America’s Need for Healing: The Hour’s Mandate

America’s need for Healing: The Hour’s Mandate

Everyone, at one time or another, becomes sick and needs healing; that is not a bad thing: It is not unhealthy to find yourself in a situation where you need a doctor’s care. All organic systems will, at one point or other, would require healing. Time is man’s most critical resource; but it is also his worst enemy because systems undergo wear and tear over time, causing them to malfunction. What is observed in America today is a massive system breakdown: American democracy is not experiencing a system malfunction; the entire machine has broken down, and America’s need for healing is a very urgent matter. It is screaming from the depths of its soul for healing and wholeness: Liberals have crushed the American spirit and have inexorably demanded rights that violate natural order and interfere with the ordinary functioning of things. As a result, the whole societal machinery has been ruined. The central cause of all of America’s problems today is its meteoric departure from natural order and truth to plain unnatural behavior and falsehood—and it is destroying in American society; its ravages are everywhere, and America’s need for healing is everywhere as well.


One might ask, “What causes such all-encompassing breakdown in the political system of a society that is so sophisticated, economically developed, and technologically advanced—what, in the world, is going on in America to have triggered such tremendous breakdown in law and order; as was observed in the January 6, 2021 insurrection? It certainly was the clear handwriting on the wall of American democracy; it undoubtedly demonstrated that something is terrible wrong with American society and democracy. What it so glaringly demonstrated is the fact that the American system is broken, and many of the people who were born after the year 2000 seem to have no concept of right and wrong—and a healthy society doesn’t function like that. Thus, the country has morphed into an anything-goes society; millions of Americans are afraid to leave their homes, and we see what happens to many who dare boldly venture out—there is a shooting spree in America every day. That is because a sizable component of the society no longer subscribes to the idea of morality and rule of law. Liberals and modern scientists need to see that amorality does not work—it is crazy! America’s serial shooting sprees are screaming to the top of its voice that something is wrong: America has gone crazy—out society has lost its mind. Our society is at a very dangerous crossroads, and is ruled by mobs; thus underscoring America’s need for healing and reconciliation—and that need is ardent and urgent. America’s need for healing is a very serious urgency, and it is not getting any better; it is getting worse.


Unfortunately, the paradox of American radical liberalism is the feeding tube of its surging moral decay because this new liberal civilization no longer believes in right and wrong anymore; that is viewed as going back to the rusty chains of the old archaic tyranny of Christianity—and that is a wrong position to which to subscribe and to be held as America’s standard public policy. Unhappily, that is the public policy of America today—and it is a deadly one: It is ruining American society. It is ruining our homes, our schools, and the entire machine of society. In view of the ultra-radical spirit that has been cultivated in our society today, at the expense of morality and rule of law, even people in authority now do not favor rule of law. The society has wandered so far away from right and wrong and law and order that many millennials do not see any of these elements as being important for the survival of a society. In their opinion, right is what they think is right: What is right and wrong has become a very personal thing; thus, each person does what is right in his own eyes. This very dangerous ultra-personalization of morality and rule of law has created the America that we saw unfolding on January 6, 2021. I have taught in the school system in Los Angeles; and to tell you the truth, the system of public education in this country is badly broken because, again, what is right and wrong is viewed in a very individual way. The Anti-Christian school system is going overboard to avoid, and to trash, the Bible, in view of eliminating any shred of order that may smack Christianity—that is very dangerous, folks. Therefore, the discipline system in schools today is a plain joke: Children are not disciplined anymore because, to many of the liberals who are running the school system, discipline smacks the Bible and Christianity; and in their view, that is old, and stale and archaic. Thus, vulgarity; licentious behavior; disrespecting teachers; lawless carrying on; and broad disrespect for authority are passed off as a more liberal approach to learning. Do you see how American society has been tricked, trapped, and trashed by liberals and their lies. Students are not held accountable for their disrespectful and immoral behavior: This is why girls, sent into boys’ bathrooms are routinely raped and impregnated; and the stuff is cavalierly shoved under the rug in the name of being a good sport. This is America today, and it screams out loudly for healing; it vociferously illustrates America’s need for healing.


