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Crashing Streams of Change | Moulton A. Mayers

Crashing Streams of Change

Rise of the World Government

Unravel life’s baffling mystery by cracking the secret code of this world. The world is a strange illusion replete with riddles, puzzles, conundrums, and Trojan Horses. Use this book to crack earthly life’s mysterious code.
Book Category: New Adult/Woman's Fiction
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Hello, my name is Moulton Augustus Mayers

My sobriquet is Straws—you can call me Straws. I am the author of the book Crashing Streams of Change, The Rise of World Government. This scintillating, tantalizing thriller will tug on your heartstrings; ignite an inferno in your loins; teach you how to love your spouse; give you the secrets to a happy, lasting marriage; and unlock all of life’s arcane mysteries to you. This bold, fictional monograph; tinctured with poetry, is a book of pure wisdom and profound understanding. It will make you laugh, as if you were watching. 

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