under the hulking, unwieldy burden of change overload. The notion of truth is not held in high esteem in this world; in fact, people who insist on, and emphasize, the sterling value of truth today are virtually ridiculed and caricatured as senile societal misfits that are no longer relevant to this contemporary age. Additionally, the notion of love is also incandescently ridiculed; especially if you are implying the love of an omniscient, omnipotent monotheistic government of the universe: The ridicule waxes even more sarcastic and mordant if you are referring to heterosexual love. Thus, what we are dealing with here is a rapid and dramatic shift in people’s ideological understanding of the world: Things that were well-established, standard understanding of reality have lost steam overnight; and unconventional, unorthodox belief systems have floated to the surface, assuming center stage in the world. This rampant unorthodoxy and amorality in the world have changed the moral character of human society; accordingly, things like compassion, love, truth, patience and a host of other conventionally revered concepts have rapidly lost merit and currency: They no longer carry the same meaning that they embodied in the past—everything has changed, and quite suddenly! The massive amount of change that has occurred has ripped the fabric of human existence, creating an unsustainable tear.

Globalism’s Change Overload and Detabooization
What is the name given to this burgeoning growth of unconventional fads in the world? The phenomenon is called globalism, which is reflected in two broad, novel streams of energy: (1) detabooization, the unceremonious removal and delisting of virtually all formerly conventionally agreed upon Western taboos; (2) change overload, the senseless stuffing of the world with an incredible barrage of changes of all kinds within a relatively short period of time. It is as if the world is in a huge hurry to get somewhere where it wasn’t before. Detached, objective onlookers viewing this eerily unfamiliar movie are shocked and overcome with disbelief and consternation. The rapid and dramatic manner in which the world is changing leads one to wonder, “What in the world is going on?” Human beings are merely being turned into puppets that are not allowed to think for themselves; they are simply being told what to do. In this regard, globalism has handed all of us a brand new kind of society where morality, truth, and love are irrelevant: People of starkly different religious beliefs are forced to live side by side by merely downplaying the sacred value of their religious beliefs; thus, what is under attack here is the whole idea of religion’s sacrosanctity at the expense of a massive resocialization program without any central theme of values and morals. In this regard, the change overload that globalism has engendered in our world is the very oil of the fast-running machine of tomorrow; in other words, a new kind of tomorrow is brashly being hammered out today, and it will be a tomorrow that will be eerily unfamiliar to today.

A New Kind of Tomorrow
One thing that is crystal clear here is that a new kind of world is being crystallized; where truth, morality, and love are marginalized and rendered irrelevant. Although this novel world system has not been fully formed as yet, it is not hard to see the tomorrow that is rapidly approaching the human race. The vacuum and chasm which these inviolate moral qualities’ removal has left are as wide as the universe itself and as brawling as a solar flare.  One thing that is certain and beyond doubt is this: If meaning and morality ever existed in the world, they are no longer around; they have all been bleached from the nasty, fetid fabric of life today. Virtually all the juice of sane, sober living has been wrung from the tarry, viscous, putrid sponge of the world today. All the strapping, unwieldy beams of society’s institutions of safety and soundness have been extirpated and tossed to the ground. These formerly stout, giant pillars of societal soberness, safety, and sanity now lie on the ground like dead men who have not been even given a proper burial. Marriage, family life, stable home environment, monotheistic Christianity, principle, law, truth, politics, integrity, and trustworthiness have all been washed away in a mysterious tsunami of lies and shenanigans. Suddenly, the whole world; trapped in this fiendish eclipse of senselessness, meaninglessness, and vanity; has been like paper wrapped into a whirling bundle and merely thrown into the trash. With World War III looming just about everywhere in the world today, the whole world now hangs in the balances and termination of all life on earth is seemingly not far away. Just a few days ago, King Abdullah bemoaned the fact that, with sixty-seven nations actively battle Isis, the Third World War is already here, but few have taken notice.

If the Atomic Clock is any reliable guide as to how much more time human civilization has left on the earth, the dawn of human society’s doom is at the very door; we are looking at it right now—just look around; the uncannily unfamiliar, fast-approaching tomorrow is staring the world down! Furthermore, if the sheer number of nuclear weapons in the world today and the frightening developments that are mushrooming daily are any harbinger of what is fast approaching; not much, if anything at all, will be left on the earth after World War III is over. With more than thirty-five hotspots smoldering on the earth today—and that number is growing by the day—it is not hard to see that a new kind of “tomorrow” is taking shape and fast-approaching our world. The absolutely frightening specter of slaughterous religions and barbaric terrorism spreading worldwide gives us a clear clue of the type of tomorrow that is being cooked up for the human race today. Looking at things objectively and in the light of political corruption’s mushrooming growth worldwide, it is logical to begin calculating how much more time man has left on the earth: The mathematics is simple, and sheer amount of time left to the human race is starkly measurable. In all honesty, looking at world conditions with one’s own eyes; it is not hard to see that the more sophisticated of the global terror networks will soon either be making nuclear bombs or purchasing them from rogue nations that hate the West with a passion:  However you look at it, deadly atomic bombs will be flying over major cities in the not too distant future.  I know that such a surreal eventuality is not a pleasant thought to contemplate and anticipate, but the question is: Who can stop it from happening? The world is too fluid and confused to circumvent such an eventuality: It is like having little children running around with loaded semiautomatic rifles and bushmasters—and it is a shame: Isn’t it?