A Diseased society with Blizzard of Problems and no Solution

America, today, is a morally diseased society with a blizzard of problems that seemingly have no solution, apart from wholesale national repentance and return to God. In view of America’s current distaste for Christianity and the Bible, the society has adopted and treasured a host of ancient pagan ideas that are in stark opposition to traditional society’s understanding of reality and to the Bible; thus, this trenchant and poisonous emergent counterculture values and treasures behaviors and issues that are smack from left field. This is the reason that the liberal culture in America today is a strange new civilization that depicts the essence of the society that would be in control of the world at the end of the age, according to the Book of Revelations—this is what we are looking at smack in the face right now. Thus, it is not unusual to hear women cavalierly talking about their romantic sessions and sexual work outs their pet dogs and how wonderful it was; moreover, it is not unusual to hear young men talking about how they “F” their mother last night and how great the sex was—these are young men having sex with their mothers, folks; and they are not even careful enough to keep it a secret: This is how far down the moral cliff America society has gone, screaming America’s need for healing.


These behaviors, values, and attitudes are a throwback from ancient, pagan cultures; and they reflect ideas and enjoyments that liberals in America today espouse. They mirror America’s need for healing. National repentance and return to God are the only savior and solution to America’s turmoilous sea of problems and troubles because these atheistic, pagan societies of the past are innately false, wrong, and evil; they typically reflect a whirling blizzard of problems with absolutely no solutions: At their core, they hate God and Christianity; this underscores their essential devilish nature. In the face of these plainly strident and inappropriate behaviors, it is obvious that trusting these hard-core liberals to run our society is a bad idea and the reason for America’s need for healing. America is in trouble, and this is a truth with which there should be no messing around.


These jarring behaviors mirror the values of many young people today, and hard-core liberalism is their source of socialization and the essence of their understanding of reality. The fact that these are tomorrow’s leaders, movers, and shakers; it is not hard to see how much trouble America is already in and its vehement need for healing. Such obscure socialization of young people accentuates America’s need for healing.  In a society where sex is viewed as public domain, your sister and your wife as viewed as sex toys—fair game; this psychopathic generation would rape your Mamma, your sister, and your wife in a flash. One out of every six women in America has been raped, and 250,000 children are conceived from rape every year. Nine out of every ten rape victims are females; every two minutes, a woman is raped in America; this includes your Mamma, your sister, and your wife: Does America need healing—is there a stark need for America’s healing? How did our society become like this? I’ll tell you how it became like this: We’ve wandered away from the one true God; and now, all the chickens have come home to roast—and oh, what a feast!  You better learn to pray before you leave home: You very well may not come back in one whole piece; and just in case you don’t believe in God, you better make a real God who can watch over you while you are out there in that wild wilderness of darkness. Such a colorful and accurate description of life in America reveals America’s critical need for healing and a touch from God.


America’s Dark, Liberal Ideas from Left Field

 One might ask, “From where do these dark societies come—who are they, and what is their origin?” According to the article, The Radical Left’s Ideas could Destroy America forGenerations. In utter agreement with this writer, I, too, am at a loss at the egregious decay of decency, common sense, and morality in America and at the utter nonsense of what is being cavalierly promoted in America today. Their origin sprang from the bowels of the ancient world, and they are typically hostile to the Bible. These were the reality framers of the ancient world, and it was characteristically couched in a polytheistic religious program. This is the source from which many contemporary liberals get their sociocultural nourishment—and it is entirely foreign to the traditional Biblical point of view; thus dividing the society into difficult slices that would normally not get along. This is what is fueling the polarization in America, and in the West, as a whole. This is what is happening in the United States of America today, and it affects life at every level of society. People find that their co-workers are too different from them, and they cannot get along: The next minute, there is an argument that is followed by a shooting spree. Is this to what America has come—is this the America that we want? Isn’t this the essence of a society in need of God’s touch and healing? Doesn’t this reflect America’ need for healing?


Today, out congressmen have weird and strange ideas about life that starkly stray from the standard Christian values to which America used to subscribe; thus dividing a formerly Christian society into two distinctly different civilizations. This stark opposition in the same society amplifies America’s need for healing. This kind of spiritual division creates a very hostile and dangerous society that cannot get along. This is the current American model that nourishes violent confrontation between people because the sociocultural nourishment is entirely foreign and dark; thus, people have exposed themselves to this kind of darkness and find that they no longer understand their lives. It is as if they have been taken over by dark, foreign forces; and they no longer have control over their lives. This explains the rash of violence in the country and America’s need for healing. The jaw-dropping level of violence in the society is simply unsustainable, and only Jesus can fix it; this downward spiral of moral decay illustrates America’s tremendous need for healing in America—health and healing of the society.


