Why Love Dies And Lives Destroyed In The Process



Love is a pretty, little girl; delicate and beautiful, in a very little understood world. The dashing, flaming lady of love is an exquisite star; impeccably beautiful; showering the world with brightness, pulse, gladness, and life.  The pulchritudinous lady of love is flawless and fills the heart of man with soft, emollient bubbles that sweep him off his feet and make him feel as if he is in heaven.  Love’s seraphic beauty and unmatched rhapsody are the most magnificent gems and forces in the telistic museum of nature.  Its supreme beauty; its glorious warmth; its rhapsodistic feeling of butterflies flickering in the stomach; and its vestal, pristine, unsordid presence stuffs the air with unutterable joy and gladness.  And like the quaint pony of Christmas that arrests and extinguishes the thick darkness and gloom that hover over the earth and fills the air with wonder, gladness, and cheer; love is that splendorous, luxurious aircraft piloted by the glamorous lady of joy and purity and tenderness and love.  Love is a blazing ball of fire and joy; unfortunately, there is no venue in the world of man that is pure enough to host this unutterably beautiful lady of love.

She comes to the heart of man, but wherever she sits, it pollutes her presence.  There is no room in the stained, smudged heart of man for the rarified presence of this magnificently clad lady of love.  Love, like a strange star one octillion light years away, is the very essence of grace and purity and truth and compassion in a world besmudged and sullied by the smirch of soot and guile and falsehood.  Accordingly, the gleaming, unsordid beauty of love soon wilts, swoons, and withers in a caliginous world without a proper host to receive this distinguished, seraphic guest from a world far far away from the unhallowed shores of earth.  Love, in all her supreme splendor and unmatched beauty, lights the dark cave of the human heart; but the overwhelming presence of darkness there soon stains the pretty lady’s royal garment.  Oh what a shame; what a travesty!  Love that once seemed so beautiful and right turns like a pebble tossed way into the air and falls back to the ground.

I can hear a thousand voices screaming, “But why, why, why must this inscrutable travesty be allowed in the theatre of the human experience?”  Why love dies is multipronged in nature, but above all; the reason that loves fades is that the world is not what it appears to be.  There is more to the world than you are allowed to see.  The complex nature of the world reflects objects and human experiences on their wrong sides.  The subterfugeous world in which you live mirrors the wrong side of things. Quite often, the object is shown, but its presence is a flickering light that renders it difficult to determine exactly what you are seeing.  The complex nature of the world of man is a skewed mirror that reflects a mirage—it is an optical illusion because what you are allowed to see is not the intrinsic nature of the object itself.  Unfortunately, most of the world’s people are not cognizant of this fact:  They tend to take things just as they appear; and quite often, what they are looking at is not what’s there.  Although most people are aware of an incorporeal intelligence in the world; by and large, people do not make decisions on the basis of this intangible, intelligent presence which they often ignore and treat as superstition.  Thus, the concrete existence of that invisible world of exquisite intelligence is ignored and treated as none-existent; consequently, the world of man is damaged by his careless ignorance and rank negligence of concrete, accessible truth.  This snubbing of the other side of things transmutes the world into a fog and an inherently false place.  As a result, the disregarded objects behind the scene of things are freely able to manipulate the theatre of the human experience on the earth.  This single fact is the principal reason that loves often wilts and fades away.  There is more to the world than you see, and your careless refusal or gross failure to burrow into these Delphic mysteries leaves you with the bag in your hand.

Against this backdrop, human society is innately false; and this is the reason that what you see is not what you are looking at.  The world is an optical illusion because man chooses to only view half of the screen of existence; therefore, falsehood is the result.  In this regard, everything in the world is viewed incorrectly, and the result is an interminable stream of crashes, skirmishes, failures, and doom.  Couples who looked so wonderful together, causing the whole world to cheer and go nuts over them, soon chase each other down like dogs to divorce court.  People who’ve been friends for years suddenly turn against each other, as if the whole thing was staged. Racists who hate black people are suddenly married to one.  If man paid more attention to the concrete truths clearly present in nature, the whole world would be a different place.  Society’s false understanding of love engenders an environment of falsehood in which human relationships are couched.  Human society, therefore, is a mendacious sociological venue in which understanding about love and relationships are innately wrong and false.  For example, the sham of dating is a poignant illustration of this point.  The entire atmosphere and the whole idea of dating are based on make-belief.  People throw off the smelly garment of their real selves; and, for a moment, pretend to be what they are not during the dating process.  Well, for how long one can continue with this show of pretense is anybody’s guess.  Soon, the beautiful canopy of Mr. Wonderful is rent and the real person debouches from that picturesque cave of pretense and disguise.

