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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

Book Excerpt

The Preface

This Presentation is a very lively, entertaining, arrestingly delightful work of fiction. Although its contents are somewhat controversial, it is a refreshingly promethean love story with tremendous entertainment value. Its superb blend of sassy entertainment and poignant controversy forces its readers to reevaluate their entire perception of life as they have always known it. The book is a riveting, matter of fact look into the dusky cave of the human experience on the earth. This book would make you laugh crazy, cry like a baby, and rethink the way you see the world forever. Written to a universal audience with a slight academic bent, the book is a splendid read with many episodes that you would remember for a very long time. This rave commentary on the book does not even come close to doing it the justice it deserves, for the materials presented in it are so meaningfully delightful and life-changing! This book, in plain language, is a game changer and a new way to look at the world; and oh, what a novel perspective that is!

The New Scientific Revolution was in full swing, and the world had changed forever.
Global politics had assumed a new cast, and the spirit of science was everywhere.
Though Old Money and dirty politics were still around, new rules appeared on the scene.
A titanic faculty of academics, largely composed of scientists, appeared from nowhere;
More and more, scientists began calling the shots on just about everything everywhere.
And oh, how the tide of things in the world had changed; many sought fresh answers:
They wanted explanations for the status quo and answers from their politicians—
And breaking with the old, they wanted those explanations and answers right away.
Loud, empty political promises no longer satisfied the world’s teaming masses;
Billions, lost on planet earth’s yawning shores and famished of meaning, wanted more.
They no longer allowed evolution’s empty claims and dirty politics to represent them—
They wanted a more rational, systematic understanding of terrestrial existence.
Evolution’s gaping gaps and traditional politics’ blank merry-go-round had lost ground;
People just wanted more from a system that they felt had betrayed them for years.
The strident, hollow grind of every-day life and things’ vapid tone bothered many people.

And like a fierce swarm of locusts, fresh scientists began appearing on the scene;
The dashing new boys on the block had many answers that grabbed the people’s minds:
Their epistemological spin on things seemed to go further than their predecessors’.
Their logical, systematic analysis of the universe’s origin was new and interesting;
And their unique model of human origin and existence created a storm of controversy.
Fierce quarrels and ugly fights erupted among the ranks of scientists.
Though the wheel of change was turning fast, status-quo scientists put up a fierce fight;
But oh, their loud, empty clanging was no match for the new boys’ shower of dollars.
And what a shrivel of critics that these visceral discussions generated for the old guard:
The classical evolutionary perspective began to be keenly and exquisitely scrutinized;
Suddenly, evolution began to be viewed as rogue science and inappropriate public policy.
Old-school scientists were seen as rank traitors of the traditional societal order;
And so, the squabbling and wrangling continued to grow between the two power blocks.
But though evolutionists balked at the design concept of the universe’s origin,
They could not ignore its exponents’ growing popularity and swollen bank accounts.

Many theological scientists and design theorists had amassed huge financial empires:
Design scientists’ prodigious wealth accumulation began to flurry not a few naturalists,
For their alarming amassment of wealth began to define science’s meaning in the world.
Yea, it began to define the meaning, goal, and role of science in a new kind of world;
It was a new, refreshed, and enlightened world populated by millions who suddenly could see.
And evolution theory’s very existence began to be at the new, dashing scholars’ mercy.
These rich, splashy boys poured billions of dollars into the promotion of their cause:
They built sprawling multiversities, sophisticated research centers, and geoponic institutes;
They erected large oceanariums, scientific libraries, state of the art laboratories, and museums.
This magnificent and dazzling array of scientific facilities was constructed all over the world.
All this trenchant political and ideological activism engendered rapid scientific change;
The rise of the scientific aristocracy put a brand-new face on objective scientific inquiry.

Life’s end in the shabby junkyard of sand began to bother not a few folks;
The raucous meaninglessness of life impelled many to burrow into the archives of truth—
Yea, life’s clanging emptiness and cosmic vacuity pushed many people over the edge.
The alarming incidence of drug addiction, divorce, and suicide kept psychiatrists busy;
This puzzling swarm of societal maladies befuddled authorities and kept them working
Around the clock: They could not understand this startling outbreak of societal ills.
These bizarre, surreal deviations from societal norms left many sociologists puzzled;
They wondered what had gone wrong in an otherwise smooth-working hedonic world.
Lost in a maze of doom and gloom, they scratched their heads for feasible solutions:
For months, they scratched their heads for rational answers to the puzzling conundrums;
But they could not find any logical reasons why sane erudites brashly ended their lives.
They just could not unlock the mystery behind the long stream of inexplicable tragedies:
Floundering in a churning fog of strange conundrums, they wondered and wondered;
And, as if the very hand of Providence had drawn the curtains on the fate of naturalism;
One thing after another went wrong for the religious boys of atheism and evolution.