The End of Human Civilization
With radical religious groups slowly turning the world into a sanguinary, macabre butcher stall; it is time to reflect on, and take a more serious look at, some of the gems that have been discarded in man’s mad, frenzied rush of change overload and turning the world into a whirling, turbulent sea of blood. Unfortunately, Christianity has been maligned, misrepresented, and misunderstood by the world’s masses. Hypocrites, working as powerful engines of deceit and chicanery, have misrepresented Christianity’s pure light and truth. This powerful deceptive army of liars and evil workers have soured the world’s masses about the spotless, immaculate Jesus and turned the whole world away from Christianity. False Christianity in the world has poisoned the hearts of men against the pure, sacrosanct truth of Jesus’s teachings; accordingly, the world has dashed the Bible and Christianity away—and what has been the result? Well, just look around and see with your “own eyes”: The results are practically everywhere! And they all point to one thing and one thing only: Human civilization is on its last lap; never before have there been so many storm clouds appearing smack from the blue at virtually the same time. It is like you look around, and they weren’t there; and you look around again, and they are everywhere: They seemed to have appeared straight from the blue.

The swelling sea of human problems and burgeoning growth of unhappiness in the world are tell-tale signs that human society is rapidly unraveling—and this massive and dramatic implosion is happening in some of the supposedly most interesting and exciting places on earth. Paris, purportedly the most exciting and beautiful city in the world, has one of the highest divorce rates and is one of the unhappiest cities in the world. Oh what a quaint oxymoron that is! With a divorce rate rapidly approaching sixty percent, a growing disinterest in marriage itself, and out of control sexual violence; Paris has little about which to be envious. One in every five hundred women in Paris has been raped—and the rapists almost receive carte blanche impunity. French society is so clogged with violent crimes and other ugly stains of societal decline, rapists almost get away scot free. Instead of being treated as a felony, punishable by fifteen to twenty years in jail, due to the terrible bottle necking of violent crimes rampant in French society today; rape is merely treated as sexual assault—just a notch above a misdemeanor! Violating women’s privacy and forcibly subjecting them to violent rape are now viewed as a petty violation of the law. The cruel oxymoron of Paris being the romantic city of lights and love is reflected in the fact that it is one of the most violent, unhappy, and broken cities in the whole world. And this is exactly the point that I am making here: All the world’s major institutions have been rapidly collapsing, creating a world without foundation and walls; accordingly, many of the major sparkling cities of the world have become dead zones full of moral hobos and blighted stains that are growing by the day.

The stark, surreal pattern of decline in marriage worldwide is a symptom of a world that is beyond sick; it reflects the jarring displacement of world conditions from the point of normalcy. Although many social scientists have long argued that normalcy is a misnomer, we all have a built-in understanding of what it is. Although you cannot quite put your hands on it, you know it when you see it—and you know when it is absent, too. One of the most troubling features of twenty-first century society is the rapid growth of gay marriage and the obscure, growing disinterest in heterosexual marriage—and this is a worldwide phenomenon. What we are seeing here is the avulsion and violent tearing down of abecedarian human societal institutions without which life cannot continue on the earth. Global disinterest in marriage and the shocking increase in gay marriage are one of the surest signs that human civilization is coming to an end. After all, all the things that were natural and life-giving are summarily being removed and replaced by things that are most certain to produce and foster death and doom to mankind. All the former societal pillars of truth, stability, safely, and sanity are being extirpated and thrown into the termagant sea of the past.

The Doom of Sacredness
The stirring spectacle of gay marriage has taken the earth by storm: Suddenly, just about everywhere one looks today, people of the same sex are falling love and getting married—it has virtually become a fad, and a dangerous one at that. Its moral implications have divided society after society and inspired a surreal disinterest in marriage as a holy institution: Many people simply do not think that anything is sacred and holy anymore.  The age of sacredness and holiness has simply vanished from view; those concepts are now viewed as entirely relict in character—they no longer apply. In addition, gay marriage has also awakened the ghost of incest, spawning a shower of incestuous relationships worldwide. People of the same bloodline now view incest as normal because they are not hurting anyone and their relationship is entirely consensual. I guess you get the picture of the massive societal debacle that is unfolding in the world. The cheap meaning of marriage nowadays has poisoned the hearts of billions about its sacred origin and nature; and the rapidly spinning whirlpool of change in the world has jarred and bedazzled millions, leading them to question the inherent value of life itself. The net effect of the world’s apocalyptic change overload is a meteoric build-up of unhappiness and natural disasters worldwide, hinting that all the oil in the world’s lamp is quickly running out. The number and incidence of suicides have been growing geometrically, with more than one million people taking their own lives every year—and that number is climbing rapidly.

