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The Art of Marketing and Promoting your own Products


The safety of a secure, paid position is the kind of security that anyone in his right mind vehemently craves and desires: Who does not want the safety and guarantee of a sure salary? The unfortunate aspect associated with this kind of thinking is that guaranteed salaries, more often than not, lead to unemployment lines even though the unemployment insurance seeker was at fault. People are generally afraid of stepping out on their own into a seemingly dark, unknown track. Starting one’s own business requires pluck and mettle and courage, but what that is worth something really valuable isn’t? The high rate of small business failure is legendary; thus, most people prefer the safety of a guaranteed salaried position—and that is quite understandable.  Selling can be difficult and very risky business; that is the substance out of which all new businesses are made. Quite often though, people’s real fear is the unknown factor of how to make it work.  There is an inherent fear of doing something that is new and somewhat threatening; however, the world’s richest people are those who have done just that. They have bravely stepped out on virtually nothing, firmly believing in themselves and in their innate strengths, talents, and gifts.  At issue here is the fear of marketing one’s own product. Paradoxically, people often feel more secure marketing others’ products, but not their own. Quite frankly, marketing can be a formidably unkind brute because there are practically millions of ways to go with marketing a product; and more often than not, it is impossible to determine which channel is yielding success. One of the reasons that people fear business failure is their fear of marketing their product because it demands that they change their comfort-zone lifestyle. Marketing, the promotion of a proposed exchange of a products (goods and services), requires a clear mindset change in the marketer himself.


The marketer’s mindset must not be that of regular, everyday people who just live their own lives without having to figure how they are going to pay their rent and grow their business. Unless marketing becomes a twenty-four hour per day job, it hardly ever works; in other words, the marketer must become his company’s billboard and flash it virtually everywhere he goes. It is an onerous and serious job; however, as you slot into the role of marketer and business salesman, the job becomes more and more routine and familiar. In other words, markers find out that marketing is fun—all it requires is that you broadcast your company’s services or products everywhere you go. As a marketer, you just cannot afford idle, mindless chatter; that sort of stuff can land you in the pauper house. Marketing trains you to be focused all the time; and whenever you fall away from the straight and narrow, you know exactly where you fell. You simply pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue from where you left off. You must concentrate on marketing your products indefinitely: You just cannot afford the luxury not to. It is your business; you have to sell your products. If you don’t sell them, then who will? There are many people in business who think that marketing is below their dignity—that is below them. I have news for those people: If marketing is below you, get out of business because business is all about marketing and selling to turn a profit. Hobby business soon bellies up and closes down.


With the advent of the digital age, millions of people have become writers and are now writing books: Today, just about anyone can write a book—and this has cheapened the former status of being a writer. That title used to carry a whole lot more weight than it does today. Virtually every Hot and Tot in town is a writer now—and I don’t see why; I do not see the basis for such mindless emphasis on being something that you know you are not. Writing is very difficult; and putting out good, valuable factual and literary content is extraordinarily spiny. It takes anywhere from nine months to a year and a half to put out a decently book—and that is the very problem: Most books written today are, at best, trashy and demeaning. This is one of the negative side effects or corollaries of the digital age—anyone who can plant his “butt” in a chair for a while can write a trashified book; but writing a good book takes about ten thousand hours. Not exactly straying from the point of mastering the art of marketing, this book issue is brought up merely to underscore the point that no one would market your product for you. Many authors feel that someone, other than themselves, needs to market their books for them. They handle the matter very sloppily, treating a purely economic commodity as if it were some play toy; in the meanwhile, they are losing thousands of dollars! Writers, I implore you: Get out there and market your own books, for no one will market them for you. You wrote the book: You need to sell it, even just for the fun of it. A book is an economic product: It must be treated as such—and anything that is traded on the open marketplace of this world.


The real art of marketing does not only demand blunt and plain lifestyle change; it requires a considerable amount of artistry and creativity. How does one market a product? There is no clearly defined, set way to promote a product; in fact, as was stated earlier, there are millions of ways to market products. How does one market a book—is there any set way to market books? One may be tempted to put up a fight here; but in reality, marketing is just like life. How should one live his life: Is there any fixed, standard way to live one’s life? No, not at all! If we look at nature, we would see how creative and versatile nature in. In a garden in Tokyo, Japan; a tree is growing smack out of a huge rock and has turned the whole garden into a museum. This is what I am saying: One thing that does not work is marketing convention. Locking oneself into some kind straight marketing jacket is just asking for a whole lot of trouble. In keeping with my opening point, the key to marketing is to become a billboard for your business—and there are millions of ways to do that. Wherever you go, people should not have to wonder who you are—that is the first thing that you should let them know, and you should have already figured out dozens of ways to get them to make a purchase. I am not saying that you have to be in their faces and shove your product down their throats: You should have already figured the whole out before you go out in public. Ultimately, you are a salesman; and your life should bear that out. It is the best piece of marketing advice that anyone can give you.