For some strange reason, they did not get an equal piece of the scientific aristocracy pie.
The dashing boys of design science and theological episteme had outscored them;
Yea, they had outscored the secularists in points in the race up the socioeconomic ladder;
And for every twenty design scientists who became billionaires in that world of flux,
There was one secular scientist who became a millionaire. And oh, the ill blood it bred!
Why did these great minds produce such different results in the same economic milieu?
The cause of this jarring disparity was a profound mystery in that world of academia:
For one thing, the splashy boys of secularism and evolution tended to be more profligate;
Their lubricous lifestyle and liberal, amoral bent beclouded their moral conscience.
And forasmuch as liberal secularists tended to adopt a more morally relative lifestyle,
They did not give much thought to those things that really mattered to design scientists;
And where moral rules did not apply, progress and prosperity were often quite scant.
Those who broke nature’s laws often paid a steeper price than they had in mind;
And when the laws were cavalierly and brashly violated by empty, hollow people;
Nature often brusquely removed the light of sight from the minds of its violators.

And the rugged father of lies rushed in like a flood and filled their souls with darkness;
And oh, lost in the moiling mist of all that booming noise and confusion;
Their steps were often misdirected and took them to a host of false destinations.
So many things got misplaced and lost in that seething, crazy world of darkness—
Oh that frenzied, chaotic world of confusion, vanity, intrigue, and empty maddening noises!
Who came to their rescue when things went wrong, as they so often did?
For whatever reason, the secularists were outstripped by Christianity’s polished boys:
Powerful infighting among evolutionists helped to bring the curtains down;
And when things went wrong, so many other things went haywire as well.
With a sharp revulsion in public attitudes towards science, and in particular, evolution;
The ardent children of the faith deemed it necessary to defend their sacred religion;
Accordingly, they brought the controversy into the bold, broad mirror of the public view.
They conducted fierce, fiery debates with various elements from the design science camp;
These high-stakes debates conferred much honor on those who participated in them;
And when the secularists seemed to have performed well, it was like a quasi-promotion.

They got to hobnob with some of the day’s brightest academic stars and richest men,
And this tended to foster a nasty sociopolitical climate among many evolutionists.
Infighting among secularists to defend their sacred religion of naturalism was fierce:
Their mad rush for a spot in the world’s public view engendered revolting squabbles;
These shockingly ugly skirmishes over public debate representation spotlighted other
Things. Yea, they jarringly exposed the darker side of things that dampened public mood.
A powerful mud-slinging machine was put in motion; and oh, the damage it did!
Sophisticated erudite men who belonged to the astral circles of society began losing it;
Repulsive name calling and belittling of their colleagues became quite rife.
They made slanderous remarks against their peers and leaked classified data to the press;
Their venenous in-fighting and titanic scandal machine revealed the wrong side of things.
Horrible arguments, replete with strife, pitted one faction against another;
And quite often, these overheated arguments unveiled nasty under the table cover ups;
For example, there were numerous disagreements among evolution scholars.
Some of these very heated disputes represented real issues of academic integrity:
Massive areas of scholarly work favoring a design model were often summarily trashed.

Email files that deviated from the classical evolution point of view were merely ruined:
These repulsively ugly cover-ups left many objective viewers wondering what else was
Hidden from public view; consequently, many began to scowl upon the idea of evolution.
And that was not all: There were more embarrassing cover-ups and shocking discoveries.
An archaeological dig in China uncovered a strange fossil that lit up the scientific world;
And oh, how the Darwinists rushed to the scene to claim their golden trophy:
Oh see how the secularists viewed this part bird, part dinosaur fossil as their missing link.
Scores of scientists, clad in enthusiasm, reveled in the glory of the golden moment;
And what a gleaming glass case of proof of the evolution model it was supposed to be!
The darling discovery was viewed as the much-craved missing link so long sought for;
Darwinists proclaimed it as an unanswerable transitional form between one specie and
Another. But oh, after all the tests had been done, it was just another disappointment—
And what a crushing disappointment it was for the Darwinists of the scientific world!
Careful examination of the fossil revealed that it was merely the fusion of two species;
Somehow or other, fate had brought two distinct animals into a very fatal collision.
A deadly accident, I might add, which had nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory.

