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Uplifting Corner

Moulton A . Mayers Is the Natural Order to Things Falling Apart Right before Your Eyes

Moulton A . Mayers  Is the Natural Order of Things Falling Apart Right Before your Eyes?  SUB TITTLE The world is crying; the rocks are renting; the storms are weeping; the fishes are going berserk and roaming ashore; and nature … Continue reading

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Simple Things that we Take for Granted in life

Things that really Matter Life; with all of its nuances and funny faces, its many quirks, twists, and turns; is a quaint mixed bag of bundles–bundles filled with things, good and bad; desirable and undesirable They come in all kinds … Continue reading

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The Vanity of Election Cycles in America: That Relict Age has long Passed

  In a world that is rapidly unraveling in all directions, people who operate at the helm are going to have to be made out of sheer steal. Involvement in politics merely for the power grab is a plain drain … Continue reading

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The Roots of Jealousy, Envy, Strife, and Human Destruction

  Have you ever pondered the cause of ill-will and jealousy in the world? Why do people hate and plot against their fellowmen? Where do these poisonous thoughts originate? As we look around this sprawling beautiful world, it is showered … Continue reading

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The Strange Cause of the Obesity Epidemic: Surprise, Surprise!

  There was a time when obesity was associated with wealth and power, but that was a tamer period of human history: Human society was much more innocent than it is today. A hundred and fifty or so years ago, … Continue reading

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Parents and their Sexually Active Teenage Daughters

  I am an author and have been involved in public education for more than twenty years now. I have just written a book, “Crashing Streams of Change”‘ that powerfully supports traditional morality and addresses this very topic of the cluttered, crabbed, … Continue reading

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A Radical Approach to Marketing

A Radical Approach to Marketing   In order to understand the key to mastering marketing and sales, one must grasp two basic things about life: (1) How the system of success works and (2) how the world works. Most people … Continue reading

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