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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

America: A One-Time Friend of God

If you, too, are intrigued and concerned about how bad things have become and are musing about the possible end of the world, this article is for you: It would clear up all doubts and give you even more reason to be concerned about the fact that the world is indeed ending, right before your eyes.

This present age is ending: The signs are everywhere, and nowhere it is more obvious than in America, a one-time friend of God. Its about-face turn and wanton rebellion against God have created a peculiar estrangement between God and its people. What is happening in America, the original marketer of Christianity, is nothing short of shocking and frightening.

In view of America’s resolute rebellion against God, it is not God’s will to help people whom he is punishing for their sinful ways. America has bluntly rejected God’s word by living contrary to his statutes, and God has rejected America; and the curses and calamities are visible everywhere you look.

America in Trouble—Big Trouble, too

As you look at America and the rest of the world today, the signs of the end are everywhere—and they are not all caused by climate change either. For example, the George Floyd debacle was not caused by climate change; neither are the many ambushments of police officers and the wild shooting sprees all over the place.

Don’t buy the trite climate pretext for everything that is wrong with America and the rest of the world. America and this age have abandoned God and are falling apart in all directions, and one has to be blind and insane not to see that. The troubles are multiplying logarithmically, and they’ve wandered out of man’s control; suddenly, they are not fixable anymore.

America, God’s Former Friend

America, a one-time friend of God, is now one of his leading enemies and top centers of witchcraft in the world today—oh, how sad and unfortunate that is. America has heard more gospel messages than any other nation in

the world and is paying a extortionate price for turning away from God; why did she depart from God, such a wonderful friend?

America ought to know better: No one can ever get away from God: he knows just how far to let you go; and sometimes, he has to use the whip to get your attention. As you look around at America today, it is being bludgeoned, pommeled, whipped, and walloped by the savage wrath of nature; as it turns out, nature is God’s clean crew in an angry dark world.

A Savage, unending stream of Calamities

God is trying to get America’s attention, but nobody seems to be listening—and things are rapidly getting worse; therefore, the seemingly unending stream of calamities and disasters has intensified. Hundreds of millions of Americans are hurting; and America has become one of the unhappiest places in the world, but few seem to notice.

America’s two hundred and fifty thousand rivers are drying up, creating heated political tension and major problems for hundreds of metropolitan centers in the country. Though it has millions of lakes, a substantial number of them either have already dried up or are drying up. America is in trouble!

Hundreds of millions of Americans are hurting

When the full story is told, nearly a million Americans now live on the streets in America, the richest country in the world—and one of the unhappiest one, too; over one hundred million Americans are hurting, and much of that hurting and suffering stem from America’s abandonment of God. But few seem to care, and the hurting just keeps right on getting worse and worse.

Today, most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and are barely lumbering along; many have chosen the single lifestyle and find themselves in economic situations that drive them away from a shelter over their heads. Many people who now live on the street made irresponsible decisions and choices that landed them in a situation without a home. Many single women, lost in the obscure mist of confusion, are now forced to partner with dogs in order to palliate the loneliness. What, in the world, is going on?

Millions are dying from Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs: As many as one hundred thousand Americans are lost from drug overdoses per year;

alas, America is trouble—big trouble, too; and God wants to help. However, she has to come back to God on his terms—not on hers. What happened to the Great United States of America; where did all of our greatness go?

Philanthropic Christian Organizations Lending a Hand

When calamity comes from nature to judge man’s evil, wicked ways; I do not know that it is always God’s will to help people whom he is judging because of their wickedness. God wants to help America, but it has to come back to him; and if it doesn’t, things would only progressively get worse; those fentanyl overdose numbers will continue to climb because young people are searching for answers, and they can neither find them at church nor at the university that they are attending.

Through the ages, societal disaster has been the price that man has paid for snubbing God; but it never comes from God himself: It is merely allowed to happen in order to get people, steeped in sin, to change their minds. God is talking to America, but is she listening, or is she too busy for God?

God who Sits in the Heavens Shall Laugh at America’s Calamity

America, God’s long-time friend, has plunged into the abyss of moral and societal decay; willfully resisting the authority and wisdom of God’s word. Therefore, when calamity comes; God says that he, himself, will laugh at America and its foolish rebellion against him. You cannot box with God.

When people bluntly reject the Bible, trouble ultimately comes to them; and they will call upon God for a bail out, but he will laugh at them; for they rejected his word. America and the whole world have gone away from God and are floundering in all kinds of crises, and troubles, and debacles.

Sodom and Gomorrah are back again

Is it God’s will to bail out people who willfully go against his will; with adulterous women chasing after men who are not their husbands; men marrying men and women having sex with their sons—and even with dogs? Nowadays, marriage is not even worth the ink that signed the marriage license; and nobody seems to care.

God is injured by all of these moral and spiritual abominations because he dearly loves America and doesn’t want to see her hurt, suffer, and die—he loves America and doesn’t want to laugh at her when her calamity strikes, and they’ve been striking at an ever-alarming rate!

Behold, Sodom and Gomorrah are back again: The people of Noah’s day have returned; and America is spitting in God’s face—isn’t she? I mean, I can see, opening up your treasures to people in Cambodia and Fiji to whom the gospel has not been preached to such a degree as in America. But why do it for a society that has plainly walked away from God?

America Knows Better

Yes, America knows better than to have Dropped its Anchor into such Deep, squalid waters as to so vigorously opposed Christianity’s light. America has heard more gospel than any other nation in the world; yet it has persistently rejected God and chosen the path of darkness. Now, she is paying for it—she is paying the piper because someone always has to pay him.

Has God given up on America? The Book of Proverbs says that, when you seek me, you will not find me; and I will laugh at your calamity. What we see in America today is a mammoth uptick of calamities, smashing pieces to pieces; I mean, I love America–I am an American, but oh my—what shocking changes it has openly embraced!

America’s Mind-Blowing Darkness

The frightening rate at which America has collapsed morally is a mind blower: If God does not send the fires here, he will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them. In this regard, I strongly urge ministries to focus their resources on nations that are dark and open to the gospel and not to spill them on people who couldn’t care less.

The world is ending, and America has hardened its heart against God and the Bible; around-the-clock prayer must be made for America, and American Christians must to turn back to God.

America has shut its doors to the gospel and is ready to turn on Christians; and when God sends judgment, is it right to fight against God’s will to destroy

evil by bailing out ungodly folks who hate God and call man a woman! Some ministers get in God’s way more than anything else.

Bailing out Evil nations is Getting in God’s Way

The wages of sin is death; and nations that continue in deep, dark sin will be inevitably destroyed by nature’s tornadic forces. I am not being sarcastic; God is tired of America’s evil ways and is sending judgment on her through nature’s wrath. We all struggle with sin–and God knows that and wants to help us; but when a nation willfully rejects God and his ways, bailing out that nation, when trouble hits, is against the will of God. It is getting in God’s way.

The tempo of divine judgment is rising in America, and its wrath is noticed all over the place. America is not what it used to be: Its glory has been smudged by the abominations that it has allowed. America, today, is a textbook case of a great society in decline as greedy politicians gobble up its resources for themselves, lining the pockets with its golden coins while millions live on the streets and at the marginal level, from paycheck to paycheck.

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