 People expose themselves to these dark forces and find that they no longer have control over their lives; this is what liberals’ embracement of this dark realm of ancient pagan religions, ideas, and customs have done to America. People who play with the dark eventually wind up paying a price that they had no idea that they would have to pay; waltzing away from the Bible and opening oneself up to pagan religions does carry a price—and often one that most people did not plan to pay. The reality framers who create these societies are characteristically people who work in secrecy, doing stuff under the table in the dark. There is usually a mysterious, shy element to these kinds of cultures; however, they are destructive and never really work to unsuspecting people’s good. This is the dynamic that is working in America today and the reason that it needs to repent and turn back to God: America’s need for healing is great and overwhelming, and the window of opportunity is very small and is rapidly closing; what needs to be done needs to be done now—not tomorrow nor next week. America’s need for healing is a crisis level; it is time out for messing around and fooling oneself. America’s health and healing and the healing of American society is a now matter


These ancient pagan religions and organizations employ the power of darkness and generally cannot serve the good of society. One of the reasons that this is obvious is that all the civilizations of the ancient world failed in grand style; and they did not achieve the fantasy of perfect socialism and universal equality that American liberals are promoting today. Politicians should be logical and objective in their claims about societal conditions, and the solutions that they propound should be, at least, pragmatic and reachable. Looking at America’s deplorable moral condition today and tossing out unobjective ideas and claims help no one: What ought to be emphasized and pushed vigorously is America’s dire need for healing and a divine touch.


According to the article, Why the Left Hate America and Trump, the fantasy of universal equality is a flippant and irresponsible piece of their political agenda; ignoring the fact that universal equality is a misnomer: it has never existed, it does not exist—and never will. And there are logical reasons why the world will never be equal politically and economically: People possess and exhibit different levels of ambition and passion to tap into, to mine, and to develop their human potentials from God because they are lazy: All people are not equally motivated to plunder success; thus only a few people wind up fully exploiting their human resources; thus allowing them to live high on the hog. In this regard, we need to wake, call upon God to help us clean up our acts, and see America’s urgent need for healing. We cannot win the fight against God; we are fooling ourselves—and we are going to be the losers in the end.  Hence the need to cry out to God for healing as a nation. We must look into the face of the problems and see America’s need for healing.


Liberals’ Massive War Against God and America’s Need For Healing

Liberals’ titanic war against God underscores America’s urgent need for healing because God would not stand idly by and allow his creation to blast and to destroy what he has so laboriously built over the centuries. To be sure, racism and its ugly by products need to be extirpated from American society—and that needs to be done now; but, in spite of that, thousands of blacks and Latinos have achieved wonders in many of America’s inner cities.  Why fight each other over the plain truth—why not just eliminate racism, develop our God-given human potentials, and get along as civilized urbanites. Why the violence and this destruction? Why turn from God and turn to the devil for answers—what do you think that he has for mankind: That is what America is doing now—and it is not going to work. You can’t fight against God, folks; it is not going to work! In the light of these plain facts, liberals’ call for universal equality is nothing but an illusion; it is just a strident political ploy to further divide and destroy America. A society that begins strolling down this road, sooner or later, finds itself in all kinds of jams and tight corners, as was so evident in the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Things begin to go irreversibly wrong, and people find themselves in all kinds of trouble. In reality, if the society does not repent and turn quickly to God, things will continue go downhill very rapidly; thus, illustrating the United States’ need for repentance and healing. In the light of these jarring ramifications, America’s need for healing cannot be overstated and delayed. Healing the American soul, healing the American psyche, and healing the American spirit are crucial strategic moves that America needs to make immediately; procrastination with these basic urgencies means the difference between survival and ruin.    

People, dabbling with ancient pagan religions often throw themselves into situations that are pretty dark and foreign to them: This is one of the reasons that they do not work because they are largely unpragmatic and are not designed to work. This is the image into which America is being carved right now; and these people have never represented the masses because, by and large, the masses know that God exists and do not usually go along with these eerie and uncanny organizations, riddled with a host of strange and unpragmatic ideas that make people sick. That is why America is so sick today because its programmers do not mean well; everything is done from a sick, polluted mindset that is oriented around destruction; in this regard, America’s need for healing is very great; it is its only way forward; there is no other way. Healing of the sick American mentality and healing of the American soul cannot be put off.