Suddenly, the world woke up and that which was vile, wrong, and ugly are now paraded in the streets of the world’s most beautiful and celebrated cities as wonderful amoral breakthroughs and marvelous freedoms from the rusty iron shackles of fossilized Christian morality. Some call it a miracle from the devil himself, a wonderful miracle worker; others dub it a giant societal evolutionary leap. Whatever it is, in the context of the global unraveling of all of human society’s formerly revered institutions; it is a mysterious omen of more trouble and destruction on the horizon for the human race and signals the shockingly unnerving approach of a distinctly new and unfamiliar kind of tomorrow: It emblematizes the jarring and unsettling tidings of the antichrist’s fast-approaching advent. The eyebrow-raising superhuman changes in the world today are nothing short of an eerie harbinger of the Antichrist’s speedy advent. The sharp rise of gay marriage in the world today elucidates the fact that the Bible can be utterly relied upon to deliver absolute, unimpeachable truth and should not be taken lightly. The Bible depicts the Antichrist in glowing language, describing him as a dashing homosexual who has no interest in women and who will charm and deceive the whole world. The sudden explosion of gay marriage in the world is a stark warning to people who see with their own eyes and think with their own minds. The dramatic shift in attitudes about marriage as a sacred institution and union between a man and a woman is a massive preparation for the world’s fast-approaching prince of darkness, the Antichrist. This spruce, snappy trickster and Machiavellian deceiver will charm and deceive the whole world with his magnificent and irresistible cunning. But oh, my friends; the world might as well see him as Robespierre, only one million times more barbarous, bloodthirsty, and unfeeling. This vulpine prince of darkness and dazzling world leader for whom the world is making all kinds of lofty preparations by changing all of nature’s morals and laws will teach humanity a lesson that it will never forget in one octillion years!

Mid way in his political tenure as undisputed chairman of the world, he will mysteriously turn into the beast that he really is and unleash terror and horror upon the human race like no one has ever seen in the history of the world. His massive campaign of cruelty and barbarity will make the French Revolution and all the revolutions and wars in the history of the world look like a nice fireside chat. Oh my friends, the tremendous deception in the world today is preparing mankind for a party like he has never had before. Oh my, my, my; what a party that is fast approaching the human race, and oh how few are prepared to deal with this kind of uncanny brutality that is fast coming. The world wants to believe “The new evolutionary leap lie”, for it sounds scientific, sophisticated, and wonderful; but oh my friends, what a disappointment it is going to be! After all, who will believe me, some obscure author from the boondocks that no one has heard of before? Who am I to deliver this stern and sinister warning to the human race? It is someone who dearly loves the human race enough to warn it of the mammoth unforeseen danger and incomprehensible destruction that are about to unfold just up the street not far away from this sober moment.  It is a fast-approaching tomorrow that is rushing towards the human race. Today, the world exalts and celebrates falsehood: It emblazons false, murderous religions that advocate terror and senselessly trashes Christianity. Such insensate trashing of soberness and truth will soon prove to be a mistake—an egregious blunder that was far too exorbitant and destructive to have been ever made.

In sum, why has the world dashed Christianity away, the only religion of genuine peace in the world? Why are Christian Churches turning against the Bible, the only reliable book of truth in the world? Why are Christian churches approving and confirming homosexual bishops and ministers? Why is the world getting darker and darker every day? The answers to these questions are as numerous as the sand on the sea: There are many voices filled with answers that leave human beings just as they are: vile, corrupt, and savage; however, the obvious answer to these provocative, thought-provoking questions is that human society is coming to a head: Things that used to work mysteriously don’t anymore—and a cacophonous plethora of answers are offered. But in a world that is rapidly imploding and breaking up just about everywhere you look; glib, shallow, cavalier answers just would not work. It is time to dig into the belly of human society and find out why things are falling apart—why World War III is inevitable and may have already begun with over sixty-seven nations fighting Isis. My friends, do not take my word for it; do the research for yourself: See if the cosmos of the natural world is breaking down and falling apart; see if virtually all human institutions are mysteriously malfunctioning and unraveling worldwide; see if the rate of suicide in the world is falling; see if political corruption is not worldwide and now threaten to utterly wreck human civilization; see if the human family and vital institutions are not malfunctioning and being dissolved and ruined just about everywhere! See if snow storms and tsunamis are not washing whole communities away; see if sink holes are not opening up their mouths and swallowing whole communities. My friends, see if what I am saying not true. Don’t take my word for it: Check it out for yourself and begin to think with your own minds and see with your own eyes. You’ve been deceived and brainwashed long enough: Wake up, time is running out on the world and on–you!

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