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Rise of World Government

The Preface

This Presentation is a very lively, entertaining, arrestingly delightful work of fiction. Although its contents are somewhat controversial, it is a refreshingly promethean love story with tremendous entertainment value. Its superb blend of sassy entertainment and poignant controversy forces its readers to reevaluate their entire perception of life as they have always known it. The book is a riveting, matter of fact look into the dusky cave of the human experience on the earth. This book would make you laugh crazy, cry like a baby, and rethink the way you see the world forever. Written to a universal audience with a slight academic bent, the book is a splendid read with many episodes that you would remember for a very long time. This rave commentary on the book does not even come close to doing it the justice it deserves, for the materials presented in it are so meaningfully delightful and life-changing! This book, in plain language, is a game changer and a new way to look at the world; and oh, what a novel perspective that is!

The book’s radical objectives are as follows:

(1) To provide clean, dramatic entertainment in the context of plain, pure truth. Although the materials are interesting and sparklingly delightful, they are also very informational and thought-provoking. Inasmuch as this author delights in provoking people to think for themselves, he has presented fresh, crisp ideas which he believes would jar his readers to start thinking for themselves. And his reason for doing this is not necessarily for his readers to agree with him; but rather to initiate fruitful, constructive, pragmatic dialogue with them. This is the first in a series of fictional monographs that are squarely intended to instruct and change societal perception of things.

(2) To expose the lies and senseless gaps of human existence in this world. Although the ideas presented are strongly exotic, different, and somewhat obscure; their every-day value is rock sold and explosively provocative. The ideas contained in this book represent a uniquely different angle at which to view the sick, confused, pathetic institution of human beings on the earth. They explain the root of all human problems and woes; and offer tenable, scientific solutions.

(3) To amplify and dramatize the fact that, because the human system in the world is false, even the noblest of societal institutions cannot be trusted. And the reason for this is that they are woven from the same fabric of lies out of which earthly life is knitted. As has been stated before, this ideological twist is unique and disturbingly unfamiliar; however, this writer strongly encourages those who find the materials disturbing to open their own eyes and begin to see and think for themselves. This is where objective, unbiased observation becomes so valuable. All this book’s author asks of his critics—and he knows that there will be a shrivel of them— is to observe the world as science demands and see what they find. If they are honest about things, they will reach some of the same conclusions to which this writer has reached, because that is merely the way science works—objective observations analyzed by people with no hidden agendas or axes to grind.

(4) To accentuate the value of patience and true love in a world where these virtues and values have become virtually extinct. The book parodies the tremendous importance of patience and truth in human relationships through a grotesquely difficult relationship framework in which the participants are merely thrown together like objects tossed in a storm.

The matrix of the book encapsulates a flaming love story; and, in the writer’s signature style of throwing things together and making them work; he chooses two least likely people to be successful in an intimate relationship. The story’s stars are Simeon, an Orthodox Jew and Vannetta, an African American woman. The two billionaires are madly in love with each other; but, for some reason or other; they cannot get along. And after several unruly brawls and close calls with the law, they mutually agreed that they needed to turn over a new leaf. The agreement to which they had arrived had three major elements. First, they agreed to work harder on themselves and to say “I am sorry” with greater sincerity. Secondly, they agreed to a tournament of forgiveness; whereupon they would cultivate a keener sensitivity to one another’s set-off buttons. And thirdly, they agreed to help each other out by reminding one another of his part of the deal; and, in this regard, they kept squeaky clean records of each other’s behavior. The upshot of all this was that they worked hard on themselves; and, in the end, love triumphed. This remarkable couple, as different as light and darkness, vowed to make their love work—and it did in grand style! Though their interests and cultures were radically different; though they got off to a very rough, shaky start; they worked hard on their sour relationship and turned it into a superb, enviable model of heterosexual love. The dramatic turn of things attracted world attention and turned their relationship into a royal wedding that doubled its venue’s urban population (the City of Ajaccio, Corsica).

And, as a side note; this poetic narrative reflects elements of a novel but remains fairly true to poetry; in terms of its linear presentation and focus on verse as opposed to a novel’s standard paragraph style. Although, here and there, the poetry appears to get lost in the author’s hard-hitting, matter of fact delivery of controversial information; the book’s strong poetic idiom stands out pretty conspicuously throughout its entirety. And this is not the boring, insulse, meaningless poetry to which contemporary society has become so accustomed; these are powerful lines that are packed with the pure juice of excitement and reading pleasure. It is unfortunate that the raw vivacity, ebullience, and piquancy that ought to be in poetry are quite often not there. This splendid, dazzling blend of poetry and novel forever expunges any concerns about readers becoming bored and falling asleep. You will not find any of that in this lively, fast-paced, dramatically exciting presentation.

In spite of the unusual nature of the material covered in this book, most people who read it with a clear conscience and an open, objective mind would probably read it more than once. Despite the author’s sharp disagreement with contemporary, global society’s power brokers’ bias against Christianity’s tried and tested traditions; he has delivered an explosively humorous and refreshingly promethean poem. This jarringly hilarious narrative yields a bellyful of laughs and a mind filled with fresh, sparkling ideas that would leave its objective readers with something to think about for a very long time! Read it; it’s a gleaming bundle of giggles and a flaming glass of joy.

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