However, the organizations that push these weird ideas tend to be well financed and to embody society’s brightest and richest people.  But even so, they do not last because they are false and deadly destructive. What we see in America today is an exact replay of the French Revolution, and those who are fooled by it will pay an extortionate price for their shallowness and folly that the French people paid. Right now, America is being played like a piano; healing for America is its only way out of all this cat and mouse game that is being played currently. America’s need for healing is the best way to stabilize the world and keep things going. Today’s reality framers are essentially telling America to abandon the Bible, stop believing it, and do evil in order to get good: this is the radical message of the ultra-liberal Left. Truth means nothing to them, and it takes time to leak through the cracks of human unwisdom; nevertheless, it always eventually does.

America’s Need for Healing: The Piercing Light of Truth

According to the article, Is Human Society Retracing its Steps, the writer argues that this current age’s dualistic, schizophrenic character is a jarring conundrum. It is a puzzling riddle because it rejects truth and is split down the middle: No healthy society can function like that. Truth, like a laser, is the light of the world: It always eventually finds its way into the right place—the public domain—and present itself as the undisputed victor in the internecine war between good and evil. This kind of movement that we see in America today is disturbing and mind-bogglingly harrowing: It is encouraging people to abandon God and his wholesome, moral principles; for this reason; movements, like these, never do society any good in the long run; and this is why they are so incredibly dangerous. It is within this context that America’s need for healing must be given top priority and be treated as a mandate.


Although these dark and futile liberal ideas tend to catch on and grab people’s attention because they often address the darker carnal side of man, they do not work: People are not going to succeed by merely turning to falsehood, darkness, and evil; they will succeed by procuring America’s need for healing. Many people do go along for the ride—like the French people did during the French Revolution; and look at the massive destruction that the Enlightenment Age did to society! Is France any more equal, just, and brotherly today than it was at the time of the French Revolution? Absolutely not! The same boys that pulled off the French Revolution are on the block again, only that this time, it will not be in France, it will be in the United States of America. The same currents are stirring again, and the same trap is set; this is the reason that America needs to wake up and smell the coffee: Cunning human beings are in the process of shredding the United States, divesting it of its spiritual connection with God—the connection that causes people from all over the world to want to come and live in the United States. This fact intensifies the need for America’s healing and soundness of mind. America is the greatest society in the world because of its ties to God, and we who love this darling country must protect it from the vile desecrating influences of liberalism and ungodliness.


According to the article, Marriage Failure Mechanism, society is increasingly accepting plain evil and false behavior, and presenting them a positive light; this plainly illustrates what is currently happening in America. What we see going on in America today was very clearly played out in the French Revolution, supposedly fought to correct inequality and injustice in French society back then: France is more unequal today than ever before. Did the French Revolution correct inequality in France? No, it didn’t. What makes you think that the new liberals of today will correct inequality in America? This is why America needs a purge and cleansing from the dangerous ideas of contemporary liberalism; it explains why healing for America is the hour’s most urgent urgency. America’s need for healing is greater now than ever before. It must be done with heartfelt repentance, prayer, and fasting: Americans must rise up and jettison these false and devilish ideas that liberals are shoving down their throats.


These poisonous ideas have made the United States emetic; thus, a purge and healing are critically needed to fix the United States.  At the same time, I strongly recommend the book, Crashing Streams of Change, as part of the healing process; it is a compendium of game-changing ideas; its luminary paragraphs would point you to a new  way of seeing the world and explain why people’s understanding of the world is wrong: They have been deceived by this world’s engine of deception; but thing, most people are not aware that this whole world is a trash can. Everything eventually turns into trash. You need to see the world as it is—and not as its reality framers want you to see it. Check out the book, Crashing Streams of Change, for a new perception and understanding of the world; it will fry all of egg and roast all your chickens. 


 The truth is that Human inequality is uncorrectable because human beings are not equally inspired to succeed and do not have the same passion and ambition level for success; thus, poverty will always be with us. Can things be made more equal? —absolutely! But to promise people economic equality and to take others’ wealth away from them and give it to those who have nothing borders on insanity. I’ve worked as a teacher and observed people who just threw their lives away: They come to class and mess around day, after day, after day: They don’t care; these are the same people who are demanding public housing today. Even if you put these people up in a palace and give them a million dollars, within a few years; they will be smack broke and homeless again:  Why? Homelessness, in most cases, is caused by a poverty mind set, and you cannot legislate the solution to that because it lies in, and with, the person himself. All people can pull themselves up at their bootstrap, especially in America: Everybody wants to come to America because they view it as the world’s most powerful economic engine; and they are so wrong.