What is particularly disturbing and intriguingly interesting about all this sham exhibited in the dating process is that the person doing it really believes that he is that image portrayed.  When he tells her how much he loves her; quite often, he is not even aware that he is lying, does not know the meaning of love, and lacks the capacity to truly love that lady.  Yes, he loves her as long as she stays as she is.  If she gets maimed in an auto accident tomorrow; the color and enthusiasm of his love may change—and, quite often, it does.  In the context of the world in which we live, we tend to believe things about ourselves that we are not aware are false.  Many people who fall in love and get married want to be in love and married:  What they don’t know is that they are not love and marriage material; but if you told them that, they would not speak to you anymore.  People are not always cognizant of who they are at the intrinsic level.  They are shallow and unstable and unsafe to be around, but they do not know that. They are spinning wheels, always getting into something new that does not last.  They are flashy and good-looking and chic on the outside, but they lack genuine character and contact with their inner selves; accordingly, they wind up deceiving and hurting many people, destroying their lives in the process.

Because the world ignores the entirety of the equation of human existence on the earth, natural forces and phenomena often hold sway and dictate the course of otherwise wonderful human experiences.  In addition to the inherently mendacious context of human society, the super powerful engine of biology often skews people’s perception of love in the wrong direction.  Testosterone’s powerful influence strongly distorts a man’s perception of love:  Its titanic, overwhelming effect often distorts and damages otherwise soberer judgment of things; thus, bringing rank enemies into close, physical intimacy and destroying lives of people who should never have been intimately joined together in the first place.  Yes, the golden costume of beauty was there; the strong, firm muscles of sex appeal were there; and the firm, beautiful fruits that grew from the chest were wonderful to behold and fondle:  Unfortunately, the full story was not there.  Society’s false, untrustworthy glass case of pretty, desirable things were there; but truth, soberness, and wisdom were not. Accordingly, the mirage of glitter and momentary carnal enjoyment dwarfed the broader currents of truth, wisdom, compatibility, and sound judgment,  And, as the saying goes “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread;” consequently, the door of doom swang in the wrong direction, slammed against their wishes, and was shut tight on these unwise children of folly.

Quite often, love fails for reasons beyond the fault of genuine, well-meaning lovers.  They have done everything right.  They’ve followed all the rules of conservative tradition and honored the principles of love, faithfulness, trust, gentleness, and kindness.  They have done all that they could to preserve and adorn their beautiful house of love and marriage; but, for some reason or other, things just seem fall apart.  This unfortunate spin of things for them is caused by genetic, generational predispositions in their family system.  A long succession of divorce has plagued the family for generations with deadly accuracy.  Here again, a fuller understanding of the entire contents of the human cosmos allows even these stubbornly negative situations to bow their heads to the truth.  The awesome power of the resurrected king of kings has dealt with and destroyed the inferior power of generational and witchcraft curses that plague families.  And this is the reason that knowing the full story of the human theatre of experience on the earth is so paramount and unqualifiedly important.  The world of man is a lie: The Christ man is the truth; and with his help, you can overcome and destroy all other powers of darkness and evil.  Christ, the champion of the human experience, is unassailably the solution to all human problems, but even Christians do not look in that direction:  why, it because it lies in the zone of the incorporeal and least travelled.  But the love discussed above is his love; and because the earth is a dark place, that flaming bird cannot find a tree on which to alight.

In sum, love dies because man has rejected the truth that lies in that cryptic, inscrutable world of incorporeal intelligence that surrounds all of us.  It is there—it is ever there:   We are cognizant of its presence, but we act as if it’s not there and go about doing our own thing.  We frown upon the idea of divine, incorporeal intelligence; consequently, the wrong intangible intelligence consumes the world and crushes man to pieces.  Man, caught between the iron teeth of evil, is ground to shreds in war, divorce, depression, recession, spousal abuse, suicide bombing and on and on and on.  The complex nature of the world and human society’s false context have created a lair for man where love is not mean to last.  Yes, it is true that not all marriages are crushed and swept away in the turbulent tempest of caprice and infidelity.  Quite a number of people remain married, but the gleaming varnish and spotless beauty of  the love, as it was at the beginning of those relationships, have long wilted and been carried away in the wind of change and familiarity.  Love is a very beautiful lady, but there is hardly any room for her in the umbrous cave of the human heart.  The hearts of women are just as dark as those of men.  There is something wrong with man, but he does not know it because the eyes of his mind have been blinded in the dust storm of pride and vanity.  Therefore, man must reach beyond the comfort zone of his own pride, open his own eyes, and reach for the solution that was there all the time!








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