It was just another instance of desperate erudites trying to fabricate evidence that wasn’t
There: What a difficult task! It was as if they were trying to carry water in baskets!
Oh how piteous and pathetic it was for those who created the false religion of modern
Science: What crushing disappointments and bruised feelings that they had to endure!
Oh how lost could misguided people become in their frenzied effort to hide the truth!
But oh, the truth, the truth—no one can cover it up! It is a sponge ball that does not sink.
Oh empty, wretched hearts of men; behold the sponge ball of the truth gazing at you.
Oh, behold that bold, colorful ball of the truth ever floating and gleaming in the water.
And though earth’s dashing power brokers have hired submersibles to sink that ball;
It just wouldn’t disappear from their bold, glaring view; forever staring them in the face:
Oh that beautiful fruit of truth is forever there, gazing at vain man smack in the face.
When will he open his eyes? Oh when will he open his eyes and behold the plain truth?
When will man gaze upon that which is so glaringly written on the parchment of nature?
But instead, on and on he goes; trying to find that which has never been there:
Oh what a blank, laborious search for gold among a brash heap of stones!
When will the Darwinists and secularists and atheists open their eyes and see the truth?
Oh the blind vision of the human race—so many eyes, so little sight; what a mystery!

Modern man is lost in the yawning museum of nature, so full of plainly written directions.
Though the truth is etched on every stone, yet man’s mental opacity obstructs his view of
Things: He stares into the glaring mirror of truth, and is blinded in the process.
But oh, the Darwinists and the secularists and the brilliant scientists would not stop there:
They just kept right on digging and excavating and hoping for that which is not there.
And the fraud of evolution went on even further; this time, it was the Piltdown man.
This skull fragment of an apparent ape man was discovered early in the twentieth century;
And, as usual, this was another trophy made of rubies for the Darwinists;
But it was not too long after that scientific dating technique uncovered the great hoax.
What an elaborate scam that was perpetrated by the fraud-ridden scientific community!
And yet, these frenetically desperate fraud technicians would not cease in their moil:
They would not halt the senseless grind for evidence that could not be found anywhere.
These crass religious zealots and bigoted pansophists would not halt the senseless search;
From there, they introduced the peppered moth to substantiate the religion of evolution.
In a book, How Now Shall We Live, a Darwinist discussed the behavior of moths.

Per this scientist, moths changed their colors in order to adjust to their environment;
And this he postulated was evidence of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection.
When all the facts were in, the so-called evidence used as proof of evolution was a hoax;
Yea, when the truth emerged from the scientific world’s darkroom of lies and cover-ups,
The evidence was faked by a biologist who had glued dead moths to trees.
How much more fraud, propaganda, and falsehood must be shoved down the public’s
Throat before it wakes up? What must be done here to stop this crass type of fraud?
When will the public wake up and see the irreparable damage that evolution has done?
How many young, impressionable minds have been imbued with this poisonous lie?
And to make things even worse, many desperate Darwinists have jumped off a cliff:
As was mentioned earlier—and this does merit repeating—some Darwinists got desperate.
Upon realizing that nature’s yawning museum revealed no evidence of transitional forms,
Many Darwinists began subscribing to the misleading view of Punctual Equilibrium.
According to these particular naturalists, the transitional changes occurred very rapidly;
In fact, these occurrences were so rapid; that they left no trace on the scroll of nature.
Here is a case where supposedly unbiased, objective scientists are changing science’s nature.

If they insist that these transitional forms transpired quite rapidly, there should be evidence:
In plain geological language, the evidence should be etched somewhere in nature.
And this is so because rapid changes in geologic time often amount to millions of years.
Evidently, had these transitional changes occurred; they would be visible somewhere.
And so, the punctual equilibrium scientists have either gone mad or are plain drunk.
They know scientific facts cannot be established without repeated raw evidence.
And so, now they have gone from science to the establishment of a secular religion.
And this is so because they are basing their model on the incorporeal evidence of faith.
But this is exactly what they have been doing all along and lying to the public.
Hiding behind the caliginous veil of science, they have established a sprawling religion—
One that requires billions of years with no objective scientist observing the vain show.
Oh they’ve built a prodigious religious multiversity around the entire world;
And, beneath the mendacious umbrage of scientific inquiry, what a lie they’ve told!
They’ve poisoned the minds of our children with the religion of naturalism.
Oh they’ve corrupted our children with atheism, secularism, and moral relativism.
And oh; the intrigue, the falsehood, the professional dishonesty, the cover ups!