America is not the world’s most powerful economic engine because it is so unique and different from the rest of the world: It is the most powerful economic engine because it used to honor god; now that America has wandered way from God, the whole society has been turned into hell. The truth is that all societies are potentially powerful economic engines if they would turn to God and give him their full allegiance.  It is sin and evil that cause poverty; righteousness and holiness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people, including America.  Psalm 9: 17 states that the wicked shall be turned into the hell and the nation that forget God: Has America been turned into hell? —you be the judge! Are you telling me that you are going take people’s wealth and give it to those who purchased their own ticket of losing out in life? They had the same opportunity as many others who sat in that same class and made something out of themselves. In this regard, poverty is not always caused by racism or by radical right-wing discrimination—although there is plenty of that in America, too. In this regard, it is false to ascribe poverty solely to racism: Such reasoning is preposterous and devoid of logic, even though there is racism that needs to be cleaned up in this country. This world isn’t heaven, and people who want to succeed must put out effort in that regard; this is the disease that afflicts America today—it is the disease of irrationality, and it graphically illustrates America’s need for healing and mental balance.


Racism is terrible and very much alive in American society today—and it needs to be eradicated by some of the things that Biden and others are beginning to do—offering high-level positions to traditionally marginalized people, including blacks: that is  is a great start; but what is he doing to ensure a well-balanced university faculty platform—how many born-again Christians are hired at the university level? And if they ever are, how long do they last? Are they allowed to have a personality and to be themselves, and not to be the shadow of  a phony worldview. This is why the Bible needs to be restored to its rightful place in American society—and not the satanic Bible. This is the fundamental war that is on right now America, where Christian people are being viewed as sick and silly to believe the Bible. They are viewed as people who need to be reprogrammed by the liberal machine. At the end of the day, therefore, America’s need for healing is loud and clear because it is now engaged in a direct fist fight with God himself—and America will never win such a war. Liberals are wasting their time if they think that they are strong than God; many have come up with the same ideas in the past; they are dead today, and God is still alive and well.  There are some things that you just cannot change, even if you do not agree with them: You just have to learn to live with them—they cannot be changed, and God is one of those things. You are wasting your time, trying to get rid of God.


 The war between good and evil is the war that is being fought in America today, and the evil people are more cunning and clever than those who represent good. Let us face it, folks, Biblical healing for America is its only hope for the future: America’s need for healing is both obvious and urgent. The application of the satanic bible to contemporary American problems would not fix American society –it has never fixed any society in the past; it would just make things worse; and that is exactly what it has been doing. You see, the problem in America today is not just racism; it is discrimination against Christians and willfully sifting them out from society’s key positions in order to silence the voice of God in America, which, in my opinion, is a much more serious problem than racism has ever been in America; and it is a direct war against God!  In this regard, America’s healing is more crucial than most people realize because America is locked in a deadly battle against God himself; saying that he does not exist and perverting all of his holy institutions with ancient, pagan ideas that are innately desecrative and very destructive. This is the sort of thing that calls for healing of America; it points to America’s need for healing in a very volatile and dangerous age where anything can happen at any time. Fooling around with schizophrenic tendencies in a world like this is serious business and a friend of trouble.


The Final World Civilization and America’s Need for Healing

 In the article, Powerful Sociological Distractions: A Literary Nightmare; the writer posits that recent sociological distractions, introduced through technology and the proliferation of pornography, have adversely affected the quality of life in American society today; and above all, reading has been most seriously affected. This has had great, negative ramifications for America, in that it has affected the overall intelligence of American society. Folks, it is wrong to encourage a girl to be a boy and to send her into boys’ bathrooms to behave as if she is a boy; when she goes in there, she is raped by boys with the tools of men. These are some of the distractions about which this writer is speaking. In the simplest of terms, boys have penises; and girls have vaginas. If a girl goes into a boys’ restroom, and she gets raped and becomes pregnant in the process; the school should be held liable for the rape and the girl’s pregnancy. As a result, the girl should be awarded millions of dollars for the violent sexual assault and rape perpetrated against her. The school should be held accountable for having instigated the rape in the first place. These are pagan ideas that are being shoved down students’ and parents’ throats, resulting in the rape and pregnancy of students by boys who gang rape these girls—and the boys couldn’t be any happier. This poignantly addresses the issue of America’s need for healing; these are ideas of insanity, turning girls into boys and boys into girls. This is what liberalism represents.


