A Radical Approach to Marketing

A Radical Approach to Marketing


In order to understand the key to mastering marketing and sales, one must grasp two basic things about life: (1) How the system of success works and (2) how the world works.

Most people do not know how both systems work because they have been brainwashed by the false world around them. It is impossible to understand marketing without understanding how the system of success works in this world—and it doesn’t work the way most people think.

Because marketing requires a broader understanding of how success works, it is necessary to briefly explain how that process works in this world.


Success, an all-inclusive concept, does not only treat the monetary aspects of living in this world: It also embodies the broader notion of human happiness and well-being. Happiness is a delicate blend of all those elements that satisfy human wants and needs; thus, success, in its broadest context, is the fulfillment of the totality of all human desires and needs. And, other factors equal, this comprehensive type of success tends to produce the highest level of happiness on the earth. Unfortunately, the term success, as used in contemporary world society, has a more restrictive meaning and is mainly concerned with monetary achievement.


This article’s focus is to explain how the system of monetary success works; its relationship to marketing success; and specifically, how marketing success is directly tied to a proper understanding of how this world works. Well, you may say that this is quite a mouthful—and indeed, it is! You see the world is a system of interconnected things: Understanding one thing, quite often, requires understanding all the other things that are related to it; Accordingly, in orderto understand marketing, you must understand all the elements that interact to produce success itself.


The Basic Principles of Monetary Success


A fully expanded analysis of how success works will be discussed in a later series; but because learning about marketing requires an understanding of how monetary success works, eight major principles of success are outlined below. Success is no easy push over and would only come through a clear understand of its basic principles, among which are the following:

(1)   Being successful demands that you know the truth about how the world work.  All things in the world work a certain way, and they do not work the way most people think they do. For example, marriage works by falling in love with your spouse and becoming innocent before each other by being truthful and honest in all things and reaching back into childhood’s playhouse again. Successfully married people live in that playhouse and never lie to each other. Lies poison life—all of it.

(2)   Being successful requires having a good, positive attitude and treating all people with respect. Although these ideas seem to be on the wane nowadays, they still work. These are the uncreate (endless) principles of truth—they do not change with time, neither do they evolve. They may go out of style but will never ever become false. They are timeless and increate (eternal). There is a lot of breaking of nature’s laws today; and, as result, the whole world is breaking up.  The principles of truth never change, but man thinks that they do! Be honest, truthful, and treat all people with respect: That is how you cultivate a good attitude in this world.

(3)   Success demands that you cultivate a strong sense of discipline, good management and proper use of time, and keen ability to recognize and overcome distractions. The whole world is a giant time programming machine that works in a very orderly way, but there is also a brawling river of distractions that often stop people dead their tracks and thwart their success. Therefore, in order to be successful, you must be turned into another person—success itself. Success is a culture—a nation of people who understand the secrets of life by seeking truth and endeavoring to work both hard and smart to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle.

(4)   People who want to be successful must understand the law of greatness.  This principle states that all people were born with the spark of greatness and success. Those who identify their natural intelligence (God-given gifts, talents, and skills) and develop them to a maximum degree will rise to the level of greatness and success. This principle is literally saying that success and greatness are not available to all people in the world: Only those who go after them with all their might would find them. Greatness and success are pearls: Only those who seek them with all their hearts will find them. This greatness principle involves vision, goal setting, time management, and good old work—persistent, doggedly determined work!

(5)   Success-driven people must be turned into someone else—they must become success itself. This means that success-driven people must watchfully and eclectically  select the people with whom they associate. This single element is the most powerful factor that affects one’s success. Success-driven people, according to Mavis Nong, must avoid negative stimuli; thus, success demands that you pick success-oriented people with whom to hang out.

(6)   The success process often requires a support platform outside of yourself.  This is usually financial in nature and is often provided within a family context—a parent, spouse, or friend.