You are the best marketer of your product of which you are immensely proud—and you should be. If you are selling junk, that is horse of a whole different color. And yes, should you spend money on supplementing what you do? Absolutely, but depending on mere money to market your product without your direct advertising and promotion is a terrible mistake. You have to keep your product as hot as cakes fresh from the open. I know: You forget that you have a business and that you are a marketing billboard—it happens to me all the time. I forget that I am a writer and publisher and should be promoting my wares all the time; but you see, that is the beauty of marketing: Constantly reminding yourself that you are a salesman first and foremost puts you right back in the driver’s seat. In the article, “Building Networks, an Essential Marketing Ingredient” on this website, much focus was directed at the tremendous marketing power that all human beings have without even realizing it. All you have to do is to make up your mind that your products are more important than any other conversational item. Keep the conversation on your products—how do you do that? Practice every day: Practice makes perfect. Choreographing, interacting, and talking to folks you meet; introducing them to your product. You may say, “Well, that is taking it too far and turning business into a mechanistic system.” Not exactly—you are merely turning life into a business matter, and that makes all the difference in the world. And you know what? Life is a business matter: It is a marketing affair.


Wherever you are in this world, you are engaged in marketing of one kind or another. You may not call it that; I know: You call it by a thousand different names other than what it really is. But oh, my friend, whatever you are doing in this world is marketing of something, quite often, unbeknownst to you.  If you are talking about politics, you are marketing a particular political point of view or candidate: You are supporting a particular candidate and promoting his campaign. You may not know that that is what you are doing, but that is beside the point. You pick a glass of wine laced with Lantana Berry juice: You do not have to know that Lantana juice is poisonous—you do not have to know that; but it you drink that wine, you are a dead man. According to the book “Crashing Streams of Change” (available on this website), the world is not what people think it is: It is what it is, not what people think it is. And when you really understand what the world is, it will change your life forever. Read this book: It will change your life forever! Knowing whether things are one way or another makes all the difference in the world, only that, quite often, it doesn’t seem that way. Things don’t have to seem the way they are—and they often don’t: Why? The world is a booby trap, and most people are its suckers. All you have to do in order to make your business succeed is to keep it at the center of every conversation in which you engage because merely talking about things adds value to them; thus, talking about your products and, or services will add the same amount of value to them. This is the real art of marketing and selling anything: Just stay on the hunt for carefully planned conversation with people about your wonderful products, and, or services. In time, you would begin to realize that you had marketing talent you had no idea that you had. The reality is that all human beings with a mouth have marketing talent. You know, some things are so simply; it is not funny. We go about complicating simple things and wondering why they would not work for us: We are complicating simple things. For example, the only way to tell a woman that you interested in her is to tell her that; and the only way to sell your products is to talk to people about them. Whatever you do, do not try to be too dashing and smug initially: Start out by just talking to people about your business; as you go along, the dash and swank and sparkle would show up: They come with practice.


Now, it is good to have some funds put away for about a year or so while you honing your marketing skills: Business success and marketing savvy are the thing thing; they are the like the front and back of a person’s hand. Understanding and mastering marketing is essential to business success. The clever skill of marketing is like a snowball. It starts out small—as usual—and gradually picks momentum as you go. Selling is one the best paid jobs in the world: Some of the best-paid people in the world are salespeople—and do you think that they go out broadcasting that? No, that is a profound secret; in fact, it is almost Arcanum. That is how funny and illusory the world is. While you are busy being afraid to market your own product, dashing salesmen walk away with millions of dollars every year, selling other people’s stuff. And do you think they would come to your house and tell that? They never will. Folks, the world is not what it seems to be (Read Crashing Streams of Change: Read it); but that is one of the best-kept secrets in all of nature.  Stop resisting marketing yourself, your products, and your future: Stop it now! Writers, resist the resistance against marketing your own books! Unless your book are trashy and demeaning, market them with all that is within you; you would be glad that did.


In addition to your own contribution to the marketing process; network with money—if you can afford it—and with willing vessels that would not mind giving you a hand!  Money can bring your business before millions; so can people also. Make it a point to crank up the word of mouth and buzz machines and get them working on your behalf. Yes, marketing and sales do seem quite threatening—and for many people they are; but once you inculcate the understand that all you have to do is to open your mouth and begin to speak about your company’s products—let it out: Let it all out, and it will come out and go where it belongs into other folks. There is exactly where you want it to go. Pretty soon, you will find out that it is not such a tall order after all. As it turns out, marketing’s bark is its real bite. Like everything else, it is doable and one can train himself to promote his business wherever he goes. The real art of marketing one’s products is to simply tell people about them: They will find out how wonderful they really are!