 In many of these morally loose school environments, this is the way business is done; and many schools have been turned into virtual sex shops where lawlessness and salacity are emblazoned; and where truth, morality, and decency are lost in the fog of American liberalism.  Yes, many of these schools have been turned into sex and traps for unsuspecting students and parents. The resocialization process is jarring and smack in your face. It is obvious that this is not coming from a lawful source; it is the work of demons, forcing girls into boys’ restrooms and turning society upside-down. It is a symptom of a sick society, and a sign that accentuates the urgency of America’s need for healing: Healing America is a powerful mandate as is clearly demonstrated by these silly antics, pushed by many drunk liberals who are actively building a vibrant end-of-days civilization to bring about the execution of the Book of Revolution. In this regard, America’s need for healing cannot be overlooked and marginalized.

 In the article, Masked Reasons Marriage Fails, the writer argues that the reasons that so many marriages fail are often not even discussed in analysis because they seem so far-fetched. The point is that society is failing today because of its wrong emphasis and flawed focus like this matter, forcing girls to use boys’ restrooms. One wonders if these educated people do not see other more important issues than just to be making a fool of themselves, forcing girls into boys’ restrooms and stirring up trouble in the community. If a girl, sent by school authorities into a boys’ restroom, is raped by several horny boys; and her periods fail to show up, the school is responsible for the pregnancy and should be charged with encouraging lewd behavior on a school campus. It is too bad that a girl has to find out that she is a girl when she gets pregnant with a baby by real boys. How pathetic and sick it is to force a girl to find out that she is not a boy by using a boys’ restroom to prove that she is a boy—what a travesty that is: That is sick, isn’t it! It is left-field stuff like that that amplifies America’s need for healing: What wanton stupidity and ignorance that is!


These are the ideas that have destroyed and wrecked those once glorious civilizations of the past: These are the same elements that liberals embrace and promote today; hundreds of millions of Americans have been hoodwinked and gaffed by these clever human beings. Only time will tell the true tale that needs to be told about this final world civilization that is being crystallized in America today: Look around in the world—does this seem like a world that is getting any better, with all of its sophisticated technology and things that should make life easier? No, it is not; and that is the case because of the degree of unnaturalness in this current world civilization today: This strange civilization is being formed right here in America, right before your eyes. That is why healing for America is so urgent and crucial; America’s need for healing could not be more urgent and poignant. We need to put aside all the politics and look at the facts—look at the crumbling walls and pillars of American  society today and the handwritings on the wall just about everywhere you look today. We must look at the world that we have sterilized with a whole machinery of sterilization. Every year, seven hundred thousand women and half of a million men get sterilized in America; this is why healing for America is so crucial to any real progress. America’s need for healing is the hour’s most crucial mandate; it is an issue that definitely cannot wait. It is a front-burner issue that must be addressed now.


 You can close your mind and let these dashing, new liberals deceive and trick you into believing that living wrong is the right way to live; that is a line out of the satanic Bible, but it does not square with reality. However, that is what America is being told today—and hundreds of millions are believing that destructive lie: Have sex with the same gender, marry the same gender, have sex with your mamma; sex her up really well and impregnate her, too—have sex with animals…and on and on the liberals go. Don’t believe them. There is a right way to live, and a wrong way, too. These are the ideas that have fostered the schizophrenia that we see all over the place in the United States today; just about everything is split into two; society is severely polarized and divided, and homes are being smashed to pieces because of these schizophrenic currents; thus, underscoring America’s need for healing:  It is no joke.  Liberalism is not this writer’s pet peeve—he has nothing against liberals per se; every man is entitled to his own opinion: what to which they are not entitled is to force others to espouse the hollow, mendacious worldview of Godlessness and societal desecration that they advocate.


According to the article, Parenting Children in a Fallen Society; the writer avers that man is the central driving force of reality and government in the world; and, in that regard, preservation of human society and efficacious parenting must take precedence over everything else in the world. This writer cannot agree any more with the pundit of this piece, as effective parenting ought to be a hall mark of any sane, wholesome society: What bothers this writer more than anything else is the deadly dangerous risk that today’s liberalism represents and encapsulates, and the potential destruction that it bodes for America and Americans. Two distinct civilizations exist in America today; and disturbingly enough, the distinction is not so much along color lines anymore, as in the case of whites and blacks. Now, don’t get me wrong; a lot of that still exists today, as was clearly noticed in a string of deadly police shootings in the summer of 2020. 


