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Masked Reasons Marriage Fails

  Masked reasons marriage fails reflect the clutter of things that seem ever so unrelated to the issue of marriage failure itself. Having discussed some of the more superficial reasons that many marriages fail in the article Real Reasons Marriage … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Boom: Digital Age’s Onrush

   And oh, the tide did turn: Everything changed for  struggling self-publishers, and a self-publishing boom unfolded. Change burst forth like a powerful rainstorm and wrecked the old, traditional publishing cartel and their austere bookstore salesmen. There is an old … Continue reading

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Finding Love in a Dark Decadent Amoral World

   As the world waxes stranger and stranger, it has become increasingly difficult to call a spade a spade: things no longer go by their real names, and saying what is true has become increasingly unsettling, unpopular, and jeopardous. Truth … Continue reading

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Attentive Listening, the Missing Link in Productive Conversation

  Life, with all of its knots and tangles, is a maze of carefully intertwined things and cruel distractions from the need to understand the connections themselves. The world’s elements (people, situations, and things), as casual and carelessly thrown about … Continue reading

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The Golden Safety Net of Homeschooling your Children: Keeping them out the Rain

Youth is a tenuous time of crystallizing a self-hood, forming an identity, and deciding what and who you want to be. Quite often, these decisions and choices are strongly impacted by external forces. Ideally, these very crucial decisions and choices … Continue reading

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Homeschooling: Protecting your Children from the Moral Storm

  In the world today, one cannot afford to play blind man’s buff with his children’s moral character and future; there is simply too much at stake. In a world where children are socialized with the understanding that same-relationships are … Continue reading

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Goals of this site

Hello and welcome to this intensely educational, information-driven website. Its main goal is to provide visitors with valuable information about writing, publishing, and marketing books in a dizzyingly complex cosmos of literary endeavor. Much effort is made to reach out … Continue reading

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Spinning It The Right Way

The world is an amazing place, filled with wonder and beauty and change. It is a place with people line up at different ends of all kinds of spectrums; they all believe that they are right and all the others … Continue reading

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