(7)   If you desire to live in the culture of success, you must be doggedly determined to be successful. You must become success itself and live it every day. You must go after it with everything that within you, and you will eventually become success—you have to become it, not just want it. Success does not come to you: You must become it.

(8)   Remember: You must define the success that you want to achieve and become it.

And when you become success itself; just lay back, stretch out, and enjoy the world around you. Stretch out and enjoy the world that was once so mean and terrible to you

The world belongs to successful people; it is their kingdom and birthright.


Radical Marketing Success


Now that you have a broad, clear understanding of how monetary success works; You can simply apply those principles to marketing products (goods and services that satisfy people’s wants and desires) in the real world. However, when you attempt to deal with the real world;  it will seem as if marketing is very complicated, hard work—and one hears this comment all the time. The same negative comments are made again and again, “Marketing does not work; I am not cut out for marketing.” This is where a proper understanding of the nature of the world in which we live comes in handy. You see: Most people do not understand the world in which they live. When a person says things like, “I am just not cut out for marketing; I just don’t have that talent;” what that person is really saying is that he or she is not fit to be alive in this world. What most people do not understand is that the whole world is a mammoth marketing machine of buying and selling things.  That is what you have been doing from the time you’ve slipped from your mother’s womb: You just did not know it.


Every action you make in this life is a marketing action because it involves selling yourself in some way or other. Low self-esteem, failure, and defeat are the results of poor self-marketing. You are a product—a brand, and you’ve been selling yourself all your life: You just did not know it. When you work for someone, you are selling yourself, your time, your gifts, your talents, and your skills to your boss; and he is selling his job to you.

Working for someone is a fundamental marketing arrangement, but it does not seem that way because society has couched and cast it the wrong way. In other words, society has presented you a lie. Remember: The idea that your job is a marketing arrangement does not look that way is irrelevant; it is that way whether you see it like that or not.

You work for someone; he uses your services and pays you next to nothing so that he can become rich off your hard work—he does not want you to know that or see it that way. He knows that if you wise up and learn the truth, you will begin to work for yourself.


While you are working for your boss and enriching him, you are losing out. You might as well dig into the gold mine of your mind, find your natural intelligence (your gigfts, talents, and skills), develop it, and learn how to sell it in the whirling market place of life.

But oh, what a strange longshot that seems to be: It almost seems like a foreign language to most folks who are wasting their time out there, working for others for virtually nothing, when they could be working for themselves and become millionaires. Do you know why it seems like a longshot to you from some faraway place? You have been brainwashed by the false suckers who run the show in this world. The people who run this world are mercenaries (people working for, and interested mainly in, making, money); they are not interested in you: They would let go at the drop of hat and lose no sleep over your twenty-five years of service with them—they do not care about you.

Get that in your system: They are suckers—bloated rats with no conscience. Your boss is only interested in two things: your time and your money. Regardless of what they say, interest in you is the least factor in the equation.


You must identify, develop, and sell your natural intelligence to the world that does not care about you. The world is a a selfish place—just your own eyes and look around. That is the false nature of this world—it is not going to change merely to accommodate you. People only want your time and money; for example, quite often, when a man tells a woman that he loves her; that is not exactly what he means and is saying to her:

He has to translate what he means into the language of falsehood. Thus, instead of telling her that he wants to use her time and body, he lies and tells her that he loves her. He has to translate his false thoughts into a language that seems true, real, and believable but really are not. Just a cursory of the divorce in the world clearly confirms what I am saying here. Later on, when asked why are you divorcing your wife; it if got that far; the answer is almost always, “Well, I don’t love her anymore.” That is how the world works. My point here is that people are not really interested in you, and that is why you must wise up:  Invest in, and develop, yourself by developing your gifts and talents and learning to sell them to the world that doesn’t buying from wise merchants. The last time I check, people who’ve done that are the millionaires and billionaires of this world. It worked for them: It will work for you if you work it!




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