 No one is so dumb to believe that racism has vanished from America; it is still alive and well—this writer is no fool; however, the fundamental problem that America faces today is not so much racism as it is Anti-Christianism because the society has been so severely desecrated by liberals. It is the liberal claims and changes recently brought into American society that are causing all the problems that we see today—and those problems are not going go away as hard-core liberals dig in and continue to push their amoral agenda, which will definitely destroy America.  If America does not wake up now and see that their society is being consumed by moral lawlessness, moral decay, and desecrative unnaturalness; by the time most wake up, America will be gone. This is the reason that America’s healing is absolutely no joke; and those who think it is, will be washed away asleep. This society is being taken by force by some very cunning, deceptive, and vulpine people who do not mean America any good. They want to marginalize America so that its power and place in world society is greatly weakened; thus preventing it from having the strong voice that it has today. In that regard, they can push their liberal world government agenda and bring an emaciated, decrepit America under its umbrella. Americans will be fools to let liberals do that to them; however, this is exactly what is happening in American society today. This is why the need for America’s healing couldn’t be greater.


The New Climate of Lawlessness and America’s Need for Healing

Liberals are now carving an ethos and climate of lawlessness under which that world government system would function—and I will be quite a story. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party are not the only ones after a radical world government system; America is being betrayed left and right, and it is relatively difficult to tell who is who in this rasping smokescreen because a sizable number of so-called conservatives are really liberals and have the same radical  left-leaning, left-leaning agenda; and when you turn them over and shake them very well, you’d be shocked at what you would find. Thus, from the looks of things right now; what we are beholding, with our own eyes, is really the end of American society as we know it. Would a smattering of America be left when it is all over with? Absolutely, America’s shadow will linger around for a while; but its dominant place in world society will be gone forever—and the people who will pull this off are the liberals and their strange, left-field agenda for America and the world. In the light of giant strides that liberalism, moral decay, and lawlessness have made in America recently; this kind of polarization cannot be fixed; it is irreparable destruction to American interest and society; and it is being pulled by some very lupine and Machiavellian folks in high places, who move in very dark circles. They are the dark circles around the eyes of American society, and they are taking America somewhere that it should not go.  In the light of these facts, America’s need for healing is as clear as day.


The issues are mainly spiritual and sociological, with strong racial overtones. Using racism to camouflage the deadly radical liberalism that legalizes all kinds of clearly unnatural, unhealthy, unwholesome, and innately destructive behaviors is wrong—and that is what is what is so wrong in America today: These behaviors, if not checked and restrained, would ultimately smash America to pieces—and this is what is happening right now. Thus, the importance of healing for our society cannot be overlooked: America’s need for healing is a front-row priority.

 This society was not designed to function the way in which it is functioning now: The original framers of reality clearly had the Bible in mind when they created and carved out America; thus, America cannot remain alive without the Bible.  Liberals have cunningly confused the real issues and have sucked America into a deep and churning chasm of atheism, spouse swapping, sex perversion, and other forms of trashy, moral living: Those liberal currents are the real problems in America today. The utter abandonment of God and wholesome living call for healing of America in a big and grand way: America’s healing cannot be put off; its very survival is at stake.


 You cannot keep marrying men and men and killing innocent babies every year, by the millions, and expect to continue existing in a healthy way—It is just not going to happen. As it turns out, liberalism is the most direct and highly targeted threat to American society since its very inception in 1607—It is a very destructive atomic bomb that is going off all over America. It is against the God that America used to serve; it is unholy, unwholesome, unnatural, mendacious, and wrong in every way for America—and for any society that is serious about its own survival. In reality, liberalism is a strange sermon from hell itself: It is foreign, and pagan, and hellishly destructive. Liberalism kills babies and marries the same sex, thus stifling population growth and dragging human civilization to an end. It puts girls into boys’ bathrooms, where they are being raped and impregnated by gangs of thugs. Liberalism disclaims God’s existence; it promotes pornography, incest, bestiality, and every imaginable kind of false behavior in the world. Mind you, these behaviors are not false to the liberals because liberalism is a dark, satanic world all by itself that is being shoved down society’s throat; It is the harbinger of the world’s end as we know it and the introduction of history’s final civilization: This is what we see unfolding right before our eyes. Thus, to liberals and their dark, hellish world; sending girls into boys’ bathrooms is perfectly normal because it is the work of demons—this is what America needs to open its eyes and behold, and would not because it has written God off; anything that smacks Christianity is viewed as a no-no; thus, these are emergent alternatives to the Christian way that we are beginning to see unfold in America.  These concepts are clearly unorthodox, extreme, and deeply disturbing, and smack from the left field; these are symbols of the new America that are cavalierly being presented as normal, regular, and appropriate behaviors.


