Change Overload and the Rapidly-Approaching Tomorrow

Change Overload and the Rapidly-Approaching Tomorrow One of the most difficult aspects of reality today is the ability to find unanimity among people on just about any topic: People are flurried and befuddled by the massive change overload taking the … Continue reading

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Reading and Decline of American Society

  Reading is a cognitive language of phonetic symbols that send complicated messages to the brain through the instruments of light and physical vision. The system of symbols used in reading to convey the information to the brain is called … Continue reading

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Finding Love in a Dark, Amoral World

   As the world waxes stranger and stranger, it has become increasingly difficult to call a spade a spade: things no longer go by their real names, and saying what is true has become increasingly unsettling, unpopular, and jeopardous. Truth … Continue reading

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How Marketing Works: Societal Forces Impacting it

 Marketing involves both promoting economic products (goods and services) and striving to achieve a fair, mutually beneficial exchange of these items between buyers and sellers. The process is an omnipresent, cradle to grave operation over the face of the inhabited … Continue reading

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Building Networks: an Essential Marketing Ingredient

  Whether you are engaged in network marketing; selling on commission; working as a single proprietor; or just marketing and selling as an up and coming writer; there is one central need that is common to the entire cosmos of … Continue reading

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Marketing Networks’ Strategic Economic Benefits

  It is amazing to understand and appreciate the big deal that human beings often make about certain things: For reasons not completely understood, many people just seem to lose it when it comes to dealing with issues having to … Continue reading

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Trashy Writing’s Destructive Trainwreck

  Are too many people writing books today? Is the literary market rank saturated with too many books, mainly trashy ones, and too few writers? These poignant questions send chills down every hard-working writer’s spine. The truth is that the … Continue reading

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Human Civilization’s Crash Site

  A rash of geophysical, geopolitical, economic, social, religious, and moral problems has cast a long shadow upon the peoples of the earth. If the train of woes that currently stalks and bedevils the world is not disassembled immediately, the … Continue reading

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Solving Life’s Problems and Resol Complex Issues

Are too many people writing books, just because they can? As it turns out, writing is an arduous undertaking; even if the writing is shoddy, the tremendously time-consuming activity of writing books can be very enervating and wearying. Yes, everyone … Continue reading

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The Ramifications of the Privatization of Community Colleges

The world is a quaint change machine; and sometimes, change needs to be embraced. Life is replete with seasons; they come and go like trains on the Tokyo Subway. Somehow or other, we, humans, are not able to access this … Continue reading

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