Accordingly, though liberal behaviors are normal to liberals; they are false and very disturbing and offensive to millions of people who are increasingly forbidden to simply say that; thus, these spiritually unhealthy, unholy, and unwholesome behaviors are being shoved down others’ throats, and those people are being told that any criticism of those behaviors is hate speech. This clearly shows how far down the wrong track America has gone and how drunk with foolishness the society has gotten. What does all of this mean? It means that these left-field ideas have been created to introduce America and the rest of the world to a society that they have never seen before: This is a new brand of society that thrives on moral decay; it is an amoral, geophagous society that feeds on filth and moral decay. It abhors wholesomeness and purity; thus, it is a civilization of destruction. This is patently unhealthy for any free society and signals the America’s need for healing and soberness; thus, healing for America is not subject to debate but an urgent issue of the hour.


Disturbing Trends in America, Curious Signs of World Denouement

And these are not ideas that are hidden in some corner somewhere; these are front and center ideas of what is coming upon this world if the slumber to such rank folly is not abated. In the simplest of terms, these stark American trends signal the end and collapse of human society. America is the model that the world follows; and as America goes, so goes the rest of the world. As America’s need for healing goes increasingly unheeded and as America continues to vote carelessly,  the roof of world society will simply collapse, and with catastrophic consequences.  What is obvious here is that the reach of such liberalism is extensive and far-reaching; for example, one of the fastest sexual orientations in America today is bestiality, and the number of people having sex with dog will frighten you. Many women who routinely have sex with dogs boldly proclaim that their lover is a dog, and some of the things that they do with, and allow, dogs to do, to them are just flat-out disgustingly outrageous and stuff for the greatest show on earth, but that is liberalism. It is an emergent alternative to the natural, normal approach to physical intimacy and a step even further down from homosexuality.  All that is part of the game of this strange, new world civilization that is being crystallized right before your eyes here in America: This is the new world order. America and morally balanced living have a new and dangerous societal predator: It is the predator of liberalism—the predator of that which is wholesome and right. It strives to consume and destroy anything that is wholesome.


The society is sick, and it needs to be vaccinated with Christianity from the virulent bug of liberalism that has destroyed the good bacteria of wholesome Christian living. Yes, a lot has been wrong with the lifestyle of traditional Christian hypocrisy, and the Bible sternly warns against the presence of these people: Jesus says that many will tell him in the judgment; “Lord, Lord, didn’t we do mighty works and cast out demons in your name?” And Jesus says that he will tell them to depart form him, for he never knew them. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that Jesus Chris is not a hypocrite; he made good on all of his promises. While there is no shortage of hypocrites in America, in American churches, and in the world, as a whole; Jesus is not a hypocrite—and there is a place where hypocrites will end up as we rush and crash into the apocalyptic night. society is replete with hypocrites and liars, and that is why evil seems to be succeeding so well in America today.  Truth has been redefined in a very negative way; it is viewed a deadly disease from which the whole society is fleeing in stark terror, and this is what underscores the need for America’s healing. Truth is not any deadly disease: It is absolutely necessary for sober, wholesome, and balanced living.


Truth is spurned and rejected because the whole world is a lie, for it is easier to go along with that which is false than to stand up for that which is right–this is what America is doing today, running after the pagan religious lies of liberalism and its Anti-God spin of reality. Folks, you all better wake up and see what these people plan to do with your country and society: You would look around, and America, as it used to be, would be gone—and gone forever. No new Messiah is coming to liberate America; he has already come and gone to come again. Liberalism, as is presented to America today, is dead wrong and has a destructive, dangerous trajectory. These are the things that bother me about America today and how rapidly things are changing.


And don’t be fooled by the evil use of words such as liberalism and conservatism; in view of the idea that liberals are bad, and conservatives are good—don’t even go there because the Republican Party has quite a few liberals, so don’t be fooled by these semantic tricks; what is dangerous for our society is its new Godless and hedonic, anything-goes character that laughs in the face of truth; and that is what liberalism is and does in America today. It is all about becoming comfortable with that which is despicable, unwholesome, unholy, and perverted. The message and clarion call today are loud and clear: “Become normal by being, and accepting, that which is abnormal.” America is fooling itself with its anything-goes, abnormal message and reality spin. Be warned and be ware; the deadly germ of liberalism is out to turn you and your entire family into strange perverted people who hate themselves and would eventually want out of this world. In this regard, healing America is not debatable; it is a critical mandate that must be accorded the most urgent of attention.


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